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12016-05-13 19:44:46 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, I do not remember all parts of the A7 being lit are night.
22016-05-14 15:48:55 UTCnikospag If you know wihich parts are not lit go ahead and fix them. Thanks
12016-04-25 07:39:17 UTCzool I'm really surprised to see a phallic symbol scrawled on the map in the midst of an otherwise constructive looking changeset. Reverting on behalf of DWG.
22016-04-25 07:55:03 UTCzool This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 38849997 where the changeset comment is:
32016-04-25 15:20:56 UTCnikospag I am not supporting JayCBR here, but I just want to be fair. And I will not be polite with you.
I think you have a big (and sick) imagination and I am sorry that you are member of DWG. First of all, many parts of the "supposed" phallic symbol have been designed by another user. But anywa...
42016-04-25 15:54:34 UTCika-chan! UK Hi, I have investigated the source of the phallic symbol and I have written to both nikospag and zool in private message.
52016-04-25 15:57:18 UTCika-chan! UK Oh, and I forgot to say that JOSM users who wish to investigate the history of the offending object independently may use the reverter plugin and then look up the history of the offending parts.
62016-04-25 16:57:44 UTCnikospag Thank you Amaroussi, you are right. He put an unacceptable ref tag too on these roads.
I am taking back what i said to zool. Sorry zool, my mistake.
72016-04-25 18:16:05 UTCzool nikospag phew! I am glad i have not incurred your wrath.

The longer block was applied after consultation with DWG because we hope for and expect better from a serious mapper like JayCBR. I didn't take a screenshot but the edit was definitely a short, isolated area in the shape of an enormous cock...
82016-04-26 12:23:42 UTCnikospag Zool, I can see your point of view, and I agree that we can’t use vandalism to fight vandalism.
But, in my opinion, JayCBR’s block should be shorter (eg. 2 days) because his intention was to send a message to Γιαννης 4, as the latter one didn’t...
92016-04-26 15:40:01 UTCzool Cheers nikospag. You might have noticed now that I revoked JayCBR's block early this morning, at his contrite request. And I know the edit patterns of Γιαννης 4 are a serious ongoing problem and I would like to take harsher action, but 96 hours is the longest block ...
102016-04-26 18:08:05 UTCnikospag OK thank you.
12016-02-10 06:54:33 UTCika-chan! UK I disagree with making that national road secondary: Just because Karystos is merely a town doesn't mean that the Greek government considers the road to there unimportant.
22016-02-11 03:22:59 UTCnikospag I disagree too. This road can't be a secondary road.
32016-02-11 12:29:11 UTCJayCBR you guys..i thought you agreed on this scheme (roads connecting towns to be secondary)..instead of moving forward we go back?
ps: EO44 in fact ends in Lepoura
42016-02-11 17:21:44 UTCnikospag I've noticed a strange conflict in this system.We can not classify a road as secondary, that it has EO prefix at the same time, meaning that is characterized as National road by legal documents. Exceptions are National roads that have been replaced at a later time (after 1998).
Exception example is...
52016-02-11 17:45:35 UTCika-chan! UK What I was trying to say is usually (in many countries), classified roads determines the status, with very limited exceptions (e.g. totally impassable or no cars in Hydra). Then, because a lot of new roads in Greece are unclassified, connecting roads are tagged according to their overall condition b...
62016-02-11 19:45:05 UTCnikospag This conversation must be transferred to the forum. I will open a topic and i will copy-paste all comments from here
12016-01-16 22:46:25 UTCnikospag I meant bus route 049 minor fixes
12016-01-15 04:29:02 UTCnikospag Wrong description by my fault.
The word "Λεωφόρος" deleted from all streets (Piraeus). It remains only in tag official_name. Tags addr:street have been also corrected.
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