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12018-04-22 21:38:09 UTCPaul Berry Please map what's on the ground. Westgate/West Street running either side of the A58(M) aren't under motorway regs but do have primary route signage. That's why they were mapped as primary.

I can go and snap photos if you want evidence (I work about 2 mins' walk from Westgate) but you have this w...
22018-04-23 07:40:35 UTCJayCBR im afraid i dont get the exact you mean the slip roads (motorway links) getting to and off A58(M)?? or the side road West Street starting near Ibis hotel?
32018-04-23 08:11:44 UTCPaul Berry Ways 216965787 & 6136466 (Westgate) are not motorway links but tertiary. You'll notice from the map they don't ever join the motorway (intentionally) and, from the ground, are not under motorway regs either.

However, you do have West Street right (ways 6136477 & 6136478 & 34428523).
42018-05-24 19:01:30 UTCkreuzschnabel After thinking a bit about the "primary" gap between Rigton Hill and Collingham within an otherwise "trunk" A58, I came across which doubts the A58 is a primary route at all – it might have been downgraded due to th...
52018-05-24 19:08:55 UTCkreuzschnabel agrees – white sign on the Leeds–Wetherby section :) so highway=primary would be appropriate.
12018-04-22 21:41:23 UTCPaul Berry The Headrow axis is not a B-road. It's not even open to all traffic.
22018-04-23 07:30:37 UTCJayCBR its more than a b-road, its the major road in Leeds..couldnt be even secondary?
32018-04-23 08:01:09 UTCPaul Berry It's a C-road (not sure of unpublished number) but note that it's restricted to buses/taxis/cycles/access for most of its length. Even the Loop Road is only C-class:
42018-04-23 14:39:04 UTCMike Baggaley HI, Ways 400349313 and 454077550 have ref=A64, so either the ref is wrong or they should not be secondary. I am not local, but have been along that road and believe it has green signs, indicating it should be trunk. Can you please review these two ways?

52018-04-23 14:55:33 UTCPaul Berry There's possibly some confusion with recent changes regarding how OSM represents A-roads. Apologies in advance if this is already known...

OSM | Reality
Trunk | Primary A-Road (yellow on green signage)*
Primary | Secondary/Non-Primary A-Road (black on white signage)
Secondary | B-Road
62018-04-23 16:37:03 UTCJayCBR i am sorry i didnt realize there was such a restriction..if thats the case maybe the restricted section should be a service road and maybe the loop could be secondary..
about the underground section of A64 i need to have some research
72018-04-23 20:50:48 UTCJayCBR i dont think ways 400349313 and 454077550 are parts of A64, the signs only point out where it leads (York A64), its like a side road
82018-04-24 11:03:12 UTCPaul Berry Those ways are signed York A64--no brackets--according to local signage on the ground.
12017-09-11 16:13:26 UTCtyr_asd Hello. Thanks for your contributions. But could you please try to provide your fellow mappers with a short description in your changeset comment field. It only takes a few seconds to fill out, but would provide other mappers much needed information to better understand your edits and intentions. You...
12017-09-08 08:47:30 UTCGerdP Hi!
please review typo oneway=Lefkada - Vassiliki on
12017-05-12 11:11:33 UTCika-chan! Hi, I have replied to your idea about making greater use of trunk roads for Nation Roads by using E-Roads as the main criteria. See!#May_2017_changes - and please, use comments for edits as major as this.
22017-05-22 14:41:36 UTCika-chan! I should add that at a grade separated junction at, should the slip roads leading directly from the trunk road be trunk_link?
12017-05-14 04:35:05 UTCika-chan! I don't know what is the idea behind this changeset since you haven't left a changeset comment. Where you upgraded a secondary road, I think that the new road may be yet another "high-quality" provincial road like Karditsa to Larissa.
22017-05-14 19:43:04 UTCJayCBR i dont think this road is an upgrade to ΕΠ1, it should be separate as an unofficial national highway (it is designed to link A2 to Edessa).
ΕΠ1 can be secondary, following its original route
32017-05-14 19:44:27 UTCJayCBR i also think Karditsa - Larissa should be trunk because it would serve as a link between Larisa and A3
42017-05-15 11:05:08 UTCika-chan! I disagree with Karditsa - Larissa being trunk because the Thessaly government refers to this as a (albeit high quality) provincial road and I did my research on that (see There is no evidence that it h...
12016-07-11 06:52:24 UTCJothirnadh Hello JayCBR,

Came across this changesets and found that you deleted the names of this street

Your changeset also didn't have any proper comment, so not able to quantify the reason of deleting these tags. Can you please specify the reason. Al...
22016-07-11 08:53:07 UTCJayCBR well there is a restructuring of provincial roads in progress and this area is not complete yet (ΕΟ3β is a branch of the main way and havent decided on a name at the time)..i do most of my edits with P2 and when i save is because ram is running out, so no time for comments
32017-04-17 11:14:22 UTCSomeoneElse Hi JayCBR,
If you have to save in an emergency and aren't able to leave a suitable comment, you could always return to the changeset later and add a comment in the changeset discussion. That way other mappers will still be able to see what the changeset was about.
Hope you don't mind me mentionin...
12017-02-03 14:42:36 UTCika-chan! Hi, The A1 south of Liosion/Dimokratias Avenue near Agioi Anargyroi has a name: Kifisou Avenue. Please be more careful with the names.
12017-01-10 09:54:26 UTCika-chan! Why are you deleting turn restrictions without a good reason?
22017-01-10 12:17:34 UTCika-chan! Sorry, I am having a really bad morning today, but I should be a bit more gentle instead of direct - however, turn restrictions are there to acknowledge the signs and the general traffic flow that exist as a result of the signs. And please, try putting changeset comments in every changeset, like I t...
32017-01-12 11:28:20 UTCJayCBR i was correcting vandalism by Γιάννης4, so his turn restrictions dont apply..pls have your eyes open for any suspicious edits by him
12016-10-03 21:55:56 UTCika-chan! UK This is quite a big changeset, but where are the changeset comments? Otherwise, we don't know the reason for it.
22016-10-04 11:37:01 UTCJayCBR you know who i am and that everything i do i backed by official sources and common sense, do i need to explain every single thing?
32016-10-04 13:19:48 UTCika-chan! UK Simple notes like "Road classifications updated according to OKXE" or "Landuse and local roads added" will do perfectly fine. Many experienced mappers like me and woodpeck ( do that.
12016-07-04 13:47:17 UTCJavier Gutiérrez Hello there,

great job on mapping on Macedonia.
I have seen some issues reported by OSM Inspector on the farmlands you created. It seems they are not complete.

Could you please fix th...
22016-07-06 08:19:48 UTCJayCBR hello there, these "farms" were messing with roads and residential areas..i think farms include animals, this is just cultivated land..anyway i dont think we need to map them
12016-06-07 07:00:15 UTCmanoharuss Hey JayCBR, appreciate your edits on OSM. But this highway
you changed from secondary to teritiary and teritiary to secondary again from version 21 of the OSM way. You changed ref to old_ref and old_ref to reg_ref as well. Along with that, in your final e...
22016-06-09 09:07:25 UTCJayCBR there is a reconstruction of provincial network in progress, you should visit the greek wiki and forum..we the community decided for all provincial roads to be secondary (unless unpaved)
12016-05-23 06:35:52 UTCPlaneMad Hi Jay, noticed you removed the tags for this road . Was it accidental or were the tags incorrect?
22016-05-23 11:30:31 UTCJayCBR we try to reconstruct the whole road network, including creation of missing relations, correcting names and refs..after extensive talks in the forum we decided to tag provincial roads with reg_ref=ΕΠ# and include the names of the destinations, after consulting the map provided by okxe..yo...
32016-05-23 11:59:41 UTCPlaneMad Thank you!
42016-05-23 12:01:43 UTCPlaneMad Maybe you can use JOSM, which is easier to use for such large changes :)
12016-04-25 07:39:17 UTCzool I'm really surprised to see a phallic symbol scrawled on the map in the midst of an otherwise constructive looking changeset. Reverting on behalf of DWG.
22016-04-25 07:55:03 UTCzool This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 38849997 where the changeset comment is:
32016-04-25 15:20:56 UTCnikospag I am not supporting JayCBR here, but I just want to be fair. And I will not be polite with you.
I think you have a big (and sick) imagination and I am sorry that you are member of DWG. First of all, many parts of the "supposed" phallic symbol have been designed by another user. But anywa...
42016-04-25 15:54:34 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, I have investigated the source of the phallic symbol and I have written to both nikospag and zool in private message.
52016-04-25 15:57:18 UTCika-chan! UK Oh, and I forgot to say that JOSM users who wish to investigate the history of the offending object independently may use the reverter plugin and then look up the history of the offending parts.
62016-04-25 16:57:44 UTCnikospag Thank you Amaroussi, you are right. He put an unacceptable ref tag too on these roads.
I am taking back what i said to zool. Sorry zool, my mistake.
72016-04-25 18:16:05 UTCzool nikospag phew! I am glad i have not incurred your wrath.

The longer block was applied after consultation with DWG because we hope for and expect better from a serious mapper like JayCBR. I didn't take a screenshot but the edit was definitely a short, isolated area in the shape of an enormous cock...
82016-04-26 12:23:42 UTCnikospag Zool, I can see your point of view, and I agree that we can’t use vandalism to fight vandalism.
But, in my opinion, JayCBR’s block should be shorter (eg. 2 days) because his intention was to send a message to Γιαννης 4, as the latter one didn’t...
92016-04-26 15:40:01 UTCzool Cheers nikospag. You might have noticed now that I revoked JayCBR's block early this morning, at his contrite request. And I know the edit patterns of Γιαννης 4 are a serious ongoing problem and I would like to take harsher action, but 96 hours is the longest block ...
102016-04-26 18:08:05 UTCnikospag OK thank you.
12016-02-13 15:33:08 UTCJayCBR i just changed old_ref to reg_ref, also their routes were wrong
12016-02-10 06:54:33 UTCika-chan! UK I disagree with making that national road secondary: Just because Karystos is merely a town doesn't mean that the Greek government considers the road to there unimportant.
22016-02-11 03:22:59 UTCnikospag I disagree too. This road can't be a secondary road.
32016-02-11 12:29:11 UTCJayCBR you guys..i thought you agreed on this scheme (roads connecting towns to be secondary)..instead of moving forward we go back?
ps: EO44 in fact ends in Lepoura
42016-02-11 17:21:44 UTCnikospag I've noticed a strange conflict in this system.We can not classify a road as secondary, that it has EO prefix at the same time, meaning that is characterized as National road by legal documents. Exceptions are National roads that have been replaced at a later time (after 1998).
Exception example is...
52016-02-11 17:45:35 UTCika-chan! UK What I was trying to say is usually (in many countries), classified roads determines the status, with very limited exceptions (e.g. totally impassable or no cars in Hydra). Then, because a lot of new roads in Greece are unclassified, connecting roads are tagged according to their overall condition b...
62016-02-11 19:45:05 UTCnikospag This conversation must be transferred to the forum. I will open a topic and i will copy-paste all comments from here
12016-02-10 08:08:35 UTCika-chan! UK As far as I know, Λεωφόρος Ελευθερίου Βενιζέλου is not a national road, according to any source that I have seen.
12016-01-22 07:22:40 UTCGerdP Hi there!
Please review
highway=s on
I am not a local. It looks like a highway=residential to me.
Is it really a oneway=yes ?
22016-01-22 12:40:43 UTCJayCBR well this troubled me was already a secondary link..i just changed the type of link
i dont know for sure if its oneway..its very narrow and it looks like an exit
also there is an underpass serving the opposite direction
32016-01-23 00:12:27 UTCGerdP well, whatever you decide should be better than highway=s ;-)
42016-01-23 08:42:38 UTCJayCBR well i typed s for secondary link to appear
didnt noticed it..i thought yours was a typo..i guess it was easier for you to send 2 messages than fix it
52016-01-23 09:46:58 UTCGerdP as I said, I am not a local and I don't know the correct attributes, I just noticed the typo.
12015-11-11 13:50:02 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, "nat_ref" is not supposed to completely replace "ref", if that is the default (national) ref on the maps.
22015-11-14 12:02:14 UTCJayCBR ref can be used for road with consistent numbering, like most motorways..
if a road doesnt have any signs showing its number, but does have an official number then we tag it with nat_ref
32015-11-14 12:03:47 UTCJayCBR also there are roads like Chalastra - Evzonoi where the official number is ΕΟ1α, but EO1 is used..
so nat_ref=EO1α, ref=EO1
42015-11-17 11:24:48 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, I should clarify that if the actual ref is different, then that is fine: however, if the "nat_ref" is the only value, then "ref" should also be that since "nat_ref" is not supposed to completely replace "ref". :-)
12015-09-16 19:09:53 UTCika-chan! UK How on earth EO56a/EO91 is a motorway? I know that only standard blue direction signs exist there.
12015-06-28 06:33:42 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, why did you delete names from some ways, like
12015-06-22 20:23:52 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, there was no road along way No. 165336988. Whether it was a mistake or not, please be careful.
22015-06-23 07:13:16 UTCJayCBR i was only changing admin levels, i dont know how this happened
32015-06-26 20:53:10 UTCika-chan! UK Pressing "R" accidentally may be a problem because that key copies all the attributes from the previously selected way. This is why I personally prefer using JOSM instead of Potlatch, 95% of the time.
12015-06-26 20:51:33 UTCika-chan! UK I should point out that there are some shorter ways due to the detail of the junctions, and you should take time to double check that you have not missed any ways. Cheers!
12015-06-02 04:04:40 UTCfx99 your edits (without comments) seam to cause some problems with Greece admin boundaries, see eg.
22015-06-02 07:10:00 UTCJayCBR its work in progress, so there will be some missing until i finish

its difficult to explain every single change, i do an extensive update to prefectures and regional units

12015-05-22 19:23:48 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, 'link' ways like "highway=primary_link" is intended for slip roads rather than the main carriageway. "highway=primary" is the right tag for the main carriageway.
12015-05-16 06:19:08 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, primary_link and secondary_links are supposed to be for slip roads instead of the main carriageway.
12015-05-15 23:29:23 UTCika-chan! UK Please stop contracting Εθνική Οδός to ΕΟ: it is annoying and we are not supposed to be mapping just for the renderer.
12015-05-15 01:58:00 UTCika-chan! UK I already saw your proposal but I have no idea as to how Thessaloniki is 57: see Attiki should use 00 instead of A1, otherwise there will be confusion with motorways.
12015-04-01 17:52:09 UTCika-chan! UK Hi,

In this changeset, you deleted "name" tags from main roads. That was the common default name in the local (Greek) language and is one of the core building blocks of the map.
22015-04-11 11:21:52 UTCzool Have the names been replaced or restored since?

32015-04-11 11:34:00 UTCJayCBR we reached to an agreement with others in the wiki about this roads
i dont know if amaroussi changed something
42015-04-11 14:10:27 UTCika-chan! UK I had to restore the names and some of the original classifications on the night of 3rd April ( on the EO2 only, pending further consultation from other users. This was the night before we had the IRC chat.

Until we find more opinion on the classi...
12015-04-10 17:26:09 UTCzool hi JayCBR,

There are a lot of changes listed in this changeset. It would be clearer for others if you could upload in smaller changesets.

In the edits here, there's been a particular query about the National Road 8 classification -
22015-04-10 17:50:18 UTCJayCBR in the official National Highway Registry of 1998 states that EO104 follows this path..
the problem is that it contradicts itself later on
32015-04-10 17:53:37 UTCJayCBR the re-classification is according to what we agreed here
42015-04-11 08:33:59 UTCzool Right, in the history of I see a lot of your own edits recently, but I don't have a sense that this wiki page reflects community agreement yet.
52015-04-11 08:54:47 UTCJayCBR you realize we are few (actually amaroussi and i are the only ones active editors for the past months)! i have contacted everyone i could find from osm and skyscrapercity (there is an ongoing debate there), send them the national road registry and asked for feedback about the wiki (last time someone...
62015-04-11 09:02:19 UTCJayCBR about EO104 can be used only where an older third road exists
i made road numbering specific articles based on the 1998 Registry of National Highways
you can download here
72015-04-11 11:27:07 UTCzool Understood, I am assuming good faith here, only suggesting that you slow down while the issue is causing some contention between mappers...
12015-03-28 10:15:16 UTCzool dear JayCBR,

In this changeset and others you have made some quite sweeping changes to the OSM database. It would be helpful to others if you'd leave a comment when you create a changeset; also consider uploading changes in smaller batches.

Please consult others in the OSM community before mak...
22015-03-30 12:18:11 UTCJayCBR dear zool,
greek osm community is rather small to non-existent
i only managed to find 2-3 other guys and they were also troubled and confused about the greek numbering and classification system
i made a post to the forum with some simple rules so we can discuss
not much happened though in terms ...
32015-04-04 10:31:34 UTCika-chan! UK Hi,

I am well aware that the Greek OSM community is patchy, but I am confident that not all major urban avenues with traffic lights qualify as motor-road. At the time I was only complying with what is recommended on the wiki to respect the existing structure. Your edits took me by surprise, hence...
42015-04-05 05:51:06 UTCzool Thanks for your response JayCBR, the offer to revert in a few places is generous and may still be necessary. I hope that Amaroussi's effort at a consolidating wiki page proves useful to you. Good luck, both of you!
52015-04-05 21:22:40 UTCika-chan! UK I will do my best, but at this time I am studying and I may be very busy until mid-June. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.
12015-04-01 07:37:02 UTCJayCBR the government decision states clearly that EO4 begins at Alexandria, not Halkidona
22015-04-01 08:02:37 UTCJayCBR National Road 1 is only one (it just takes the prefix A for motorway parts) so its not a separate road
the original route should be named ΠΕΟ1 so people can know where the old road was.
So section Katerini-Alexandria-Halkidona-Gefyra-Evzonoi should be ΠΕΟ1.
32015-04-01 21:24:56 UTCika-chan! UK Hi there,

I've been told by ea1969 the Greek road enthusiast that EO1 has indeed not been totally replaced, hence not all sections are ΠΕΟ1 in practice. Probably not the first one to think that section was EO4, since AiNikolas ninja'd me (
42015-04-02 08:02:02 UTCJayCBR well if we label the old road as EO1, what happens to the parts of A1 that are not motorways?
52015-04-03 00:11:04 UTCika-chan! UK It turns out that according to, the part of A1 that are not motorways is in fact EO1a.

On a side note, I would refrain from marking the slip roads as part of the main road unless it was a grade separated junction, such as a...
12015-04-01 07:33:23 UTCJayCBR the green road is replacing a road which is vertical (EO3), EO2 should follow its original course..if people prefer to use the green one it doesnt mean we should rename it
22015-04-01 08:49:27 UTCika-chan! UK If people prefer to use the green one, then that is the reality on the road and such situation should be respected. Until you joined in, the stretch of road in question was happily sharing numbers without problems.
32015-04-01 09:01:10 UTCika-chan! UK I forgot to add that the EO2 will only follow its original course if the green road in question later becomes the A27: there is currently no time-line for the upgrade of that part yet.
42015-04-01 16:31:59 UTCJayCBR tell me you dont like how neat it looks
52015-04-01 17:20:39 UTCika-chan! UK Hello,

It is not about how neat it is, but how we reflect reality: I've asked ea1969, another Greek road enthusiast (, and he has confirmed to me that EO2 and EO3 currently follows the bypass although occasionally there are...
12015-03-31 13:29:58 UTCika-chan! UK The road in red is pretty much an old national road of orange, due to the bypass (in Green). That should be PEO2/PEO3 now. Please take new roads built after the 1963 list into account.
22015-04-01 08:05:03 UTCJayCBR the green road is replacing EO3 going vertical, EO2 should continue its course horizontally through Florina
12015-03-28 23:24:48 UTCika-chan! UK I have no idea about how way 335286473 could be a short motorroad. While usage should be considered, such dramatic transitions, if that term is right, ruins the quality of the map. Please be more careful about the massive changes to road classifications without giving a good reason and seeking secon...
12015-03-14 15:31:53 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, EO48 used to go via Amfissa, but it has since been diverted. It appears that you have used an old source (Greek law ΦΕΚ Β 319/23.7.1963) without considering recent developments as I have done.
12015-03-10 22:07:25 UTCika-chan! UK I kindly enquire as to where are the official sources that show that this part of EO1 has become PEO1? (sorry for my use of Latin characters out of hurry) Kindly note that the A1 has not completely replaced EO1.
12015-03-09 21:01:33 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, where are the "official sources" that prove that the EO1 went to Thessaloniki and not Evzoni?
12015-03-08 16:28:46 UTCika-chan! UK It looks as if you have deleted quite a lot of nodes and changed the road's ref from the National EO2 to the European E86, whereas the ref is for national numbers. You wouldn't mind explaining the reason why?

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