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12016-02-11 10:25:12 UTCVincent de Phily Please do not delete valid details from the map, other mappers have already complained to you about this in . There are for example quite a few issues with this changeset:

* You replaced the perfectly correct hotel area with a less-informative node....
22016-02-11 10:42:50 UTCVincent de Phily Partial revert done in , keeping the good parts and restoring deleted stuff.
32016-02-12 23:01:55 UTCRiggwelter Thanks for you input. It seems I have a few things to learn, and I will of course adapt, adopt and (try to) improve. However, if I am not entirely mistaken, this is not a hotel area, but hotel with surrounding houses. Putting it as a hotel area would therefor be wrong. Also, I did change the road c...
42016-02-15 14:51:31 UTCVincent de Phily No problem, we all make mistakes along the way.

Concerning the hotel (and POIs in general), it's pretty much always better to map them as areas if possible. Reducing an area to a node loses information, so don't do that. If the mapped hotel area was indeed too big, you should have changed it geom...
52016-02-15 14:53:48 UTCVincent de Phily While at it, it the restaurant you added accessible to anybody ? If it is only accessible to hotel guests, it's probably not a great idea to map it like this.
62016-02-15 22:53:36 UTCRiggwelter Judging by the hotel web page, combined with Google map street view, it is one building only, and nothing on the web page says that the restaurant is for hotel guests only.
72016-02-15 22:56:11 UTCRiggwelter Speaking of changeset comments... I am using potlatch which (apparently?) means I have to jump between view mode and edit mode every time I want to get a chance to add a changeset comment. Not very practical, if that's the only way to do it.
82016-02-15 23:02:09 UTCSomeoneElse In Potlatch you can press "c" to close the current changeset - the next time you save you'll get prompted for a new comment.
12016-02-08 06:44:43 UTCramyaragupathy Hello Riggwelter,

Looks like the data you have deleted is for roads that are clearly visible in the imagery. Did you verify the accuracy of the data before deleting them?
22016-02-09 11:05:19 UTCRiggwelter Yes. What's the point in adding like 25 m worth of access road, like the access to a garage in your yard? It just clutters the map.
32016-02-11 09:47:07 UTCramyaragupathy @Riggwelter: Would like you to have a look at this page.
42016-02-11 10:09:39 UTCrorym 🏳️‍🌈 Hi Riggwelter. Thanks for your concern, but mapping driveways is helpful for OSM and is quite common. There are more than 2.5 million driveways mapped in OSM (service=driveway), from all over the world. ( )

Concern for how the map appears is ...
52016-02-12 22:57:47 UTCRiggwelter Thanks for your kind message, and above all, thanks for your explanation! I suppose I just need to revise my view on what OSM is - to me, having taken it at face value, it's a map and not a database. However, it does make sense to - also - call it a database, and that's how I will refer to it as of ...
62016-02-13 11:42:37 UTCKDDA Hi Riggwelter,

OSM is definitely a database and a very powerful one at that! Did you know that the OSM Ireland have custom maps?

You can see some of the maps we render here -

This is an example using our Irish Language layer showing hill shadi...
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