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12017-03-20 17:55:23 UTCtrigpoint HI, I am not convinced there is a legal no-U turn restriction here. I have never seen any signage and if there was one, how would I get into Knighton Junction Lane or the New Road Inn?
However I have spotted that Welford Road is incorrectly mapped as a single carriageway so I will fix that.
22017-03-20 18:36:47 UTCCebderby Hi, If turning right from the southbound Welford Rd into Knighton Jnct Ln or the pub is ok then this new turn restriction can't remain. The specific routing problem was in (expecting to) turn right from Victoria Park Rd to northbound Welford Rd - OsmAnd app's router gives left turn then U-turn whic...
32017-03-20 21:45:59 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I have looked at this on OSMand and it has got a very serious routing issue. Both OSRM and mapzen work perfectly here.
Maybe it should be reported to OSMand?

42017-03-20 22:04:31 UTCCebderby I suspect it is over-penalising a route from a secondary to a primary road via a minor way, even though it seems short and obvious. Trying with 'fuel efficient' route option (ie. short route) OsmAnd gets the right turn, it's only the 'fastest' route with the problem. For now, I've removed the no-U...
52017-03-20 22:36:51 UTCtrigpoint I agree the cross ways should be secondary, and I would consider Putney Road/Commercial Square to be tertiary. But a router should cope with the mapping as is, classifications are an indication of importance rather than speed, especially when they are tagged as 30 mph.

I am working through Mapill...
12016-06-25 01:54:53 UTCdixilick Suggest that this access to allotments be changed to alley as vehicles use this to access rear of houses
12015-07-20 12:59:47 UTCSomeoneElse Removing the driveway tag from smacks a bit of "tagging for the renderer". Just because the "standard" map makes a complete horlicks of anything outside a town centre isn't a good reason to mistag things for it :)
22015-07-20 14:37:15 UTCCebderby For me, it's not (just) an access to a private property or business, and it's certainly not private as driveways often are. It may be a dead end for car drivers, but for walkers its a significant through route connecting to the footpath beyond - in the absence of service=driveway_and_footpath, it n...
32015-07-21 09:37:53 UTCSomeoneElse Sounds like a similar issue to the one that I raised last year .
I've pretty much given up on the "standard" style being useful for anything that I'd want to use it for. See also the examples here
12015-03-27 15:51:45 UTCSK53 Appears to relate to this closure notice: &
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