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12017-09-13 07:13:49 UTCrickmastfan67 Heads up, but I-87 will only go as far as the US-64 Business / NC-97 interchange (New Bern Aveune).
22017-09-13 07:14:20 UTCrickmastfan67 The FHWA hasn't approved it any farther than that yet.
32017-09-15 02:39:43 UTCYour Village Maps I had just heard about the change from I-495 to I-87 and wanted to make sure OSM showed the change. Mapper sprjus4 beat me to it by one day. However, there were a few segments that they missed, so I updated those to I-87 also and added oldref = I 495 to all segments, which they did not do. I did rea...
42017-09-15 02:49:54 UTCYour Village Maps Follow-up to my comment just posted a few minutes ago above:

I have also now discovered that another mapper, Silvertronica, has edited this motorway 4 days ago, extending the stretch labeled with ref = I 87 from Buffalo Creek (where sprjus4 had it end) to Little River, a few miles further NE of t...
12017-06-10 20:36:58 UTCFTA Hey!
I noticed you were adding some construction detour information. We recently ran into this problem in Madison, WI, with a bridge that was dismantled and rebuilt. A tidy solution we had was to tag the roads as highway=construction to indicate that fact (and also show up nicely on rendering). Jus...
12017-05-23 17:37:53 UTCneuhausr I see that you've added local_ref to some of the bus stops, but it seems like you're using it incorrectly. According to the wiki ( local_ref should be used to tag one platform within a station. You are using it for the bus route numbers, which are al...
22017-05-24 00:19:07 UTCYour Village Maps Looks like you're right. And so I have learned yet another detail about something I assumed was correct for so long. Openstreetmap really needs to develop one or more online courses for new (and old!) mappers to help get more people "on the same page" regarding things like this. Also, the ...
32017-05-25 15:15:28 UTCneuhausr I am constantly learning new details too! :) There is an effort to move to a different tagging scheme for transit, so that doesn't make it any easier. The new scheme distinguishes between the bus stop location where one waits (public_transport=platform) and the place where the bus stops on the road ...
12017-04-18 16:13:28 UTCneuhausr I noticed your very detailed work on the golf course--nice! However, it's tagging for the renderer to use highway=path for the golf=hole way.
12017-02-02 13:53:04 UTCmaxerickson Hi-

The tag "access=yes" on this footway:

Doesn't really mean anything. The default access= state for any highway is yes.

horse=no and motor_vehicle=no are also quite redundant on a way tagged highway=cycleway/footway/path (as the wide...
12016-06-18 11:07:09 UTCmueschel Hi,
the tag "lanes:turn" is not used anywhere else. I guess you want to tag a center turn lane? This can be done using common tagging:
lanes:both_ways = 1
turn:lanes:both_ways = left

Cheers, Jan
22016-06-18 20:48:21 UTCYour Village Maps Thanks for the info. I shouldn't have assumed a tag w/o checking the wiki. I did check it and I'm a bit confused about what is the correct method for a 2-lane street with a center left-turn "chicken" lane. You gave me two possibilities; is there a difference? I've also seen tags that look ...
32016-06-18 21:20:40 UTCmueschel It's the combination of both tags - the first says "there is a lane used for both directions" and the second one clarifies "this lane is used to turn left".
The xzy:lanes = a | b | c is used to describe if lanes used in the same direction have different properties. This doesn't ...
42016-06-18 21:27:45 UTCYour Village Maps OK. Thanks for clarifying. I've seen some places (not many) where a busy street (say 2 lanes in each direction with a median) has multiple turn lanes at an intersection with another busy street and lanes=2 changes to lanes=5 with 2 left turn lanes and 1 right turn lane; I haven't chosen to incorpora...
52016-06-18 21:47:16 UTCmueschel That would be
turn:lanes = left|left|through|through|right
Just list the different turns for each lane separated by |
62016-06-18 21:52:41 UTCYour Village Maps Thanks! You've been a great help. Do you live in Lincoln? I live in Denver, but I was born in Lincoln.
72016-06-18 22:08:31 UTCmueschel No, I live a bit to the east... 7500km to the east to be precise. If you have further questions, feel free to send me a message.
82016-06-19 23:23:18 UTCYour Village Maps One thing I'm still not quite clear on: take a typical 3-lane 2-way street like we've been discussing, tag it like you said....but in the areas where it crosses another street (usually tertiary or higher and usually with traffic signals), that center lane becomes a left-turn lane in the direction a...
92016-06-20 20:35:51 UTCmueschel You got a private message - I think that is too much to discuss in changeset comments.
12015-10-28 16:00:14 UTCGerdP please review: some roads were tagged
I've corrected that to residential, see
12015-08-04 13:04:40 UTCSomeoneElse Re , what is a "building=hut; designation=shed"? "designation" is supposed to be for legal classifications (see ).
22015-08-04 20:15:15 UTCYour Village Maps True, SomeoneElse. These are from my earliest days as an OSM mapper. I haven't done edits like this in a long time now. Today I just leave them as "generic" buildings.
12015-05-12 15:35:17 UTC715371 Hi, I disagree to tag roundabouts as highway=trunk. It is like a crossing: You gonna have to stop, if there is a car on the road - which is the usual case. I am undecided about the road in between the two roundabouts, because its still built without any crossings. We may see.
12015-04-17 06:33:21 UTCrickmastfan67 I'm curious, but why did you in this changeset (and others) change how the ref tag for PA 5 Alternate was tagged? In 99.9% of PA, we do it as 'PA # Alternate', not 'ALT PA #'.
22015-04-17 21:02:01 UTCYour Village Maps Because it wasn't rendered using the standard OSM rendering; it only showed up with the MapQuest Open renderer.
32015-04-17 21:06:58 UTCYour Village Maps By the way, I just tried to switch to view using MQO and it was blank (light grey). Cycle, Transport, and Humanitarian show up, but not MQO. Weird. I did check a number of times after I made the edits to make sure the PA highway shields for the Alternate PA 5 stayed the same, and they did.
42015-04-17 21:55:36 UTCrickmastfan67 Still, wouldn't changing the tagging for the OSM rendering (Mapnik) be considered 'tagging for the renderer'? There are other apps like routers that rely on the data in the 'ref' tag. Some of them might not understand the abbreviation and when speaking it, confuse the driver. That's why in almost...
52015-04-17 21:58:24 UTCrickmastfan67 Even for 'business' highways in PA, we don't abbreviate the text as 'bus' (just so Mapnik renders it), but spell it out fully.
62015-04-17 22:01:08 UTCrickmastfan67 Maybe submit a ticket over @ for them to bump up the number of rendered characters by 3 or 4. I know 'ref=US 19 Truck" renders just fine, and that's 3 less characters then "ref=PA 5 Alternate".
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