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12017-12-12 23:48:25 UTCSomeoneElse Hello BeachBumRetiree,
Is there any reason why you changed the whole residential area here to a park? Maybe there are some "park" (or other green) bits and some "houses" bits?
Best Regards,
22017-12-13 00:00:17 UTCBeachBumRetiree The neighborhood is spread out over a large area of land, with distinct residential areas interspersed with parks, woods, trails, tennis courts, green spaces, etc. Labeling the entire area "residential" overlooks this fact.
32017-12-13 00:08:12 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks. In that case I'd actually split it up so that the "houses" bit is residential and and the other bits are tagged appropriately too (park/wood/forest/whatever).
42017-12-13 02:31:34 UTCS-zation But the fact that it is a housing development with woods, recreational areas, or grass dispersed throughout doesn't change that it is an area zoned for residential use. And all of the green spaces/tennis courts/trails/recreation areas are already mapped on top of it. It doesn't match the definitio...
12017-12-12 20:31:17 UTCS-zation The allotments tag was correct, why did you change it?
22017-12-12 23:30:37 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 54580800 where the changeset comment is: revert Pokemon edits. See et al.
32017-12-13 00:49:04 UTCBeachBumRetiree This should be a community garden tag, not allotment. Per the OSM wiki: "Allotment gardens are characterised by a concentration in one place of a few or up to several hundreds of land parcels that are assigned to individuals or families.

In allotment gardens, the parcels are cultivated indiv...
42017-12-13 02:17:23 UTCS-zation Allotments are labeled as a Community Garden in the iD editor.
And the word has different meaning in America. Wikipedia: "An allotment garden (British English), often called simply an allotment, or a community garden (North America) is a plot of land made available for individual, non-comme...
12017-12-12 21:42:01 UTCS-zation Hi again,
I don't think a grassy area on the Brentwood Executive Campus office park counts as a public access park. Grass landuse would better suit it. And please don't try to add water under the office building.
12017-12-12 20:31:54 UTCS-zation I suspected that this was your account when I was looking through recent edits yesterday.
22017-12-12 23:30:36 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 54580800 where the changeset comment is: revert Pokemon edits. See et al.
12017-12-12 19:37:27 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
Just for info, I've blocked Darwin721 for a period of time - see - for continually changing this residential area to a park. Are you OK fixing the problems here or do you need any help?
Best Regards,
Andy Townsend, from OSM's Data Working Group....
22017-12-12 19:46:56 UTCS-zation Hi there,
Thank you for stopping the vandalism. I think I am ok with fixing the problems here. The biggest issue was the continual revert of the residential areas to parks.
32017-12-12 19:49:59 UTCSomeoneElse OK, thanks. We'll keep an eye open for edits by "known problem users" and keep an eye open for changes to the residential area. If you spot anything else iffy, drop a mail to .
Best Regards,
42017-12-12 20:30:27 UTCS-zation It looks like he is back on a new account
I can't revert all of the new changesets if he makes new accounts
52017-12-12 21:08:06 UTCfreebeer Confirmed, you beat me to it.
Back home from school.
Off with the kid gloves, I suggest...
12017-12-12 19:35:06 UTCS-zation I doubt that the community's "proposed bridge crossing" was built while the developer is still building houses.
12017-12-12 19:01:38 UTCS-zation Are you refreshing the page to see when people fix your vandalism so you can quickly change it back?
12017-12-12 19:01:12 UTCS-zation I just went through and fixed all the paths in the woods using GPS data for you and this is the thanks that I get. This path doesn't exist on GPS or imagery, so why should I believe it exists? I don't think NV Homes would put a footpath right on the border of someone's private farm land.
12017-12-12 05:06:04 UTCfreebeer This alleged 185m peak is sited 100m from a woods given with elevation of 47m.
None of the houses visible in the aerial imagery give any indication of being built on such an incline.
Nor does the angled perspective of the aerial imagery hint at such a ground angle.
22017-12-12 06:45:34 UTCS-zation And the highest elevation in Delaware is 137m at the Pennsylvania border. :)
This location is probably only 5 meters above sea level.
12017-12-12 05:59:23 UTCS-zation If it is a community center plus swimming pool complex you should make a rough drawing of what it actually looks like. Don't just tag the whole area as a building.
12017-12-10 20:38:37 UTCS-zation DWG contacted regarding this issue.
22017-12-10 23:36:42 UTCDarwin721 Stop messing with my hometown, and I'll stop editing areas in PA.
12017-12-10 04:05:36 UTCS-zation Thanks! I was planning on doing this today because I saw the vandalism earlier in the week. I would also recommend combing through the rest of Darwin721's changesets on OsmCha to see if any landuse/park vandalism still remains.
22017-12-10 14:18:50 UTCDarwin721 lay off my neighborhood. I know it better than you.
32017-12-10 20:10:24 UTCS-zation I was going to give you a second chance, but now that I saw your comment I am reporting you to the OSM Data Working Group for repeated vandalism.
12017-12-10 20:08:50 UTCS-zation Reverted in 54521377 (Broke Indian River Bay rendering)
12017-12-10 20:08:47 UTCS-zation Reverted in 54521377 (unnecessary edit and deletion of military area relation)
12017-12-10 20:08:45 UTCS-zation Reverted in 54521377 (unnecessary edit and deletion of military area relation)
12017-12-10 20:08:41 UTCS-zation Reverted in 54521377 (unnecessary edit and deletion of military area relation)
12017-12-10 20:08:32 UTCS-zation This is vandalism; fake data is not allowed on OSM. Stop drawing the Darwin fish.
22017-12-11 00:41:45 UTCDarwin721 It's a swimming pool in my backyard. Calm down.
12017-12-10 20:08:27 UTCS-zation This is vandalism. Stop changing residential areas to parks for Pokemon Go.
12017-12-10 20:08:24 UTCS-zation This is vandalism. Stop changing residential areas to parks for Pokemon Go.
12017-12-07 09:32:15 UTCS-zation Why is a residential neighborhood marked as a park? And a construction zone in the neighborhood is marked as industrial?
22017-12-11 03:30:00 UTCDarwin721 Because OSM Influences Nests and Blocked Spawns:

32017-12-11 23:12:49 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Darwin721,
Please don't "make things up" in OSM in the hope that things will turn up in Pokemon Go. This won't actually work for a couple of reasons - one is that people in OSM will change it back (as has happened here) and another is that according to the people who actually look ...
12017-12-06 00:02:40 UTCS-zation Hi, welcome to OSM!
I fixed up a few things that you added. In the future, please don't mark a residential area as a park. Instead, mark it as a residential landuse. And please don't put parks in private backyards. I also changed the living streets you edited in Florence Tollgate to be semi-pri...
12017-12-05 21:51:19 UTCS-zation Hi there,
Please do not add fake data such as a park that covers an entire residential neighborhood or nonexistent lakes. If you would like to map out the neighborhood, you can use a landuse=residential tag
22017-12-05 22:01:05 UTCCjn322 Hi,

Was just adding the development. There is a park here. Meant to add stream behind, and didn't see as option so I put as lake. Is there a way to put a stream? Thanks for the feedback. Is there a way to map the development without marking it as a park?
32017-12-05 23:34:53 UTCS-zation Hi again, thanks for responding!
I made a playground since you named one of your points as a Community Playground. But if you think it fits the description of a park better, you can change the playground to a park.

To make a stream, you use the line tool to trace it and then search for stream. ...
42017-12-06 02:16:06 UTCCjn322 Thanks for the quick reply! It's definitely more of a park because there are walking paths and playground equipment etc. Thanks for the tips! I'll switch it back to a park. Cheers!
12017-12-05 01:53:26 UTCS-zation See 54349805
12017-12-05 01:52:44 UTCS-zation Please READ:
12017-12-02 23:41:17 UTCS-zation Thanks for your addition!
12017-12-02 22:43:49 UTCS-zation I'm asking you again to please STOP adding fake features for Pokemon Go.
These are not parks, they are communal grassy areas. Please explain where you are getting names for these "parks".
12017-12-02 09:11:05 UTCS-zation See changeset 54259396
12017-12-02 09:06:32 UTCS-zation Hi there and welcome back to OpenStreetMap! I've noticed that you've created a new account. That's fine, but what is not fine is that you did not listen to my request the last time you made bad changes to this neighborhood:

Again, please do not ...
12017-12-01 22:44:37 UTCS-zation Hi there,
I removed the bridge tag from Main Street since it isn't a bridge. The bridges at Maple Street, Bridge Street, and Division Street look like they've already been mapped correctly (splitting the road into three parts by double clicking to add nodes, right clicking to split the road at the...
22017-12-01 22:47:59 UTCS-zation I looked at the road's history and I think I just realized what you were talking about.

The reason why the road wasn't appearing at some zoom levels was because someone deleted the highway=primary tag back in July and it only was fixed 3 days ago. Some of the map tiles might not have been regene...
32017-12-01 23:44:53 UTCkingofgamesgx thanks for looking into the issue, and fixing my mistake, for future reference what would be the best way to report issues such as the main street disappearing at the 100m zoom level?
42017-12-02 01:09:33 UTCS-zation I would suggest posting on OSM's Q&A forum:
or try to see if anyone can help you out if you run into a similar issue in the future. But since the road is now fixed, all we have to wait for is the serve...
52017-12-02 02:26:15 UTCS-zation I also forgot this one!
12017-12-01 03:50:44 UTCS-zation What are these supposed to be? The only buildings that could be considered castles in Bucks County are Fonthill and the Mercer Museum in Doylestown.
12017-11-04 17:28:53 UTCFooBarTracks Some of these points don't have place=* now. Intended?
22017-11-04 21:30:05 UTCiriman I only put name:fa and didn't change anything else. may need to look at older changesets.
32017-11-05 02:26:20 UTCS-zation Your edit removed the place=* tag from the Pacific Ocean and South Pacific Ocean, please add them back.
42017-11-05 15:11:06 UTCiriman Sorry for that. Thank you for checking it. I added them back.
May you please give me some hints how did you detect it?
52017-11-05 19:41:09 UTCS-zation I'm not sure how FooBarTracks caught this, but I verified his findings by manually looking at all the nodes you modified on OSMCha.
62017-11-07 20:52:28 UTCiriman Tnx, you taught a new thing to me.
12017-10-26 00:35:23 UTCS-zation Note: I left the status=inactive tag
12017-10-09 17:06:43 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Did you really want to add two nodes (one only with name)?

If you need help: You are welcome!
22017-10-14 23:35:30 UTCS-zation This changeset deleted the Voorhees label off of the map. Reverted in 52942668.
12017-10-09 20:28:46 UTCS-zation It looks like you created a whole bunch of objects near lat 0 long 0 (lovingly called Null Island). Did you use a JOSM learning tool and accidentally upload that data?
22017-10-10 14:34:04 UTCglglgl I just removed these.
12017-10-09 04:40:37 UTCS-zation This revert deleted a section of PA 179 in New Hope, PA and County Route 634 in Ewing, NJ. I fixed these in 52746484, 52746570, and 52746726.
12017-10-03 20:27:23 UTCS-zation Hey tws45, looks like you accidentally removed the place=town tag for Princeton, New Jersey. Without the tag, the "Princeton" label disappears from the map. I went ahead and fixed it for you. Please be more careful in the future if you need to edit place tags!
12017-09-24 01:32:10 UTCS-zation Please do not vandalize the map by adding falsified information. I've reverted this change as well as all other changes you have made to the Woodmont neighborhood.
12017-09-20 18:48:39 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! I sthis a hotel with a bar? Please add tourism=hotel.
22017-09-20 20:11:55 UTCS-zation Hi user_5359,
I'm local and I can confirm that this is a restaurant/bar, not a hotel (despite the name). This actually should be an amenity=restaurant or pub since they serve food.
12017-09-01 02:16:01 UTCS-zation Why did you change all of the newly added natural=wood tags to leisure=park? Looking at your history of vandalism with drawing out John Hanke's name and swastikas in a nearby park, I'm guessing for Pokemon Go?
12017-09-01 02:12:17 UTCS-zation You don't learn, do you? Reverted in 51631406.
12017-08-28 02:39:21 UTCS-zation Very funny. (Reverted in 51495995)
12017-08-17 22:20:10 UTCS-zation This is not profanity. Dick's Sporting Goods is the name of a sporting goods chain in the U.S. See There is one located at this point with the address of 530 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton, NJ 08540.
22017-08-17 22:41:20 UTCpiligab Hi S-zation.
Thank you for your feedback. I will be more careful. I reverted my changeset.
12017-08-06 22:26:00 UTCS-zation Can I ask for a reasoning for your mass demotions/promotions of road classes? You changed PA-611 to primary when it has been listed as a trunk route for 6 years. What's even stranger is that you left the northern portion in Warrington as a trunk road. I feel that PA-611 is on par with PA-309 (als...
22017-08-10 21:38:43 UTCS-zation I reverted this in 51014800. I reviewed some roads you changed in 51015531. Blair Mill Road and Dresher Road are higher traffic and should be tertiary. I also made some of the roads in shopping centers unclassified/minor.
12017-08-06 22:28:33 UTCS-zation See changeset #50872893
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