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12017-06-20 10:20:07 UTCdwatling Based on my understanding of how OSM tags "parks" vs "nature_reserves", I would think that Rush Creek falls more into a "nature reserve". Parks, as defined by OSM are open green areas maintained by a government. A "nature reserve" is a protected area for conse...
22017-06-25 22:33:30 UTCg246020 My logic was: people looking for a green area to visit will usually look for "park", but your reasoning looks more correct.
12017-03-17 08:17:38 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi g., please follow the OSM wiki, wikipedia="lang:Name", relation/7077614.
Thanks, Alex
12015-11-04 14:47:39 UTCGerdP please help me to understand: I found a few ways in OSM that you tagged
highway=obsolete. What does that mean?
Bing seems to show a track or path there.
12015-10-21 14:43:29 UTCGerdP please review:
way 319479338 has the tag
What do you try to say with this?
Is it an existing way that will be destroyed soon? Or is it obsolete in OSM because there is no way?
12015-01-22 13:04:55 UTCMikeN Hi, The Rock River was set to landuse=industrial, which doesn't seem to apply to the entire river?
22015-01-22 23:08:52 UTCg246020 Thank you for catching this, reverted back to "riverbank".
32015-01-22 23:14:19 UTCg246020 And fixed again: changed to "river".
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