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12017-12-12 21:42:01 UTCS-zation Hi again,
I don't think a grassy area on the Brentwood Executive Campus office park counts as a public access park. Grass landuse would better suit it. And please don't try to add water under the office building.
12017-12-05 21:51:19 UTCS-zation Hi there,
Please do not add fake data such as a park that covers an entire residential neighborhood or nonexistent lakes. If you would like to map out the neighborhood, you can use a landuse=residential tag
22017-12-05 22:01:05 UTCCjn322 Hi,

Was just adding the development. There is a park here. Meant to add stream behind, and didn't see as option so I put as lake. Is there a way to put a stream? Thanks for the feedback. Is there a way to map the development without marking it as a park?
32017-12-05 23:34:53 UTCS-zation Hi again, thanks for responding!
I made a playground since you named one of your points as a Community Playground. But if you think it fits the description of a park better, you can change the playground to a park.

To make a stream, you use the line tool to trace it and then search for stream. ...
42017-12-06 02:16:06 UTCCjn322 Thanks for the quick reply! It's definitely more of a park because there are walking paths and playground equipment etc. Thanks for the tips! I'll switch it back to a park. Cheers!
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