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12017-11-25 05:33:07 UTCg246020 This was to support note:
12017-10-31 05:11:10 UTCgappleto97 Thank you for helping out around Marquette
12017-09-29 15:34:06 UTCg246020 Hi, I noticed multiple overlapping trails east and south of Flattail Lake. This is technically not a correct way to note them, see:

I am going to redo them as single trail, but with multiple "hiking relations...
12017-09-25 17:21:08 UTCg246020 Error was:
Turn restriction (only_right_turn) 3858805 (at lacks 'from' way
12017-09-11 11:37:34 UTCdatamongers Hi, Thanks for cleaning up this area. I think removing the road through the arch is a mistake. I drove through the arch in June, and it was definitely open to 2 way traffic, I havent been back there since then, but i have not heard that that has changed, and the note you based that on was over 2 yea...
22017-09-14 03:17:38 UTCg246020 Thank you!
12017-09-01 05:16:48 UTCGerdP Hi!
I've changed the unusual highway=abandoned_path to
See also
22017-09-07 01:37:20 UTCg246020 Thanks for the link! Now, how does one stay up do date with all the new updates?!
32017-09-07 04:32:03 UTCGerdP Good question. I think whenever you use a tag value for the first time you should try to find a wiki page for it and check taginfo.
So, in this case you might as well use highway=abandoned + abandoned=path
if you like this better.
12017-09-06 16:25:22 UTCdatamongers Hello, It's nice to see some more peaks mapped in this area, but this tagging seems wrong. The elevation should be converted to meters and put in the ele tag instead of in the name field.
22017-09-06 16:30:26 UTCdatamongers It looks like a few of these points are not actually mountain peaks, they are spot elevations. Peaks are marked on USGS topographic maps with a triangle, elevations next to an x are spot elevations, and simply indicate the elevation of a point, and do not necessarily indicate that it is a mountain p...
32017-09-06 17:55:43 UTCg246020 Greetings, I added these from topo map layer, where they were listed as peaks/triangles. My goal was to quickly add many, leaving it up to another passionate person to do mass conversion of Feet in name to Meters in ele. Feel free to update this as you see fit.

BTW, one of my concerns was that el...
12017-08-30 04:21:02 UTCCarnildo Please don't use "access=no" for brief construction closures. Most data users update no more often than once a month -- this road was open again by the time I got there, but OsmAnd had picked up your closure and refused to route to the parking lot.
22017-08-30 04:43:01 UTCg246020 Good point, thanks.
12017-07-12 05:02:55 UTCnammala Hi ,

May I know the reason behind deleting the place node

22017-07-13 01:56:49 UTCg246020 Hello,
from what I can reconstruct, there was a duplicate town entry, unless I accidentally deleted it... Thank you for catching and restoring this.
32017-07-13 04:12:54 UTCnammala Thanks for getting back.
12017-07-11 04:04:23 UTCCarnildo When you add a normally-open gate to a road, it's important to add access information. Routing software is inconsistent about how it treats a gate with no information: some software defaults to "yes", while other software defaults to "no".
12017-06-20 10:20:07 UTCdwatling Based on my understanding of how OSM tags "parks" vs "nature_reserves", I would think that Rush Creek falls more into a "nature reserve". Parks, as defined by OSM are open green areas maintained by a government. A "nature reserve" is a protected area for conse...
22017-06-25 22:33:30 UTCg246020 My logic was: people looking for a green area to visit will usually look for "park", but your reasoning looks more correct.
12017-03-17 08:17:38 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi g., please follow the OSM wiki, wikipedia="lang:Name", relation/7077614.
Thanks, Alex
12015-11-04 14:47:39 UTCGerdP please help me to understand: I found a few ways in OSM that you tagged
highway=obsolete. What does that mean?
Bing seems to show a track or path there.
12015-10-21 14:43:29 UTCGerdP please review:
way 319479338 has the tag
What do you try to say with this?
Is it an existing way that will be destroyed soon? Or is it obsolete in OSM because there is no way?
12015-01-22 13:04:55 UTCMikeN Hi, The Rock River was set to landuse=industrial, which doesn't seem to apply to the entire river?
22015-01-22 23:08:52 UTCg246020 Thank you for catching this, reverted back to "riverbank".
32015-01-22 23:14:19 UTCg246020 And fixed again: changed to "river".
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