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12017-12-12 19:35:06 UTCS-zation I doubt that the community's "proposed bridge crossing" was built while the developer is still building houses.
12017-12-12 19:01:38 UTCS-zation Are you refreshing the page to see when people fix your vandalism so you can quickly change it back?
12017-12-12 19:01:12 UTCS-zation I just went through and fixed all the paths in the woods using GPS data for you and this is the thanks that I get. This path doesn't exist on GPS or imagery, so why should I believe it exists? I don't think NV Homes would put a footpath right on the border of someone's private farm land.
12017-12-12 14:47:32 UTCConstable square that building please!
12017-12-12 14:46:58 UTCConstable back in business ah
12017-12-12 10:40:19 UTCConstable you sure this is the most appropriate tag?
12017-12-11 18:58:04 UTCConstable what's this thing real name?
22017-12-12 01:23:08 UTCDarwin723 Doesn't have a name. It's a playground in the woods off the nearby footpath.
32017-12-12 08:46:00 UTCConstable is there any structure for kids? swings, slides and stuff like that?
12017-12-07 09:32:15 UTCS-zation Why is a residential neighborhood marked as a park? And a construction zone in the neighborhood is marked as industrial?
22017-12-11 03:30:00 UTCDarwin721 Because OSM Influences Nests and Blocked Spawns:

32017-12-11 23:12:49 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Darwin721,
Please don't "make things up" in OSM in the hope that things will turn up in Pokemon Go. This won't actually work for a couple of reasons - one is that people in OSM will change it back (as has happened here) and another is that according to the people who actually look ...
12017-12-11 19:07:12 UTCConstable this is not an industrial area
12017-12-11 19:00:02 UTCConstable all those sidewalks should be connected to the roads they go along, the main reason for having them on the map would be to improve routing, not to make the map look nicer.
Please connect them where they actually cross roads
12017-12-11 18:56:02 UTCConstable this giant building looks fictional, I'm removing it
12017-12-11 18:55:38 UTCConstable this one doesn't look like one building, split it in four buildings
12017-12-11 14:38:46 UTCConstable changeset comments should be "vandalized natural area"
12017-12-10 20:08:32 UTCS-zation This is vandalism; fake data is not allowed on OSM. Stop drawing the Darwin fish.
22017-12-11 00:41:45 UTCDarwin721 It's a swimming pool in my backyard. Calm down.
12017-12-07 08:53:54 UTCConstable why did you replace that military landuse with industrial?
22017-12-10 23:32:03 UTCDarwin721 Dwight Eisenhower said it best, when he warned of the military industrial complex.
12017-12-10 20:08:50 UTCS-zation Reverted in 54521377 (Broke Indian River Bay rendering)
12017-12-10 20:08:47 UTCS-zation Reverted in 54521377 (unnecessary edit and deletion of military area relation)
12017-12-10 20:08:45 UTCS-zation Reverted in 54521377 (unnecessary edit and deletion of military area relation)
12017-12-10 20:08:41 UTCS-zation Reverted in 54521377 (unnecessary edit and deletion of military area relation)
12017-12-10 20:08:27 UTCS-zation This is vandalism. Stop changing residential areas to parks for Pokemon Go.
12017-12-10 20:08:24 UTCS-zation This is vandalism. Stop changing residential areas to parks for Pokemon Go.
12017-12-07 11:21:07 UTCConstable this one doesn't look like a park to me, there are houses in it. I'm going to make it residential.
22017-12-07 11:24:53 UTCConstable You're free to play pokemon but you don't have to damage our professional map service and cheat to catch some more of them
12017-12-07 11:16:29 UTCConstable this is a duplicate, that whole area is already tagged ad I.River Bay
I'm removing it
12017-12-07 11:15:01 UTCConstable unconnected sidewalk
12017-12-07 11:14:48 UTCConstable unconnected sidewalk
12017-12-07 11:14:37 UTCConstable sidewalk is not connected to any road/lane
12017-12-07 11:14:20 UTCConstable sidewalk need to be connected to the roads that it crosses
12017-12-07 11:13:54 UTCConstable sidewalk needs to be connected to the road network
12017-12-07 11:13:30 UTCConstable here as well, this sidewalk should connect to the roads which it goes along. Right now it is just nice looking, but useless to the routing services using OSM, plus it's deceiving because I do see it on the map but I cant understand if it is separate from the roads or not, and then I don't know where...
12017-12-07 11:10:26 UTCConstable Please use proper changeset comments and remember to connect the ways you edit, this footway section should share a node with the road which is crosses, but only if they really crosses each other
12017-12-07 08:57:30 UTCConstable here as well, this area looks like a residential one, not a industrial or park
I don't really think the park tag fits here
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