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12018-05-01 10:04:58 UTCmueschel Hi,
could you explain the tags "waymark" and "control_number"? These are not used in any other place. If these are reference numbers, the usual tag is "ref:XYZ".

Cheers, Jan
22018-05-01 18:45:11 UTCAstromath I'm not sure what waymark and control_numbers are. The sites I got the info from did not define them (re: websites I entered). Maybe ref could be used for them, but I don't know how many characters can be used for that field.
32018-05-02 09:09:19 UTCmueschel If you don't know what they mean, they should not be in OSM.

Btw, what is the source of this data? It's missing in the changeset. Is this data available under a license compatible with ODbL?
42018-05-02 19:08:59 UTCAstromath The data is from the 2 websites I added. Both are public websites.
52018-05-02 19:53:34 UTCmueschel These might be public, but the data can not be used for OSM - their terms of use contain "private, non-commercial" use and "attribution" needed.

All data you got from these sites must be removed.
62018-05-03 13:58:49 UTCAstromath Ok. Removed the parts that are "private" use and only left in the parts that are "obvious" when looking at it from the street. I also left in the sculptor because that should be found in any record, especially the library.
12018-02-11 07:01:02 UTCS-zation Hi there,
Really nice work tracing all of those historic districts! Just keep in mind that you shouldn't add a leisure=park tag to boundary=protected_area if they aren't actually parks, just so that they appear on the map. I'm going to go ahead and remove the tags but leave the boundaries. This ...
22018-02-11 12:05:20 UTCAstromath Understood. I was trying to go by the examples in the wiki. But will try not to label any other historic districts as parks unless the are actually parks. Thx.
12018-01-10 10:16:59 UTCFvGordon Why isn't it allowed to drive from way to north west following the street CR 15. You have put a no_straight_on turn restriction there.
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