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12018-10-14 15:42:28 UTClakedistrict Should this be tagged as a cafe or restaurant?
22018-10-14 15:55:34 UTCmcld Oops, thank you - forgot that tag!
12018-01-29 12:17:46 UTCgurglypipe (For those interested in the details, here’s the council’s page on it:
22018-10-07 18:25:39 UTClakedistrict It looks like user Mastreme has made a start with reopening it in I haven't been to Lancaster recently so I'm not sure if there's been any related road layout changes or not. Could one of you locals take a look? Thanks :)
32018-10-07 20:09:12 UTCCasey_boy Looks like there might be some further edits to do ( but haven't been able to verify personally. Have asked on that changeset thread.
12018-09-29 11:00:48 UTCChris Fleming Do you have any more details for these?
22018-10-02 21:14:04 UTClakedistrict Given the lack of details and that fact that they don't seem to correspond with anything on bing imagery, I think that this changeset can be reverted.
12018-09-26 05:53:42 UTCCoach hire Bradford coach hire bradford, we provide seven day service taxi in bradford bus hire bradford minibus hire bradford coach hire bradford bradford taxi.
22018-10-02 21:07:38 UTClakedistrict Welcome to OSM. Looks like you've added your business in the wrong city - this is Newcastle not Bradford! Changeset reverted in 63138882
12018-08-30 17:32:30 UTClakedistrict Hi Mike, welcome to OpenStreetMap. Please only map things that exist in real life and can be verified on the ground, measurement locations don't belong in OSM. I'll get his changeset reverted for you. All the best with your coasts project. :)
22018-10-02 19:58:07 UTClakedistrict Deleted in
12018-08-30 17:30:22 UTClakedistrict Hi Andre68, thanks for this. Would you be able to revert which predates this changeset? :)
22018-08-30 19:34:47 UTCAndre68 Hi lakedistrict, if you want to completely revert that changeset, you will have to revert my changeset first. If you have checked everthing you may do this. I'm mainly checking for coastline errors. If the coastline errors are still gone afterwards, everthing is fine. You are welcome to do this. You...
32018-10-02 19:57:37 UTClakedistrict Rather than do a double revert, it was easier just to delete them.
12018-09-29 16:43:25 UTClakedistrict I only just "fixed" the tagging on this a few weeks ago. Is it really a tower? I'd probably describe it as a mast, based on the wiki descriptions. :)
22018-09-30 21:26:44 UTCGinaroZ The wiki isn't very clear on the whole mast v tower situation. From the mb21 images it looks like a self-supporting structure or lattice tower, a smaller version of towers like Crystal Palace?
32018-10-01 21:59:37 UTClakedistrict I read somewhere that towers had platforms and staircases whilst masts only had ladders. However there's a lot of crossover between the two tags so either tag is probably suitable for this transmitter.
12018-10-01 19:11:35 UTCjpennycook Hello.

You converted from a residential road tagged as cycleway=shared_lane to a path. This way is part of National Cycle Network Route 4 - can you tag it (or the relavant sections of road and path) to allow cycling, and add the surface, please? Highwa...
22018-10-01 19:46:11 UTClakedistrict Hi Jon, I've merged the adjacent path sections together so all the details are in place. I notice that there's a tracktype tag - should this be used on paths which aren't tagged as highway=track? I guess it's redundant given the surface tag.
32018-10-01 21:21:21 UTCjpennycook Hello.

Thanks for getting back to me, and sorting out the path. The tracktype does seem redundant here. Tracktype does get used on some paths, especially bridleways, but doesn't seem to be useful on compacted or paved footpaths.

12018-09-17 17:46:06 UTClakedistrict Thanks for this edit. Did you mean to change the levels to 0 on ?
22018-09-17 19:45:56 UTC4004 thanks for spotting this fat fingering, reverted.
nice to see someone still doing qa around here
32018-09-20 17:40:22 UTClakedistrict Thanks for fixing. Do you know if this area has a name? A suburb or neighbourhood node would be useful here if a name exists.
42018-09-20 18:04:22 UTC4004 Sorry, not really aware of a name for that particular area, I’d just refer to it as (lower) Earley
12018-09-15 17:41:22 UTClakedistrict FYI
12018-09-04 18:15:24 UTClakedistrict Thanks for all your edits in Reading! Hopefully we'll get clearer imagery to use at some point or someone with will survey and fix them. If you want to be more specific, there is a House tag (search House in the editor). Hope to see more edits from you soon! :).
22018-09-04 18:16:20 UTClakedistrict *or someone will survey and fix them
12018-08-27 18:58:32 UTClakedistrict Hi Stuart, thanks for these edits. Just in case you didn't know about it, is useful if you wanted to add postcodes. :)
12018-07-27 12:01:01 UTCbrianboru Please be careful - this changeset has deleted the entire relation for the Warwickshire Centenary Way! It's going to be hard work recreating it.
22018-07-27 12:33:39 UTClakedistrict The Undelete plugin in JOSM should work? r75266
32018-07-30 09:45:28 UTCbrianboru Relation has been successfully recovered
12016-01-01 08:40:14 UTCBCNorwich Are the areas tagged as heath really heath lands? As far as I am aware these are fells and should be tagged natural=fell.
22018-07-26 12:25:35 UTClakedistrict @BCNorwich Is there an easy way to delete the larger heath areas? I've deleted a few of the smaller ones based on the fact that they didn't fit the wiki's heath definition and/or they massively overlapped with other natural=/landuse areas. I'd estimate that <10% of the natural=heath areas mapped ...
12018-07-23 22:12:02 UTClakedistrict Hi PalmerJ, thanks for this edit. I realise that doesn't allow you to add certain features to the map but please avoid adding everything as an attraction. I mapped the tarn as an area and deleted the duplicate well node in Can you describe wh...
12018-07-13 21:32:28 UTClakedistrict Hi vorsignal, thanks for these edits. Can you explain why you have added access tags to the roads in Grasmere, eg on ? As far as I'm aware there's no access restrictions on these roads. Thanks :)
22018-07-14 07:50:24 UTCvorsignal Hi,
I've been there four days ago on vacation. There is one traffic sign at the southern entrance to the village just between the primary school and the Car & Coach Park and another one at the bus stop "The Swan Hotel" in direction of Grasmere. As far as I could remember yesterday the...
32018-07-14 10:16:46 UTClakedistrict I've had a look and that road sign really doesn't make any sense - "no buses except buses" - "no coaches except for local buses" would make more sense but that's not what the sign says. Thanks for the corrections and I hope that you enjoyed your holiday. :)
12018-07-13 21:38:15 UTClakedistrict Hi, Thanks for all these edits as always. I doubt that Meml is a locality (, but is probably an abbreviation for memorial?
12018-07-12 10:09:23 UTClakedistrict Thanks for these edits. Are you sure that Kirk Stone is at node 5755379221 - it's already mapped at unless it's moved? :)
22018-07-12 11:51:02 UTCkreuzschnabel I am not entirely sure since there is no inscript, but there is a stone resembling a steeple at the spot I mapped it, and having read on Wikipedia that the KS is close to the northbound side of the road and just a few yards off the inn, I thought that was it. Unfortunately it’s hardly visible ...
32018-07-12 12:26:34 UTClakedistrict Based on local knowledge, Ordnance Survey, Geograph photos and local websites I've fixed this in changeset 60650483. The wiki article is wrong regarding the distance from the inn.
42018-07-12 12:33:35 UTCkreuzschnabel Thanks for fixing. Maybe the WP writers fell for the same error than me :)
12018-06-19 12:06:06 UTClakedistrict Hi Matt, thanks for your recent edits. Please try to capitalise the first letter of each word in shop names. Thanks :-)
12018-06-18 17:49:40 UTClakedistrict Hi Nils in Jesmond, welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thanks for your first edit, hope to see more from you soon! I'm a local mapper so feel free to let me know if you have any questions. (In fact I recognise your name from the JRA, unless of course there's another Nils in Jesmond!) :-)
12018-06-14 20:27:19 UTClakedistrict Does this resolve any of the nearby map notes?
12018-06-02 20:30:52 UTClakedistrict Hi tchaik, why are you replacing the addr: tags with contact: tags? Addresses use the address key and contact is mainly for social media - see and for more info. :)
22018-06-11 12:03:22 UTCtchaik Well, there is no general agreement regarding how to use the addr: tags I'm afraid. The main addresses wiki page [1] says that address informations should be unique (one addr:housenumber per street). Obviously, a building may host more than one POI, sharing the same address. Thus, tagging POI with a...
32018-06-14 12:20:35 UTCSK53 This is completely and utterly wrong. We have well in excess of half a million addresses mapped in the UK on OSM mapped with the Karlsruhe Scheme. The latter is the de facto standard for mapping addresses and is used worldwide (some countries such as NL, DK, EE have complete national addresses mappe...
42018-06-14 12:24:08 UTCSK53 I should also add that we have been successfully mapping addresses of POIs in Nottingham for many years now and have a dedicated application which uses address data.

What you are adovating is a kind of data normalisation (which OSM does not do), which doesnt work an...
12018-05-30 15:57:56 UTClakedistrict That would be because you've also edited the Morecambe Road/Owen Road junction in Lancaster in the same changeset, which is part of a load of other bus relations. You can visualise your changeset here: Have a look at one of the Lancaster bus route relat...
22018-05-31 12:38:43 UTCskifans Ahh, is it where I have split the road which had caused them. That makes sense.

About the other tags, do you feel that this should be duplicated and have to/from tags added? If so is there an easier way rather then clicking through all of the roads again?
32018-05-31 13:04:04 UTClakedistrict To add the other tags (for one direction) you just need to edit the tags on the relation - you won't need to click on every road again. Just zoom into any road section, click edit, click the road, scroll down to and click All Relations Bus Route Malham Tarn Shuttle, then add extra tags. Normally the...
12018-05-29 11:19:03 UTClakedistrict Been watching Least Used Stations? :)
22018-05-29 11:36:28 UTCYorvik Prestigitator possibly.... :)
32018-05-29 18:02:28 UTCtrigpoint I suspect this is a halt, rather than a station. Will listen to the announcement next time I'm on a Heart of Wales train.
42018-05-29 18:12:36 UTClakedistrict It's still a station though isn't it? And what's the difference between station and halt? I thought that the halt tag was more for tourist railways; the wiki isn't very helpful.
52018-05-29 18:33:45 UTCYorvik Prestigitator I thought British Railways/British Rail classified them all as stations to hide how many it was making un-manned in the 60s/70s
62018-05-29 18:36:43 UTCtrigpoint In the UK we map request stops as halts and principle stations as stations. It gives an indication that you will have to go and find the guard, or put your hand out if you want the train to stop.

The wiki is confusing, not sure what points have to do with it. By that rule Telford is a halt :)
72018-05-29 18:39:48 UTCtrigpoint They use the term Principal stations.

The usual announcement when when my train leaves Shrewsbury is "We shall be calling at the following principle stations, Wem, Whitchurch, Nantwich and Crewe. Yorton, Prees and Wrenbury are request stops and you need to speak to the conductor if you want ...
82018-07-26 15:27:23 UTCDaveF They are all stations, just varying in size & facilities. Any differences should be noted in sub tags. Such as railway=station, station=halt (although it should be more accurately described: request_stop=yes). Can't speak for everywhere, but there's a couple of 'halts' on my line which have beco...
12018-05-18 12:20:04 UTClakedistrict Hi, are you sure that Skelwith (node 5615914897) is a separate hamlet from Skelwith Bridge village (node 434301526)? As a local, I suggest deleting the Skelwith hamlet node and making Skelwith Bridge the admin_centre, even though it's on the edge of the boundary.
22018-05-18 13:55:23 UTCColin Smale Hi, thanks for your local view. Having searched high and low for evidence of Skelwith as a separate entity, I have not found anything on old maps or similar. However I have seen photos indicating there is a sign in the sharp right bend in the A593, opposite the Skelwith parish notice board....
32018-05-18 14:05:14 UTClakedistrict It's here:

Perhaps the Skelwith Bridge node can be moved across the river so that it's actually in the parish, maybe at the south end of the bridge?
42018-05-18 15:20:05 UTCColin Smale Sounds like a good compromise to me... I will do it like that. Are you local enough to check for that sign anyway? It has got my curiosity going.
52018-05-18 15:32:13 UTClakedistrict Yes, but I probably won't be going that way for a month or so. Thanks :)
12018-05-13 23:33:13 UTCgurglypipe Hi, you appear to have accidentally moved some geometry of a car park so it’s no longer correct. What were you trying to achieve with this edit? Thanks.
22018-05-14 10:01:11 UTClakedistrict @gurglypipe The changeset comment partly translates as "experimental updates"

@Lance227 Please note that OSM is a live database and shouldn't be used for test edits. You can use for that. Given that this appears to be a test...
12018-05-09 10:43:51 UTClakedistrict Secondary is for B roads so unless it's got a B number leave it as tertiary
22018-05-09 11:35:24 UTCCasey_boy Thanks for the confirmation and link. Very handy!
12018-05-02 12:26:48 UTClakedistrict Hi Colin, welcome to OSM. Thanks for your detailed edits around Ouseburn - all done to a very good standard! Hope to see more edits from you soon. Any questions just ask.

All the best, lakedistrict (local mapper in Jesmond)
22018-05-02 16:26:10 UTC_Colin_Watson Thank you for the feedback. Something i did wonder was about updates - the edits I did yesterday don't seem to be visible yet on the default map - how long does that usually take?
32018-05-02 17:41:08 UTClakedistrict It can take anything from a few minutes to a few days for the main map to update - even longer for some zoom levels. :)
Another tip: in your profile settings you can change your "Preferred Languages:" from American English to en-GB so that in the editor it's "zebra crossing" rat...
42018-05-02 18:38:40 UTC_Colin_Watson Thank you!
12018-05-02 13:43:21 UTClakedistrict Hi Archie, welcome to OSM and thanks for your edits. Yesterday you added some pavements but you deleted them today - was that intentional? Any questions feel free to ask. :)

lakedistrict (local mapper in Jesmond)
12018-04-24 15:10:55 UTClakedistrict Hi Mark, thanks for your edits to OpenStreetMap. Are you sure that there's a spring called "Mark's Spring" on Clavering Place? I'd be surprised if there was, given the location.
22018-05-01 17:57:12 UTClakedistrict Deleted in
12017-06-03 15:13:29 UTClakedistrict What attraction is here? Can you give more details? The Bing imagery just shows a field...
22018-05-01 17:55:15 UTClakedistrict Removed in
12017-10-01 13:24:19 UTClakedistrict This doesn't sound like an attraction - have a look in the wiki ( for a better tag. Additional tags should go on the way of the pond rather than a new node in the middle too. I'd move the name to description= too.
22018-05-01 17:51:56 UTClakedistrict Fixed in
12018-04-25 11:38:42 UTClakedistrict Did you mean to map Burneside Bakery ( as an office here?
22018-04-25 11:47:11 UTCgurglypipe I didn’t survey that bit on foot, so I couldn’t check whether it’s a shop or an office. All the other evidence pointed to it being an office/commercial bakery without a shop front. Do you know otherwise?
32018-04-25 12:16:28 UTClakedistrict It looks like it has a shop front here:

As it has an fhrs:id it's more likely that it's a shop=bakery than an office, although I wasn't aware of it until I saw it on OSM
42018-04-25 12:17:30 UTCgurglypipe That’s quite convincing. Do you want to update it?
52018-04-25 12:26:34 UTClakedistrict Done cs 58406661
12018-04-22 19:27:41 UTClakedistrict Hi Paul, what's the source for these edits please? The previous ref tagging reflected what the signs and lane markings said. (see also
22018-04-22 21:24:01 UTCPaul Berry Sorry, armchair-mapped because I noticed A1508 was wrong number (should be A1058 of course; (M) part debatable). Having looked at the comments on changeset 56451569, feel free to revert it.
32018-04-22 22:02:38 UTClakedistrict Thanks, I've partially reverted this in Another mapper told me elsewhere that sliproads don't need ref numbers so I guess the refs could be moved to destination:ref but that would be a job for another day.
42018-04-23 07:17:37 UTCPaul Berry Agreed, destination:ref makes sense, however I would still contend that slip roads do have refs because, of course, the start-of-motorway sign (with number) is at the beginning of them. However, i will defer to agreed practice.

Thanks for the information.
12018-04-22 19:01:31 UTClakedistrict I think that leisure=nature_reserve is the better tag anyway, particularly for anywhere managed by the local Wildlife Trusts. I've been using leisure=nature_reserve in South Cumbria so for consistency it's good to see it used in North Lancs too. :)
12018-04-20 17:03:27 UTCMateusz Konieczny Can you look at ?
22018-04-21 12:55:16 UTClakedistrict Hi Ben, I know it's an old changeset but do you remember what these untagged arrowheads are? There's several of them mapped. :)
32018-04-21 17:52:32 UTCBen They just mean that the path continues, and i was unable to map any further. They were the OSM version of an ellipsis.
12017-10-26 16:32:13 UTCgurglypipe The cycle path (non-segregated pavement on the west side) on the A591 needs some work still. Needs a re-survey to work out which bits are cycle path and which bits are foot-only, and whether any of it is NCN6 any more. Probably best to move it into a separate way and set sidewalk=separate on the A59...
22017-10-26 17:37:25 UTClakedistrict NCN6 has been completely rerouted through Bowness and the western shore; I surveyed the new route last year. Another user deleted much of the original route along the A591 when it was moved, so there are just a few sections of cycleway left on the map now, although it all still exists as a cycleway ...
32017-10-27 13:18:42 UTCgurglypipe When was it re-routed? Are these Mapillary images still relevant?

Sounds like the cycle lane needs to be reinstated on the A591 (but not as part of the NCN6 re...
42017-10-27 16:55:11 UTClakedistrict It was rerouted last year (, the current NCN6 relation is up to date ( Nothing's really changed since those Mapillary images were taken so they're good to use.
52018-04-15 16:31:37 UTClakedistrict Cycle path reinstated in
12018-04-12 13:38:23 UTClakedistrict Thanks for this and your other road edits around Gateshead! Keep up the good work! :)
12018-04-12 12:03:42 UTClakedistrict This doesn't seem right, are pedestrians and cyclists not allowed? What's your source?
22018-04-12 12:19:16 UTCSK53 At a guess this is another Global Logic edit. See
32018-04-18 22:27:01 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 58217008 where the changeset comment is: Revert all changesets by a group of commercial editors everywhere except North and South America. They &quot;fixed&quot; routing &quot;errors&quot; but hided real errors instead of...
42018-05-09 17:34:10 UTCCasey_boy I can confirm (local knowledge) that this change was inaccurate. The revert is correct.
12018-04-10 16:15:15 UTClakedistrict Did you mean to tag this changeset review_requested=yes? It looks fine to me :)
22018-04-10 21:32:12 UTCmatt_twam_asi Thanks for looking, yes I tagged this with a review_requested for a couple of reasons. Firstly I was doing it from memory (although I just noticed I put source=survey, oops) and couldn't remember the exact geometry of Dunelm and TK Maxx (I happened to have the chance to survey it a couple of days la...
32018-04-10 21:45:18 UTClakedistrict From what I remember TK Maxx goes quite far back (probably further than what's mapped) but in terms of tagging it all looks OK.
12018-04-10 16:09:18 UTClakedistrict Hi mvviveka, the tags motor_vehicle=no with bus=yes and psv=yes means that general motor vehicle access is not allowed, but buses and public service vehicles are allowed. I've reverted this in

Please check the tagging carefully before making futur...
22018-04-18 22:25:08 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 58217008 where the changeset comment is: Revert all changesets by a group of commercial editors everywhere except North and South America. They &quot;fixed&quot; routing &quot;errors&quot; but hided real errors instead of...
12018-04-10 15:55:43 UTClakedistrict Are you sure that Loft Bar (first floor) has gone? Doesn't El Paso just replace Scalini's?
22018-04-11 13:00:52 UTCSteeley Everything I can find suggests the Loft Bar was owned by Scalini's and has closed, and will/has become a Gin Bar (see Phase 3 of
12018-04-10 15:31:20 UTClakedistrict Hi James, why did you remove the public_transport tag? For tourists it's part of a popular route Haverthwaite - Lakeside - Bowness/Waterhead
22018-04-11 06:40:59 UTCJamesBourne Hi, in all cases I have seen public_transport tags are only added/relevant to transport run/regulated by pubic bodies e.g. national rail, local authority tram, metro, bus services etc. And is not applied to heritage railway lines. No other station on this line had those tags. By all means add it bac...
12018-04-10 15:25:32 UTClakedistrict Regarding the fixme, it might be worth asking the original mapper -
12018-03-29 14:48:50 UTClakedistrict Hi Premsakhare, are you sure that these edits are correct? Last time I was there that section of Grey Street was definitely pedestrianised - there were bollards at the end of Hood Street ( One of us probably needs to do a survey - Hood Street being oneway looks incorrect t...
22018-04-10 14:41:26 UTCtux67 Hi lakedisdrict .. this seems to be a bigger issue .. pls. have a look here:

This is also discussed in the German OSM Forum.

BR Stephan (tux67)
32018-04-10 14:56:39 UTClakedistrict Thanks, it was also mentioned on the talk-gb mailing list last month
42018-04-18 22:25:51 UTCNakaner-repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 58217008 where the changeset comment is: Revert all changesets by a group of commercial editors everywhere except North and South America. They &quot;fixed&quot; routing &quot;errors&quot; but hided real errors instead of...
12018-04-05 14:18:58 UTClakedistrict Hi Stuuu, thanks for your edits! I see that you requested a review so I've had a look and all looks good to me. Just a tip that you might find useful: you can use the 'S' key (or right click > square) after drawing buildings to square the corners. Any questions just ask. :-)
22018-04-05 14:31:15 UTCStuuu Did not know about the shortcut, im still pretty new to this. Thank you!
12018-03-31 12:21:21 UTClakedistrict Could you link to the CCC map data please?

By the way, we've got a little ongoing project to add details to the roads in Cumbria -
22018-03-31 12:48:28 UTCSK53 I'm not sure this is a particularly good idea. This was done in the Highlands and it turned out that many of the local highway classifications were based on physical properties rather than the functional view which is used on OSM. The highway authority might be useful to highlight potential discrepa...
32018-03-31 18:21:19 UTCkreuzschnabel I thought a bit about this but found it useful at last. It is true (and good) that road tagging in OSM is supposed to depict the traffic importance rather than the official classification. From this point of view, Villages like Great Asby or Crosby Garrett being reachable only by unclassified roads ...
42018-03-31 18:46:44 UTCSK53 I would agree that all but the smallest villages should notionally be accessible by tertiaries, and have used it as a rule of thumb when looking at roads in the past: at the very least one road should be feasible for larger vehicles. As I said the two old OS maps + OS Streetview also provide another...
52018-03-31 19:17:27 UTCkreuzschnabel nothing really substitutes for a visit: true. That’s why I prefer to map regions I have already seen, even if its a while ago. Last time I came through here was on my latest C2C in 2012 but I don’t think the roads have changed significantly since. As for the passing places, I actually di...
62018-04-01 09:46:10 UTCSK53 Heatmap of Passing Places
12018-03-31 11:20:24 UTCkreuzschnabel There are some more, see – you think we could do a small mechanical edit here?
22018-03-31 12:05:07 UTClakedistrict Sounds like a good idea - can you do it?
32018-04-01 08:02:56 UTCkreuzschnabel Done:
42018-04-15 22:33:03 UTCMateusz Konieczny Thanks for fixing it!
12018-03-29 14:05:06 UTClakedistrict Hi Egretta, Thanks for your edits. Just to let you know the housename field is for the building name which isn't always the same as the hostel name. Also, the operator field only needs the name of the operator, see I've adjusted your edits to YHA Amb...
12018-03-25 14:59:03 UTClakedistrict Hi Mike, thanks for your edits around here. I guess you were walking (part of) the Dales Way? Did you see if is accessible yet or if it is still closed? Thanks
22018-03-25 15:20:15 UTCMike Baggaley Hi, yes, I was walking what might be considered the first part of the Dales Way - Bowness to Burneside, then caught the train back. Very enjoyable in Sunday's snow! I didn't see whether way 38555464 was open or closed - I note that the way has access=no and foot=designated, which are contradictory f...
32018-03-25 15:42:08 UTClakedistrict No worries, I'm local so I'll check it out sometime soon.
12018-03-21 14:58:05 UTCgurglypipe I guess the terminal node could do with a fixme= key indicating why the pipeline hasn’t been continued all the way to Manchester. Good work mapping this!

Published using OSMCha:
22018-03-21 15:10:45 UTClakedistrict Although the old maps have been removed from iD, I've found that they're still available in JOSM so it can be continued at some point. The relation itself has a fixme on it, and there's more details here:
32018-03-21 15:13:34 UTCgurglypipe Aah, I didn’t notice the relation. Nice one.
42018-03-21 17:11:35 UTCJohn-O I think the aqueduct might go "over" this bridge. below the footpath, but inside the bridge itself. The bridge is very well built and it's a strange place for it to be otherwise.
52018-03-21 17:18:19 UTCgurglypipe Yeah, I think this bridge is basically a viaduct with a footpath on top. Certainly there are no pipes obvious from the top when I’ve run over it.

It’s the Ottergear bridge here:
(what a marvellous website)
62018-03-21 17:55:52 UTClakedistrict Thanks for noticing, I somehow missed that. Fixed in
12018-03-20 20:31:08 UTClakedistrict Hi jonwil28, thanks for your edits in Cumbria. You've added a name to the map but not tagged what it actually is. Bike shop, hire, factory or something else? :)
12018-03-12 11:52:51 UTCgurglypipe Nice one. You might also want to add heritage=2 and heritage:operator=Historic England as suggested on the wiki:
22018-03-12 19:02:44 UTClakedistrict Thanks. HE_ref shows that HE is the "heritage operator".
12018-03-08 09:39:17 UTCgurglypipe You should probable add access=private to those driveways, since it isn’t implicit (I think).
22018-03-08 13:49:47 UTClakedistrict They're dead ends so probably won't be routed along but I might add access=private at a later date.
12018-03-06 14:29:03 UTClakedistrict Hi RuneyViolet, welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thanks for your edits in Ambleside, I've made a few tweaks to them for you (the church buildings aren't in the park or the graveyard so I've created a churchyard area for them). I'm also a local mapper so feel free to get in touch if you need any help or hav...
22018-03-08 15:14:25 UTCRuneyViolet Ah thank you for the update and I am also local and just tweaking a few things I've noticed that currently wrong. :)
12018-03-03 23:06:17 UTCJohn-O Just wondering if you know anything about the "narrow guage railway" ( I'm suspicious because I can't see anything on the aerial imagery and because railways don't have such sharp bends.
22018-03-04 00:47:05 UTClakedistrict This has been queried before - see . Given the lack of evidence for it I suggest deleting it.
32018-03-04 11:50:06 UTCJohn-O Thanks - I hadn't seen the note. Have turned on the notes layer in JOSM now. Removed in
12018-02-27 23:05:59 UTClakedistrict Holmescales: Although you didn't add the original tags you've copied them directly to the new area. Key type=* should only be used on relations. Perhaps shooting=clay_pigeon;paintball would be better? ( and
22018-02-28 00:35:12 UTCgurglypipe Good catch. Fixed in
12018-02-27 23:00:35 UTClakedistrict Hi murble, thanks for your edits in the Lakes today. Just to let you know that phone numbers should be in the international format with no brackets or dashes (see As the area code for Grasmere is 015394 the correct format for the phone box should be &q...
12018-02-25 23:24:58 UTClakedistrict Thanks Matt! I never did a proper survey of Swan Walk when I did the other streets in 2016 so thanks for this. I also missed out Middle Street and some of Carfax so if you get the chance to survey them too that would be great. :)
22018-03-20 21:51:13 UTCmatt_twam_asi No problem, I don't usually have the time to do a full survey but I'm filling in details and updating features from memory when I notice them. :)
12018-02-25 22:55:54 UTClakedistrict Hi Bort, thanks again for your edits. You don't need to include the name "Bench" when adding benches (amenity=bench tells us it's a bench), just use for name field for actual names, not descriptions. I've fixed these for you ( :)
12018-02-25 08:36:49 UTCCasey_boy Changed tags on old church building
22018-02-25 21:51:13 UTClakedistrict Hi Casey_boy. If St Michael's House looks like a church then tag it building=church and building:use=apartments. I'd probably change building=hospital to building=yes on The Residence given that the wiki suggests it's only for actual hospitals (
32018-02-26 10:40:21 UTCCasey_boy Thanks! I've updated the tags as you suggested. I'm not 100% sure where the entrances are so have set the addr:flats subkey on the building itself.
12018-02-25 00:20:16 UTClakedistrict Hey sogunsakin, welcome to OpenStreetMap! Thanks for your edits - they all look perfect! Just ask if you have any questions or need some help. Hope to see more edits from you soon! :D
12018-02-23 18:00:42 UTClakedistrict Hi Rogerc, thanks for your updates. The preferred way to map places is as a node in the centre of the settlement. This is because the boundary cannot always be verified and doesn't always match up with the main residential area. Reinstating the Gleaston hamlet node and removing the name from the res...
22018-02-23 18:02:16 UTClakedistrict Actually village would probably be better (that's what they call themselves).
32018-02-23 18:33:29 UTCRogerc Thanks, lakedistrict. I will take your advice. The reason I did it was that I found Gleaston was not showing up well an the rendered map (I was there yesterday), but probably changing it to village would help on that.
12018-02-21 22:54:33 UTClakedistrict Nice edits! In case you didn't know, Network Rail have given us permission to copy data from NESA/the sectional appendix into OSM, which includes speed limits.
22018-02-22 11:38:03 UTCjimstn Thanks. The Sectional Appendix will be useful to fill in a lot of the gaps, although there's no easy way to work out where a given mileage/chainage is. 'Track Locator' apps exist, but there's no open source solution I know of?
32018-02-22 15:18:33 UTClakedistrict Not that I'm aware of. I was planning to add some maxspeeds for a different line using stations, levels crossings etc as a rough guide but this method probably won't work everywhere.
12018-02-21 18:42:43 UTClakedistrict Nice one! Do any of them have names? I'd also be tempted to merge the Highgate shop nodes with the building outlines (the shops use both floors for either sales or stock/staff space).
22018-02-21 23:15:53 UTCgurglypipe None that I could be sure of. I wasn’t sure about the shops using both floors either, but if you’re sure of that, please merge them.
12018-02-21 15:11:03 UTCgurglypipe Whoops, I was obviously having a slow day with those turn:lanes. Thanks for the fix.
22018-02-21 15:34:33 UTClakedistrict Not sure if they're planning to include destination tagging, but hopefully support for lanes will be introduced in iD at some point
12018-02-19 12:00:19 UTCgurglypipe Have you verified the stop exists separately on the southbound side of the road? I can’t spot a bus stop sign there, there’s nowhere sensible for buses to stop, and I’ve never seen a bus stopping on that side of the road. I suspect the buses pull in to the layby on the northbound s...
22018-02-19 14:34:53 UTClakedistrict I know that the college buses only use the northbound layby for all journeys; I think that the southbound 555 and X6 (and others) went via Lound Road to call at K Village a few years ago, but they might not do anymore, now that K Village is dead.
32018-02-19 14:50:44 UTCJohn-O When I used the 555 bus recently, from Kendal to Lancaster, I don't recall the bus pulling into the northbound layby. The AtcoCode for the southbound bus_stop appears in bus route data for a number of different routes.

I think adding `physically_present=no` would be good. I'm unsure about removi...
42018-02-19 14:52:35 UTCgurglypipe According to that wiki page, given what we know (it is used as a stop, and there is no sign present), it should be highway=bus_stop, physically_present=no. No need to add customary_stop=yes because that’s already in the naptan data, right?
52018-02-20 23:14:48 UTClakedistrict According to someone who goes to Kendal College, the buses won't stop to drop off or pick up here, you have to use the stop at
62018-02-21 21:20:03 UTCJohn-O Whilst the stop appears in data on both Traveline (OGL) and Stagecoach (licence unknown) websites; I feel that the physical evidence is suggesting that buses do not stop there. I think it's best if I revert edits in this area
12018-02-20 18:36:46 UTClakedistrict I'm not sure whether we should map the "mobile" branches which only set up shop for a couple of mornings a week - they have no permanent presence and we don't map ice cream vans or yoga classes etc. If you are adding them the opening hours would be very useful - they're already in the corr...
22018-02-20 18:38:50 UTClakedistrict Although maybe this one will have some sort of permanent presence - it's open 4 part days each week.
32018-02-20 23:04:39 UTCgurglypipe Good point about the opening_hours. I was hesitant to add them, since I wasn’t sure how correct they would be. But after verifying them against some other branches in Kendal, they seem pretty consistent. I’ll add them.

I think it’s useful to have the ‘mobile’ post of...
42018-02-20 23:07:29 UTCgurglypipe Done in and
12018-02-18 14:39:42 UTClakedistrict Hi Greyseal18 and welcome to OSM.

I don't think that renumbering the motorway slip roads and changing them from highway=motorway_link to highway=motorway is entirely correct. The motorway sliproads were tagged A1508 and A167(M) because that's how they're labelled on the road signs. We tend to &q...
22018-02-18 14:43:00 UTCGreyseal18 If it’s more on the ground why can I see the A195(M) and the A14(M). Also on website like Pathetic Motorways and SABRE Wiki can I see the number A1058(M).
32018-02-18 14:52:43 UTClakedistrict I don't know about those motorways, I was talking about A1508 and A167(M). Perhaps the road signs that say "A1508" and "A167(M)" (surveyed by OSMers) are incorrect, if the websites you mention are more reliable. But motorway_link should be used for sliproads, which is what these ...
42018-02-18 14:55:30 UTCGreyseal18 Ok I got the road type wrong but SABRE Wiki is the most factual website on the road network. Go to and you will see that I’m right.
52018-02-18 15:19:17 UTCSK53 We don't generally give motorways names: these are usually terms which were used to describe the motorway when it was built. These names are not signed, nor in widespread use. Adding such names can interfere with routing applications which use such information for spoken directions. Changing motorwa...
62018-02-18 15:41:41 UTCRichard > SABRE Wiki is the most factual website on the road network

It also doesn't expressly have an open licence. We can't copy information from it without that.
72018-02-18 19:12:41 UTClakedistrict Following the above discussion, I've reverted this changeset in 56471405.
12018-02-15 21:33:37 UTCgurglypipe Nice one. Note that the platforms and stop_positions for a given bus stop have to be in a stop_area relation (
22018-02-15 21:49:44 UTClakedistrict Thanks, I'll do that at some point.
12018-02-15 13:41:10 UTClakedistrict Another village mapped! Just a few ideas: guest houses should probably have a name tag; you can map churchyards as landuse=churchyard (; names should be moved from residential areas to a place node. :)
22018-02-15 13:44:17 UTClakedistrict (Fixed in
32018-02-15 13:46:05 UTCgurglypipe Thanks. I was rushing a bit, so missed those few things.
12018-02-15 09:34:56 UTCgurglypipe Nice! Do you have a plan for the addresses too?
22018-02-15 13:22:59 UTClakedistrict Thanks! I'd probably go for addr:place over addr:street as I said in cs 56348618, but I don't plan on making any changes given that a survey is probably needed first to update the businesses and fix their locations.
12018-02-14 13:51:33 UTClakedistrict Perhaps 'Lake District Business Park' could be moved to addr:place?
22018-02-14 14:00:43 UTCgurglypipe The wiki explicitly says that addr:place and addr:street are mutually exclusive:

I’m not entirely satisfied with how we do addresses for business parks (or street names for them, either; ‘Fell View Trading Park’ being a...
32018-02-14 14:32:37 UTClakedistrict OK. addr:place over addr:street is probably preferential (for the LDBP addresses) since "1 Mint Bridge Road" is a different address to "(Unit) 1 Lake District Business Park" and if they are both mapped as "1 Mint Bridge Road" they aren't differentiated.
42018-02-14 15:56:40 UTClakedistrict Also address data and OSSV suggests that the business parks are mapped wrong in OSM:
12018-02-14 13:51:25 UTClakedistrict What's addr:parentstreet? I can't find anything on the wiki about it.
22018-02-14 13:55:19 UTCgurglypipe See the blurb at the top of and the recent mailing list discussion on talk-gb (‘Errors in Street Names in Addresses’).

tl;dr: addr:parentstreet does nothing except to make the errors go away on the street warnings list. I...
32018-02-14 13:56:37 UTCgurglypipe It would also be relevant for the places where we have (for example) addr:street=Woolpack Yard and the address checker expects addr:street=Highgate. However, changing all those nodes consistently would be a massive effort and I’m not sufficiently convinced of the value or longevity of addr:par...
42018-02-14 14:35:11 UTClakedistrict Good point with the yards. It could probably do with being on the wiki though so it's use is more apparent.
12018-02-14 13:50:21 UTClakedistrict Thanks! I'd been meaning to do this but wasn't sure how to do it, using alt_name's a good idea. :)
12018-02-12 18:42:04 UTClakedistrict Hi Charlotte, welcome to OSM. Thanks for your edits, they look good to me. It may take a few days for the changes you made to show up on all zoom levels. :-)
12018-02-10 16:46:27 UTClakedistrict Hi Area Sheffield, welcome to OSM. You removed the building and theatre tags on Newcastle City Hall so I've added them back.(
12018-02-09 14:52:01 UTClakedistrict 👍 Did you spot the electric car charging point? ( Looking at Big Onion's fb page they might be shop=art (or shop=gift) rather than shop=craft (craft supplies).
22018-02-09 15:17:07 UTCgurglypipe Bother, I didn’t check on the notes to know to look for it. I didn’t spot it, but I could easily have missed it (the car park was rammed). I was unsure about the best way to tag Big Onion, since they sell all sorts, including food. I wanted to avoid a food-type shop just in case people t...
12018-02-07 17:03:49 UTClakedistrict What was wrong with unclassified? The likes of Library Road and Stricklandgate aren't residential.
22018-02-07 17:06:41 UTCgurglypipe They’re within a residential area. I think ‘residential is a bit of a misnomer’; unclassified is definitely wrong, since it’s for the little back roads which connect villages: The test I’ve been using is &l...
32018-02-07 17:32:50 UTClakedistrict The wiki definitions are all over the place. From the page linked above: "In an urban context, unclassified roads may be more likely to have pavements ... They are commonly found in industrial, retail, or commercial areas..."
42018-02-08 10:45:17 UTClakedistrict FYI I asked about this in the chat room yesterday and has since been extended to include non-residential roads in towns. :)
52018-02-08 18:39:41 UTCgurglypipe OK, I’ll have a re-read of that lot and potentially revert the highway= changes here in the next few days. Thanks.
62018-02-09 23:38:38 UTCgurglypipe Done.
12018-02-06 22:21:44 UTClakedistrict North-east Kendal aka Sandylands. You could add a suburb node in the middle of the park by Kentmere Brow. Heron Hill could do with one too, maybe by the Spar?
22018-02-07 00:31:21 UTCgurglypipe Good point. Done in
12018-02-05 13:59:52 UTClakedistrict Great edits Stonemill2, it's good to see all the mines and crags added to the map - probably of interest to both walkers and those with historical interests. :) On you've used the tag highway=culvert (or inherited it from a previously mapped node). If th...
22018-02-06 08:56:51 UTCStonemill2 Hi, I've now done it like I normally would, have a look if you wish. I remember seeing that and thinking it was wrong but just left it but am confused why it's attributed as a version 1 change to me. Anyhow, fixed now I think.
32018-02-06 12:59:55 UTClakedistrict Thanks for fixing. You probably "inherited" it by splitting/continuing a way or by copying and pasting something and iD unfortunately and mistakenly attributes you as the creator.
12018-02-05 21:18:02 UTClakedistrict Nice edits! By the way we've got a little project going on to improve the mapping of the roads in Cumbria, . Feel free to help out if you're interested or perhaps just incorporate some of the tagging ideas in your sur...
12018-02-02 15:06:28 UTClakedistrict Hi kreuzschnabel, the road is known as Dunmail Raise for the length of the dual carriageway, so removing it from the road sections is incorrect. Can you add it back? Thanks, lakedistrict :)
22018-02-02 19:56:46 UTCkreuzschnabel Thanks for notifying. In the OS Opendata Streetview map, the road is labelled "Pass of Dunmail Raise" which seems rather a description than a name to me. But if it’s known by that name, the name should be tagged as such of course. Sorry, I didn’t know that.
32018-02-02 20:05:29 UTCkreuzschnabel By the way: I changed the origin of the southern fork of Raise Beck which, as I learned from a walk report, has been the original course until it got re-routed to feed Thirlmere. So the southern fork has no source or spring on its own but forms a "dead fork" off today’s main course. ...
42018-02-02 21:09:14 UTClakedistrict No worries and thanks for fixing. The southern part is still called Raise Beck. The final part of the northern fork is part of Birkside Gill, so I've renamed that section. The bit inbetween doesn't seem to have a name on any old maps but Cumbria County Council and others called it Raise Beck in Stor...
12018-02-02 16:06:03 UTClakedistrict Thanks for your edits around Newcastle and Gateshead, but it looks like the website address is incomplete on this - could you fix it please? Thanks :)
12018-02-02 15:25:19 UTClakedistrict By the way, you can use the S key (or right click square) in the editor to square the corners of buildings (you might want to do this on Beehive, for instance). :)
22018-02-06 09:05:34 UTCSDMeer I didn't know that. Thanks. In this case, the building is an odd shape.
12018-02-02 15:19:32 UTClakedistrict Great edits SDMeer! It's good to see some updates in this part of the county. Should have a building tag on it, such as building=college? :)
22018-02-06 09:02:55 UTCSDMeer Updated. Thanks for the suggestion.
12018-01-29 21:29:01 UTClakedistrict Hi James, This changeset has added quite a few untagged nodes (such as which look like unconnected duplicates of building vertices. Please could you check them and amend as necessary? Thanks :-)
22018-01-30 19:04:34 UTCJames Derrick I suspect this could have been a josm-latest bug or upload failure. Either way, I've used JOSM to fix the duplicated nodes (and a few other building validation issues).
32018-01-30 19:29:12 UTClakedistrict Thanks!
12018-01-29 16:31:11 UTClakedistrict Hi Phill87, welcome to OSM and thanks for your detailed edits around Horsham. Just a few bits of feedback: on the width should be 0.5 and not .5; when you add a building you can use the S key (or right click 'square') in the editor to square the corners. O...
12018-01-27 20:46:08 UTClakedistrict Thanks! I meant to do this last month when the changeset appeared; bus routes addr:unit also dropped in
12018-01-27 14:46:25 UTClakedistrict - `amenity=biergarten` and `building=yes` looks wrong here (also see, you might want `leisure=outdoor_seating` with `operator=Miners Arms`? If you used a misleading iD preset you cou...
22018-01-27 15:12:21 UTCgurglypipe Oops, good catch. leisure=outdoor_seating is a more appropriate tag than amenity=biergarten anyway (since the latter is aimed more at the German-style biergarten, which isn’t a garden attached to a pub). Fixed in changeset
12018-01-27 13:31:09 UTClakedistrict Are you tweaking the names based on the FHRS records? "Hare & Hounds" was the name on the pub when I mapped it, and I copied "CofE" on the schools from the Edubase comparison tool (, although what you've changed them to have ...
22018-01-27 13:33:29 UTCgurglypipe Not entirely. I’m tweaking them based on what seems right, since ‘&’ is normally a stylistic contraction of ‘and’, and ‘CofE’ just doesn’t make sense. I’m open to being persuaded this is not a good idea.
32018-01-27 13:50:17 UTClakedistrict I tend to map names as they're styled on a sign or on a website. 'CofE' was what my old school used and what Edubase tends to use but after checking a few school websites there's no uniform styling with 'CE', 'C of E', 'C.E.' and 'CofE' all being used. I guess C of E is easier to read and would be b...
42018-01-27 19:55:34 UTCgurglypipe Yeah, I was aware there’s no consistent uniform styling. Although I vaguely remembered that in my home town, everything was styled as ‘C of E’ on the signs. You make a good point about text to speech software. I’ll continue changing schools to ‘C of E’ as I come a...
12017-11-11 15:25:49 UTClakedistrict Hi Meersbrook, I know that this is an old changeset but what are the untagged lines you added across the railway line such as ?
Thanks, lakedistrict :)
22018-01-24 16:46:18 UTClakedistrict Should they be deleted?
12018-01-24 14:44:30 UTClakedistrict Thanks for fixing the name. Are you sure that the college still use it? This article says that the uni acquired it in 2016:

In the editor, click on the building so it glows red, click the wo...
12018-01-13 23:46:45 UTCgurglypipe Is that car park for The Grey Walls? If so, you could add operator=The Grey Walls to make it clearer who the ‘customers’ are.
22018-01-13 23:52:07 UTClakedistrict yes, fixed in
32018-01-13 23:52:48 UTCgurglypipe Nice!
12018-01-11 06:21:36 UTClakedistrict Did you mean to put any tags on this node?
22018-01-11 08:57:02 UTCds47uk This was supposed to have been deleted. Hatton Gallery added as an artwork, since there is not a specific art gallery logo
32018-01-11 09:19:23 UTClakedistrict Thanks for the reply. Best not to just 'tag for the renderer' with the incorrect tags, but to request rendering of art galleries at I'll probably remap it as a separate building at some point when I update the map around campus.
42018-01-11 13:52:08 UTCds47uk OK thanks. Surprised it wasn't already on! I had to use G$$gle to find out where it was!
12018-01-10 14:13:18 UTClakedistrict Is all of the building now a pub or is some of it still Manna House (homeless shelter)?
22018-01-10 14:18:18 UTCgurglypipe Ah, I suspect some of it is still Manna House. I didn’t know about Manna House before; I’ve been to the pub, and the public part of it certainly doesn’t occupy all of the mapped building, but I didn’t know how far the private part of it extends. If you have surveyed/seen Mann...
32018-01-10 14:25:54 UTClakedistrict There's been quite a few changes in this area over the last 5 or so years so a survey is probably needed. I won't make any changes yet.
42018-01-10 22:59:52 UTCgurglypipe OK. I’ve added so we don’t forget about it.
12018-01-10 13:31:23 UTClakedistrict Hi alexandrebc, Thanks for your edits. Please only map what's still on the ground - the wall here no longer exists so tagging it as a wall is incorrect; also try not to use descriptive names. I've fixed this for you and cleared up a few duplicates.
12018-01-07 00:12:12 UTCgurglypipe Hah, was this prompted by my Thirlmere aqueduct edit? I wasn’t expecting that. Nice one. :-)
22018-01-07 00:18:24 UTClakedistrict Yes it was, maybe mapping the full length of the TA within Cumbria could be a project in the pipeline for this year... :D
32018-01-07 01:58:08 UTCgurglypipe Hah, very good. Count me out though; I found it hard enough to work out where the cut-and-cover line of the pipeline was from the satellite imagery when I could see where the aqueduct bridges were!
12018-01-04 00:41:06 UTClakedistrict Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
12018-01-03 20:30:19 UTClakedistrict Hi Legolash2oLiam, thanks the the detail that you're adding to the railways in OSM. I'm guessing that ref:lor refers to these codes ? It might be worth creating a OSM wiki page at to briefly explain what...
22018-01-03 20:39:02 UTCLegolash2oLiam Yes, you are correct. I've added a small page as requested :)
32018-01-03 21:04:39 UTCLegolash2oLiam Also, if you would like me to add desired information on a railway I haven't added yet, feel free to ask. i.e. restrictions, speed, ELR, etc..
12018-01-02 17:25:25 UTClakedistrict Nice edits. Just wondering, does the station area need to include the surgery building and the railway corridor beyond the platform end to the NW?
22018-01-02 17:49:09 UTCgurglypipe I was on the fence about the surgery building; it was geometrically simpler to include, but in hindsight probably more incorrect than correct. I’ll remove it.

I included the railway corridor to the NW so that there isn’t a gap. An alternative would be to lengthen the railway corridor ...
32018-01-02 17:50:01 UTCgurglypipe Fixed in
12017-12-23 13:07:54 UTClakedistrict Nice edits i_hsien! Just a few pointers: it's normally best to join zebra crossings to the road itself, that way satnav routers can warn drivers that there's a crossing on the road. You could also map Holland & Barrett shops as health food shops (shop=health_food) rather than the non specific sh...
12017-12-12 21:06:40 UTClakedistrict Welcome to OpenStreetMap, Petenjen. Thanks for your edits. You've added a nursing home in the middle of a roundabout (at Did you mean to do that? Let me know if you need help correcting it or you have any questions.

lakedistrict :-)
12017-12-07 13:21:40 UTClakedistrict Hi Charkyem, nice edits! Just a quick tip: to make sure that the buildings you draw have nice square corners, click on the side of the building once you have drawn it (so it glows red/pink) and then press the S key (or right click then square). Hope this helps. Look forward to seeing more edits from...
22018-01-03 17:23:34 UTCCharkyem Oh, that's good to know! I'll keep that in mind.
12017-12-05 18:40:10 UTClakedistrict Hi Baa90, I've changed this back to military area from industrial - it's land owned by the Royal Navy so landuse=military is the correct tag. Please remember to leave a changeset comment which describes the changes you have made to the map in the future. It seems that you've got the hang of how to e...
12017-12-05 18:32:19 UTClakedistrict Welcome to OpenStreetMap Brenty1892! I see that you requested an edit review so I'm just letting you know that the changes you have made look good to me - hopefully we'll see more edits from you soon! :-)
12017-12-05 18:29:28 UTClakedistrict Hi Dan, Please only add things to OpenStreetMap that actually exist. I've undone your edit for you. In the future please leave a changeset comment that describes what changes you have made to the map. Thanks :-)
12017-11-29 20:24:34 UTClakedistrict Usually a fitness station is an outdoor facility (see but you've put this inside a building - did you mean to use leisure=fitness_centre for an indoor gym?

Also in you've left the comment...
22017-11-30 16:32:16 UTCBeselch Gonzalez Peña a indoor gym actually....and is a sport club too!! No streptease club
32017-12-01 15:52:19 UTClakedistrict Thanks for the info, I've changed it to a gym/fitness centre and added some details from their website. Thanks again for your edits in Newcastle, you can also edit on a computer at which allows you to add different points of interest that aren't in :)
12017-11-21 14:53:14 UTClakedistrict *Walkergate
12017-11-15 13:12:29 UTClakedistrict Why did you change it to subway? Only a small portion of the route is underground so it's probably best described as a light rail system.
22017-11-20 09:40:18 UTCTom317 Yes, but still it is metro. But if you feel, it's better described as a light rail, you can change it back.
12017-11-10 15:31:19 UTClakedistrict Thanks for all your edits around Newcastle, particularly the cycling infrastructure ones. In this edit it looks like you've missed the building=yes tag on ? :-)
22017-11-10 15:32:50 UTClakedistrict Sorry, ignore me - I hadn't spotted it was part of a relation. Keep up the good work!
32017-11-13 11:21:43 UTCjimstn Thanks! I also hadn't spotted that it was part of a multipolygon/relation! Not sure why it has been created like that in the first place. It might be a job for the future to tidy that up.
12017-11-09 15:22:51 UTClakedistrict Thanks for your recent changes simon_84, it's good to see some edits in this part of the county.

Are you sure that Abbey Road, New Road and the road through Dalton are highway =secondary (B roads)? They need a ref (eg B123) if they are. For reference OS OpenData StreetView doesn't show them as se...
12017-11-09 12:47:28 UTClakedistrict FYI iD's put layer=-1 tags on the building_passages which aren't needed. Also are you able to resolve this ?
22017-11-09 13:10:00 UTCgurglypipe Whoops, thanks for pointing that out. Fixed.

I don’t know about the tourist information centre; this was an armchair edit based on e-mailing Herdy for their new address. If I get a chance to wander down to Stramongate I’ll keep an eye out for the tourist information centre, but it won...
12017-11-08 23:59:59 UTClakedistrict Hi jennycerris, welcome to OSM and thanks for your edits in Newcastle!

I see that you requested a review so I'm just letting you know that the edits look good, you could change the operator tags (scroll down to the All Tags section) from Newcastle/Northumbia Uni to Liberty Living if you wanted. ...
12017-10-16 20:34:47 UTClakedistrict Hi Beselch Gonzalez Peña,

I left this message as a reply to one of your 5 identical notes. I'm copying it here as well in case you didn't see it and for discussion.

>>"Hi Beselch, Thanks for your additions to the map. :-)
You seem to have added quite a few "vinyls reco...
22017-11-05 15:28:23 UTClakedistrict I've fixed them all for you in Also, please try and capitalise the first letter of each word in shop names, since they are proper nouns. :)
12017-10-24 14:51:41 UTClakedistrict Welocme to OSM and thanks for your edits. It's good practice to tag the building with what it is used for (eg shop, pub, guest house etc). This is a bunk house for climbing groups etc to rent out isn't it? I've tagged similar buildings as tourism=alpine_hut, but you could use tourism=chalet (holiday...
12017-10-22 22:52:30 UTCgurglypipe Wow, nice work!
22017-10-23 00:39:11 UTClakedistrict Thanks!
12017-10-22 22:47:08 UTCgurglypipe Nice. #CumbriaRoads work?
22017-10-23 00:38:28 UTClakedistrict Thanks. Ah yes, missed the hashtag and wiki link. All #CumbriaRoads tags (lit, sidewalk, turn:lanes etc) are now on the A591 between Orrest Head Farm (start of 30 zone to the west) and Cooks House Corner A592 mini roundabout, but I haven't put give ways on all the side roads yet.
12017-10-22 21:30:16 UTClakedistrict Thanks for the edits but I'm not sure that they are entirely correct. Are you sure that the northern part of the road through the car park takes such a central position? Last time I checked it went along the edge of the library gardens, like it was mapped previously. Also are WTC really the operator...
22017-10-22 21:52:43 UTCbigfatfrog67 Hi,

Yes, I was there today. There is parking either side of the parking isle, which is down the centre. I will need to double check the operators as I have the ticket still in the car, will look tomorrow. How else would you tag the entrance way?

32017-10-23 00:34:12 UTClakedistrict Thanks for the description, it must have changed a bit since I was last there (about a year ago). I normally tag entrances as just highway=service, I always thought that driveway was more for residential properties, but I guess it still works.
lakedistrict :)
42017-11-02 14:23:01 UTCbigfatfrog67 I just thought I'd let you know that I checked the parking ticket and you were right so I've updated that accordingly.
12017-10-16 21:27:01 UTClakedistrict Hi lakeuk,

Thanks for your edit. However it is best to update the tags on the node rather than deleting it because the shop unit and address still physically exists. For this one you could have removed the name tag and changed shop=clothes to disused:shop=yes. Please keep this in mind for future ...
22017-10-16 21:30:58 UTClakedistrict I've managed to undelete both the Room and Native nodes and I've updated them to show that they're currently disused, along with fixmes to update in the future. :)
12017-10-07 00:00:31 UTCgurglypipe What’s a frog permit? Without a changeset description, this looks like vandalism.
22017-10-10 11:43:36 UTClakedistrict Reverted in changeset 52788976
32017-10-14 17:11:11 UTCgurglypipe From a private message from pamman:

> With reference to Mill Yard, Staveley the intention was to make users aware that parking can no longer be regarded as free. During weekdays the first 2 hours are free after that a “Frog Permit” is required, apparently if you are not a frog you&...
42017-10-14 17:16:38 UTCgurglypipe Hmm, this is a tricky one to tag. I think the tags as they currently stand – fee=no maxstay=2h – are the most appropriate I can come up with. They are correct, in that the first 2h are free. If people choose to park there, they should see the big signs explaining what this Frog Permit sy...
52017-10-14 17:53:15 UTCpamman Agree, even if a Frog Permit is obtained the parking is still free.
62017-10-14 18:16:24 UTClakedistrict I agree with your tagging ideas gurglypipe, I suppose any other info could always go in a note= tag. Maybe some conditional tags could be used here if any of them are suitable:
12017-06-28 17:02:14 UTClakedistrict Hi pamman, do you remember where you got the name "Jakey Tanners" from for and ? The source:name=OS_OpenData_StreetView tag refers to the previous tagged name, Brigsteer Road.
22017-10-10 08:24:58 UTCgurglypipe There are no road signs calling it Jakey Tanners. There are some references to a road called Jakey Tanners in the Kendal Oral History Group records, but no details online. I’m going to revert this back to Brigsteer Road. pamman, please reply with some source information if you think that stret...
32017-10-10 11:16:54 UTClakedistrict When I first asked this I got a message saying that the name had been "passed down through generations of Kendalians", but as a local I've never heard this name in my life. If there is a source it should be put under loc_name. (
42017-10-10 11:29:37 UTCgurglypipe Indeed. I was also wondering whether Jakey Tanners is the name of the track to the SE just E of the A591 bridge.
52017-10-13 13:38:38 UTCpamman Jakey Tanners is the name of the road up the hill from the 30 mph sign to the brow of that hill where ‘Dick the Fruiterer’ had a market garden behind the high wall at the entrance to Stainbank Green. The name has been (and still is) used by generations of Kendalians, obviously since Jake...
62017-10-14 17:09:10 UTCgurglypipe Thanks for the information. I agree that the name Jakey Tanners should be in the map, but I don’t think it should be the canonical name of the road. The canonical name according to the modern naming databases (the OS Location database and the Royal Mail address database) is Brigsteer Road. As ...
72017-10-14 17:48:24 UTCpamman loc-name added
82017-10-14 18:11:25 UTClakedistrict Thanks for the info and thanks for adding the name back to the map, pamman.
12017-10-01 18:50:01 UTClakedistrict Good work. Does this resolve ?
22017-10-01 21:08:44 UTCgurglypipe It does. I’ve closed that note, thanks for pointing it out.
12017-09-27 10:14:22 UTCgurglypipe Nice work!
22017-09-27 11:47:38 UTClakedistrict Thanks!
12017-08-02 21:00:59 UTClakedistrict Thanks for your edits in Ambleside, but Tesco Express isn't open 24/7 - was that a mistake? Also do you remember what type of shop "Hide & Horn" is or what it sells?
Happy mapping, lakedistrict :-)
22017-09-24 16:57:32 UTClakedistrict Thanks for fixing in I fixed Hide & Horn in - it was a leather shop.
12017-09-23 11:47:18 UTClakedistrict Hi nickharri,
Thanks for your edits to the paths and cairns. I notice that you requested a review so I'm just letting you know that they all look good to me. Any questions just ask.
Happy mapping, lakedistrict :)
12017-09-19 12:36:50 UTClakedistrict Does this mean that the Post Office at has closed and it has relocated here? The old node needs updating to its new use if that's the case.
12017-09-09 17:58:23 UTClakedistrict The previous version of the phone number was correct, since the area code is 013394. so it should be +44 15394 36354
22017-09-09 18:06:57 UTClakedistrict *area code is 015394
32017-09-10 09:52:29 UTCArthtoach Apologies, I checked that 01539 was a valid area code, not relalising there was a more specific one. I've changed this back.
12017-09-06 17:23:06 UTClakedistrict Did you mean to tag as tertiary? highway=service seems a more appropriate tag for this location.
22017-09-07 08:08:44 UTCMike Parfitt Perhaps its a usage thing. My concept of a service road is the sort of roads that go down the back of shops for delivery lorries, or those leading into/outof car parks and inbetween their lines of painted bays. This was a narrow single-track road with passing places going through open country, far...
12017-08-13 21:27:02 UTCmatt_twam_asi Hi Dan, thanks for updating these shops. Do you have any idea what will be replacing the cafe? It may be worthwhile keeping the node but removing the cafe and name tags as currently there is useful address information that will be lost.
22017-08-20 12:25:48 UTClakedistrict Hi Matt and Dan, I've undeleted the node and updated the tags on it so that the address info isn't lost.
12017-08-11 19:28:48 UTCgurglypipe Wow, that’s fantastic! I thought I’d finished the A5074, but obviously I got ahead of myself at the A592 junction and forgot about the rest up to the A591. Thanks for finishing it off!
22017-08-11 20:19:26 UTClakedistrict Thanks! I think I've got the hang of the tagging now, what road are you going to do next?
32017-08-11 20:47:49 UTCgurglypipe I’ll probably do the Lake District passes and valleys next. That’s probably got a bit more impact than doing something like the A5074.
12017-08-10 18:26:16 UTCgurglypipe This includes reworking the junction with Brantfell Road and St. Martin’s Hill to make it a cross-roads, since there seems to be no restriction on coasting down Brantfell Road and onto St. Martin’s Hill in real life.
22017-08-10 20:54:21 UTClakedistrict Yes, Brantfell Rd and St. Martins Hill is a crossroads, the rest of the edits look good too :)
12017-08-05 11:13:42 UTClakedistrict Thanks for the edits. The sign at the gates actually reads "Kirkstone Quarries", and Burlington seem to be the first/only ones to use the spelling "Pett's", previously only the spelling "Pets" has been used. (Defra and OS both use "Pets")

Do you know if it ...
22017-08-06 06:21:30 UTCCasualMapper I'm reading the book Slate Mining in the Lake District by Alastair Cameron and it called it Petts. It went bust in 2012 and was bough by Burlington
On their website they call it Petts, http://www.burlingt...
32017-08-06 12:52:21 UTClakedistrict Thanks for the info, I've added the other names I mentioned into an alt_name tag. :D
42017-08-08 13:08:51 UTCAoc-One Sorry to butt in. The area is called Pets Brae, so Pets would be right. However I bet it's a tax thing from the 2012 bankruptcy - a similar but different name for the new company. it's still active it seems also.
12017-08-02 20:52:36 UTClakedistrict Hi Gabriel,
In future edits please add a changeset comment explaining what edits you have made so that other mappers can see what you've done. Thanks.

(something along the lines of "corrected road types and junctions and added a caravan park in High Newton" would have worked here)
12017-07-27 18:19:54 UTClakedistrict Thanks :-)
12017-07-02 16:37:55 UTCMike Baggaley HI, you seem to have added access=no to Gooseholme Bridge, with a note that it was closed when surveyed. However, as the way has foot=yes, the access=no has no effect on pedestrians, which is the only form of transport normally enabled for a footway. I suggest removing the foot tag if this bridge is...
22017-07-04 11:05:34 UTClakedistrict Hi Mike, Thanks for this advice, I've now removed the foot=yes tag since it isn't required on highway=footway and currently the bridge is closed to all.
12017-06-19 22:24:53 UTClakedistrict I notice that the survey dates say 2016. Is this correct or did you mean 2017?
12017-05-23 15:17:10 UTCgurglypipe Why did you just delete this entire railway line with no comment?
22017-05-25 15:04:08 UTClakedistrict Looks like it is just the old railway=abandoned line that has been deleted, the current railway line is still mapped. But to echo what gurglypipe said - please leave changeset comments in the future. Thanks :-)
32017-05-25 15:11:17 UTCgurglypipe Correct, but surely the abandoned railway should remain mapped? It’s a useful historical bit of information.
42017-05-25 17:37:19 UTClakedistrict Wiki page:

However there is still a railway line here even though its just a single line now and not double. Also the current track takes the centre of the trackbed now, not just half of it like it used to when it was double track. I'm n...
52017-05-25 19:54:36 UTCpamman The existing rail line was moved to the centre of the double track bed, therefore no old track bed exists. The reason for removing the track bed was that 2 bridges were shown at each intersection, this was picked up on "keep right" (
12017-05-25 14:59:16 UTClakedistrict I've deleted your co-op node since it's already been mapped in the correct location.
12017-05-25 14:58:25 UTClakedistrict Bridge House was already mapped, so I've deleted your duplicate node (wrong location anyway). "599" bus stop has the wrong name, but needs checking.
12017-03-05 20:37:46 UTClakedistrict HI Yorvik,
I'm not sure why you've tagged Heathwaite Convenience Stores ( as a post office - it lost its post office counter around 10 years ago!
lakedistrict :-)
22017-03-06 01:02:53 UTCYorvik Prestigitator I was basing it on the signs above the shop windows saying "Heathwaite Post Office & Stores" which were still up recently.
I will remove the amenity=post_office tag if you think the shop signs are incorrect.
32017-03-06 10:59:11 UTClakedistrict Yes, despite the signs the post office counter has gone. Thanks for removing the tag.
42017-03-06 11:20:23 UTCYorvik Prestigitator no problem, thank you for the inside information
12017-03-05 18:02:16 UTClakedistrict Hi Dan,
Is there a reason why you changed East Street to highway=living_street? I'm not too familiar with that tag myself. I thought that highway=pedestrian would be more correct, since there are "Pedestrian Zone" signs at each end. Certain vehicles can still drive on highway=pedestrian s...
12016-12-02 17:48:44 UTClakedistrict What is the line/way that you've added ( )? It has a source tag but nothing else.
12016-11-26 22:57:19 UTClakedistrict Hi Daniel,
I think these were supposed to be mapped as railway=stop and placed on the metro lines. Since you have now correctly put railway stops on the Metro tracks I have copied across the naptan codes onto the stop nodes that you added. It would be useful to add platform numbers to the stop node...
12016-10-02 11:20:33 UTClakedistrict Hi,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I notice that you have deleted a number of ways (lines such as roads and paths among other features) from the map. If you are local or have recently visited you will of course know that these roads and paths do still exist, so they shouldn't have been deleted.
22016-10-02 12:53:59 UTClakedistrict I have managed to undo your deletions in a revert. Any questions just ask. :-)
12016-10-02 12:53:44 UTClakedistrict I have managed to undo your deletions in a revert. Any questions just ask. :-)
12016-08-20 21:10:59 UTClakedistrict #Kendal ;)
12016-08-12 15:20:15 UTClakedistrict Hi Guy,
Park Terrace and Kensington Terrace no longer match up with the buildings shown on the Bing imagery because they were demolished or partly demolished and have been rebuilt.
The Bing imagery is fairly outdated in the North of England.
Is it possible for you to undo your changes to the bu...
12016-07-27 20:50:08 UTClakedistrict Hi Guinevere23, is actually called Log Lane? I know that you didn't add that name but just wondered if you had spotted any signs with this name or seen it on a map. :-)
22016-07-28 17:21:47 UTCGuinevere23 Hi lakedistrict, actually there were some signs with a name for that lane and I have a feeling that it was something else other than Log Lane because I thought it was unusual for it to have a name but, unfortunately, I didn't record what it was ... doh!
12016-07-04 21:20:40 UTClakedistrict Hi Michael, do you remember or know where the name "Log Lane" came from for ? I don't remember seeing this name anywhere and OS Street View gives it a different name (Truss Lane). I'll resurvey if I need to. All the best :-)
12016-07-03 19:49:28 UTClakedistrict Is the whole road really a bridge or just the bit over the motorway?
12016-07-02 22:30:25 UTClakedistrict I've separated the metro lines from the road. (You have to remove the relations first, then add them back after) I don't think that the metro actually takes the same route as New Bridge St W but actually follows a route under which I think is a vent.
12016-06-09 23:31:20 UTClakedistrict Welcome to OSM SkaBook! Thanks for your very detailed edits - Ambleside looks very well mapped now. :-)
22016-06-10 07:47:51 UTCSkaBook Hi,
A discrete actioncam and a sunny day helps!
12016-04-01 14:27:46 UTCSkidle Ha! Yes, you're right, that was (mostly)me. I had no exact idea of where they were, just that they existed. I added them in the hope they would be amended. Generally I see folks will adjust stuff to help, but see the task of adding stuff as too onerous, so I though I'd get it started.
22016-04-01 15:52:31 UTClakedistrict Thanks for adding them - saved me (or someone else) a lot of time! :-)
12016-03-21 13:30:23 UTClakedistrict Where does the name Red Brow come from on way 403956832?
12016-02-21 18:34:17 UTClakedistrict Hi pmailkeey, the A591 itself hasn't been diverted or moved to the temporary road or the West Thirlmere road, these are just the routes that the shuttle buses will take. Any chance you can revert your edits around Thirlmere/Dunmail Raise? Thanks

PS Please add a note to the map before doing big ch...
22016-02-21 21:16:05 UTCpmailkeey It seems you've failed to include any proof of what you claim whereas what is there now is quite logical.
32016-02-21 22:24:57 UTClakedistrict Changing the road to construction is good, but it retains its A591 number. The temp track and road to the west of Thirlmere haven't gained the A591 number and are not trunk roads. But hopefully the road will be reopened soon!
12016-01-15 15:44:02 UTClakedistrict #OSMschools
12016-01-14 01:17:57 UTClakedistrict Wrong changeset comment! Should say bridge closed for 4 weeks follwing river bed erosion under 2 pillars, ref=Lakeland Radio/Cumbria County Council
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