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12017-12-07 13:21:40 UTClakedistrict Hi Charkyem, nice edits! Just a quick tip: to make sure that the buildings you draw have nice square corners, click on the side of the building once you have drawn it (so it glows red/pink) and then press the S key (or right click then square). Hope this helps. Look forward to seeing more edits from...
22018-01-03 17:23:34 UTCCharkyem Oh, that's good to know! I'll keep that in mind.
12017-01-24 23:39:14 UTCGinaroZ Hi, just wondering why you've added duplicate train stations and buildings?
22017-01-25 00:18:56 UTCCharkyem I saved in the middle of editing, I planned to finish it later; I was replacing the mess of buildings, tags and labels with single, actual train stations which better represent the space they take up.
32017-01-25 00:37:16 UTCGinaroZ Ok, I appreciate what you're doing.
But the problem is you've now deleted some tags and information has been lost (network/operator etc).
And you've added "Metro Station" to each station name, which shouldn't be there.
There's also building=yes tags on each of the stations,
42017-01-25 01:15:27 UTCCharkyem I see, I think I've fixed that now.

I left the building=yes on the stations because they do all have a building of sorts to hold the ticket machines. I can't find any documentation on what counts for building=yes.
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