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12017-04-18 18:45:22 UTCMike Stellar Why have you deleted 2 points I added? 4602564707 and 4602564706?
22017-04-19 02:05:45 UTCstephankn You did duplicate geometry so I fixed it. In addition the node you refer to had inappropriate tagging on it there is an entrance fee for the national park, not for the lift gate. Park already has fee=yes.
32017-04-19 02:09:24 UTCstephankn "Entrance fee 100 Baht" is certainly not the name of it. So you abuse the tagging. Please don't do that. I understand your frustration about having to pay a fee. Still: abusing name tags to have this highlighted on the map is not appropriate.
42017-04-19 09:47:56 UTCMike Stellar There should be an alternative then instead of simply removing this information. It's not a park, it's just 2 view points with lift gates.
52017-04-19 10:49:28 UTCstephankn Sorry that you did not get it the first time. What you are doing is wrong!

The name tag is only for the official name of a feature. It is not meant for you to express your frustration about paying an entrance fee to whatever attraction it is.

In addition to that you uploaded duplicate data ove...
62017-04-19 11:44:52 UTCMike Stellar Okay, thanks for clarifying.
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