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12018-09-11 21:32:21 UTCJohn-O I presume ford=yes on Pinewood close is accidental?
22018-09-13 09:03:14 UTCCasey_boy Indeed. (Whoops!) Fixed in:
12018-08-16 21:48:11 UTCJohn-O Thanks for updating the other half of bus 727. You've changed the route in a few places, and the bus stops along West North Street have been removed from the relation. I presume this is based on local knowledge and the traveline data is incorrect?
22018-08-17 09:26:20 UTCTheEditor101 No problem! That's correct, Broad Street was recently reopened for buses only and the route now goes along there (as it used to before works started there).
12018-07-28 11:26:41 UTCJohn-O Thanks for updating the bus routes. When modifiying bus routes please check whether the `public_transport:version:2` tag is present on the bus route relation.

The ways in a PTv2 bus route relation don't have the `forward` and `backward` roles.

In this changeset you added `role:forward` on so...
22018-07-28 17:30:29 UTCskifans Sorry, thank you for the information. Ill ensure I keep a look out, is there a different way this information should be dealt with?
32018-08-01 19:18:43 UTCJohn-O In PTv2 route relations, the ways don't have a role. They need to be added to the relation in the order that a bus/vehicle would travel the route. This can be quite difficult to do using the ID editor, but is rather easier using JOSM
12018-07-09 12:17:33 UTCJohn-O Please don't add stuff to openstreetmap that doesn't exist. Reverted changeset.
12018-06-17 11:13:55 UTCJohn-O Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I'm just wondering whether this nursery should be tagged as `amenity=kindergarten` rather than school.
22018-06-17 22:12:12 UTCKurisu112 Hi John,
Nursery is very similar to a Kindergarten.
Nursery is just the English (UK) word.

So I suppose it could sit under Kindergarten.
32018-06-18 13:22:01 UTCSK53 Hi Kurusu112, yes you have two options: the most usual one is amenity=kindergarten (I sometimes I add kindergarten=day_nursery to separate ones which are primarily looking after kids from those doing some kind of teaching like a Montessori School). A alternative is amenity=childcare with childcare=...
12018-06-17 10:52:36 UTCJohn-O Changset message should read `Add pharmacy in hospital`. Appears JOSM changeset bug still not fixed.
12018-06-01 13:08:32 UTCJohn-O Thanks for fixing this. Please try and add a meaningful changeset comment so other OSM mappers can understand the changes you've made
12018-05-31 15:05:48 UTCJohn-O You've added some features around here:
which seems to be a long way from the other edits in the changeset.

Are you sure that the areas you added exist?
22018-06-01 13:07:28 UTCJohn-O Issue fixed:
12018-05-31 15:10:16 UTCJohn-O Would it be possible to add more descriptive changeset comments please? It's really useful for mappers local to the changes to understand what the editor was trying to achieve.
12018-04-07 11:06:52 UTCJohn-O The OSMI PTv2 validator has flagged the Lancaster => Knott End variant, as the route misses some of the stops. Any idea if this route variation is temporary or more permanent?
22018-04-08 07:44:44 UTCquaffer_rick It should now be correct. The loop around Links Road hasn't been served in 2-3 years!
32018-04-15 20:38:18 UTCJohn-O Thanks for the clarification. Was asking because the stop still appears in the traveline data for the route.
42018-04-16 07:11:52 UTCquaffer_rick No problem, I've been on that bus 4-5 times in the last 6 months and it's always gone straight down Quail Holme Road.
12018-04-07 10:49:17 UTCJohn-O Thanks for your edit. I'm just wondering whether the routing of Bus 42 (Blackpool => Lancaster) is correct? The route doesn't seem to visit the Abingdon Street bus stop, at the blackpool end of the route
22018-04-07 10:53:40 UTCJohn-O Some of the bus stops on the Lancaster => Blackpool route variation, are also not visited
32018-04-07 11:00:54 UTCquaffer_rick There's lots of road works going on in Blackpool currently due to the extension of the tram line to Blackpool North Station. Currently the 42 starts/terminates next to Wilkos on Talbot road and doesn't visit Abingdon St. See
12018-03-24 21:22:12 UTCJohn-O Keepright has flagged that you have put `traffic_calming=humps`; where `humps` should be `hump`
22018-03-25 20:21:04 UTCgurglypipe Oops, thanks. Fixed in
12018-03-21 14:58:05 UTCgurglypipe I guess the terminal node could do with a fixme= key indicating why the pipeline hasn’t been continued all the way to Manchester. Good work mapping this!

Published using OSMCha:
22018-03-21 15:10:45 UTClakedistrict Although the old maps have been removed from iD, I've found that they're still available in JOSM so it can be continued at some point. The relation itself has a fixme on it, and there's more details here:
32018-03-21 15:13:34 UTCgurglypipe Aah, I didn’t notice the relation. Nice one.
42018-03-21 17:11:35 UTCJohn-O I think the aqueduct might go "over" this bridge. below the footpath, but inside the bridge itself. The bridge is very well built and it's a strange place for it to be otherwise.
52018-03-21 17:18:19 UTCgurglypipe Yeah, I think this bridge is basically a viaduct with a footpath on top. Certainly there are no pipes obvious from the top when I’ve run over it.

It’s the Ottergear bridge here:
(what a marvellous website)
62018-03-21 17:55:52 UTClakedistrict Thanks for noticing, I somehow missed that. Fixed in
12018-03-09 13:31:24 UTCJohn-O Relation 487 seems to be invalid, and contains some gaps
Would you like to fix it, or do I need to?
12018-03-03 23:06:17 UTCJohn-O Just wondering if you know anything about the "narrow guage railway" ( I'm suspicious because I can't see anything on the aerial imagery and because railways don't have such sharp bends.
22018-03-04 00:47:05 UTClakedistrict This has been queried before - see . Given the lack of evidence for it I suggest deleting it.
32018-03-04 11:50:06 UTCJohn-O Thanks - I hadn't seen the note. Have turned on the notes layer in JOSM now. Removed in
12018-02-26 19:17:22 UTCJohn-O This is not necessarily a fault of yours, but as the last person to edit the bus station I thought I'd comment here.

I'm wondering if the value of the local_ref tag should be the stand number rather than `AT`
22018-02-26 19:19:01 UTCgurglypipe Yeah, definitely. I’ve been removing local_ref=AT from various bus stops in Kendal (when I remember), because it doesn’t appear on any of the bus stop signage. I think it was added in error originally (or all the bus stop signage has changed, which is also possible).
32018-02-26 22:07:49 UTCJohn-O I've updated Kendal bus Station. On most stops; the local_ref should perhaps match the naptan:indicator?

See example at which renders `nr` and `opp`. The transport layer in OSM should show you which bus_stops around kendal still have local_ref
42018-02-26 22:50:21 UTCgurglypipe I was planning on just deleting the local_ref on most stops. I think it’s useful for bus stations, or if the sign on the roadside has an identifier on it, but I’m not convinced nr/opp adds anything.
12018-02-26 19:05:39 UTCJohn-O Is there a particular reason why you've been adding `oneway=no` on quite a few roads? I think the lack of `oneway=yes` can be safely used to assume that two-way traffic is allowed.
22018-02-26 19:24:32 UTCCasey_boy It's a toggle tick option in the iD editor. The default is "assumed to be no" so I just toggle it to "no". It's not a tag I'm manually adding and I thought surely it's better to be definitively no, rather than just assuming it?
32018-02-26 22:01:41 UTCJohn-O I normally edit using JOSM so it hadn't occurred to me that it was a predefined option in the editor. It's probably unnecessary to add the tag, and lots of the roads in the UK don't explicitly specify `oneway=no`. However I don't see there's any harm in doing so, and from selecting a larger area in ...
12018-02-19 12:00:19 UTCgurglypipe Have you verified the stop exists separately on the southbound side of the road? I can’t spot a bus stop sign there, there’s nowhere sensible for buses to stop, and I’ve never seen a bus stopping on that side of the road. I suspect the buses pull in to the layby on the northbound s...
22018-02-19 14:34:53 UTClakedistrict I know that the college buses only use the northbound layby for all journeys; I think that the southbound 555 and X6 (and others) went via Lound Road to call at K Village a few years ago, but they might not do anymore, now that K Village is dead.
32018-02-19 14:50:44 UTCJohn-O When I used the 555 bus recently, from Kendal to Lancaster, I don't recall the bus pulling into the northbound layby. The AtcoCode for the southbound bus_stop appears in bus route data for a number of different routes.

I think adding `physically_present=no` would be good. I'm unsure about removi...
42018-02-19 14:52:35 UTCgurglypipe According to that wiki page, given what we know (it is used as a stop, and there is no sign present), it should be highway=bus_stop, physically_present=no. No need to add customary_stop=yes because that’s already in the naptan data, right?
52018-02-20 23:14:48 UTClakedistrict According to someone who goes to Kendal College, the buses won't stop to drop off or pick up here, you have to use the stop at
62018-02-21 21:20:03 UTCJohn-O Whilst the stop appears in data on both Traveline (OGL) and Stagecoach (licence unknown) websites; I feel that the physical evidence is suggesting that buses do not stop there. I think it's best if I revert edits in this area
12018-02-15 22:42:56 UTCgurglypipe Don’t you need a separate stop_position for stop cumdjpgd (Collin Road junction)? The northbound and southbound platforms are quite far apart, and the southbound one has a separate layby.
22018-02-15 22:43:05 UTCgurglypipe (Thanks for the changes!)
32018-02-15 22:48:39 UTCgurglypipe Done in
42018-02-15 23:12:27 UTCJohn-O I was going to add that when I do the 555 Kendal to Lancaster section. But thanks for adding it
12018-02-15 22:08:56 UTCJohn-O I think `access=customers` might be more appropriate?
12018-02-10 13:41:32 UTCJohn-O thanks for correcting this
12018-02-01 21:47:03 UTCgurglypipe Myanmar, really??!
22018-02-01 22:38:33 UTCJohn-O Oops. Looks like a case of operator error. Not really sure what happened because I did type a more relevant comment.

Bus route to ptv2. Somehow that one didn't get uploaded
32018-02-02 07:48:17 UTCgurglypipe I prefer Myanmar.
42018-02-04 20:30:14 UTCJohn-O
12018-02-04 20:16:41 UTCJohn-O `Split bus route 487 into a route_master and two routes`
12018-02-04 11:32:27 UTCJohn-O `Make bus route 41 PTv2 compliant`
12018-02-04 11:22:14 UTCJohn-O Maybe I'm being stupid but once again JOSM has taken the changeset comment from the changeset before this, and not what I typed into the box.

This should say `Make bus route 41A PTv2 compliant`
12018-02-03 18:12:54 UTCJohn-O Changeset comment should say bus route 11
12018-01-28 15:41:09 UTCJohn-O Is landuse=construction really correct for this? I'm aware that there are plans to build on the fields. When I cycled past earlier today they were still just fields. No signs of any construction
22018-01-28 15:58:09 UTCCasey_boy Yes, I reckon so. Trench work has started and a contractor's car park has been created. See here for example: from an official Lancaster University Twitter account. Very early stages but construction has started.
32018-01-28 16:09:07 UTCJohn-O In which case I'd agree with this edit. Thanks for the good work!
12018-01-18 20:38:31 UTCJohn-O I've accidentally duplicated the bus_route relation in this changeset. Fixed in
12018-01-18 20:38:25 UTCJohn-O I've accidentally duplicated the bus_route relation in this changeset. Fixed in
12018-01-16 13:58:11 UTCJohn-O Why have you deleted the block of forest in Happy mount park?

Please add a comment to your changesets as it helps other mappers to understand what you were trying to do
22018-01-16 20:33:37 UTCJohn-O Undeleted forest in changeset 55504353
12018-01-16 19:14:54 UTCJohn-O Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
22018-01-16 19:18:40 UTCgurglypipe I wish OSMCha wouldn’t do that.
32018-01-16 19:21:03 UTCgurglypipe
12018-01-16 19:12:08 UTCJohn-O Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
22018-01-16 22:01:14 UTCCaptain Oates I would recommend this place for coffee, which is why I added it.
12018-01-16 13:30:00 UTCJohn-O Don't tag buildings with landuse=residential.

Landuse=residential would be applied to an area such as the entire housing estate
22018-01-16 13:31:30 UTCJohn-O Fixed in 55493235
32018-01-16 14:15:49 UTCgurglypipe Please also add a description to each of your edits.
42018-01-16 19:03:11 UTCJohn-O Are the areas you have drawn as grass really grass? My interpretation of the satellite imagery is that they are probably gardens. I can see what looks like boundaries (hedges?)
52018-01-16 19:09:33 UTCgurglypipe They look like gardens to me, which we don’t normally map. landuse=grass is typically intended for publicly managed grass.

This looks like mapping to manipulate Pokemon Go. I’d be tempted to delete the grass.
62018-01-16 20:12:11 UTCgurglypipe Reverted by Jungleman in
12017-12-07 21:08:52 UTCJohn-O Thanks for your edit. I see you have added a width to the stream. The default unit for width is meters, and Artle beck is not 30m wide. If you could correct this, that would be great.
22017-12-08 11:34:01 UTCgurglypipe I’ve reverted this in
12017-12-07 21:03:39 UTCJohn-O Thanks for your edit. When you draw new buildings, you probably want to square the corners. Using the iD editor, select the building and then use the button to square the corners
12017-12-07 20:48:17 UTCJohn-O Hi. If you are going to add features to openStreetMap, please tag them correctly.

The wiki has a lot of information about how to tag things such as trees.

12017-12-07 20:46:05 UTCJohn-O Landuse=residential is normally used for entire housing estates or districts within a town/city.


These buildings should be left with building=house
22017-12-08 11:40:03 UTCgurglypipe Reverted as changeset:
12017-12-02 10:25:19 UTCJohn-O I was just wondering why you've removed the car-park. Is it no longer there?
22017-12-02 10:31:22 UTCSDMeer Hi John-O. The tarmac is still there, but it is not currently a car park. The area is fenced off and is being used as a storage space for construction works. It is expected to be reinstated as a car park at some point during 2018. I work for the University of Cumbria and am trying to tidy-up some of...
32017-12-02 11:27:08 UTCJohn-O That all makes sense. Perhaps you could add a landuse=construction area in the meantime until the construction is finished
12017-12-01 10:26:48 UTCJohn-O Did you carry out a survey when making these changes to the map?

Are you sure the buildings are detached houses? From the aerial imagery (and other similar properties in Lancaster) they look like they might be semi-detached.

If the buildings are rectangular, they should be drawn with orthogona...
22017-12-01 10:30:33 UTCCasey_boy Yes, all detached/semi-detached tags are correct. I will look at squaring of the corners.
32017-12-01 10:43:16 UTCJohn-O Where the building contains two houses, it would be good to draw each as a separate rectangle tagged as building=house. Then details such as addr:housenumber can be added to each house
42017-12-01 11:06:59 UTCCasey_boy Ah I see. I had just copied the method of the next street over (Rays Drive) - which uses singular buildings and tags for semi-detached houses.
12017-11-03 10:10:38 UTCgurglypipe I think these need to be changed to building=house to be consistent with the rest of Lancaster. I’ve always been considering building=semi as only suitable for the outline of the entire building (before it’s split in two). is not ve...
22017-11-03 20:02:42 UTCJohn-O Good spot, - I'd agree with this on a consistency basis and what you say about the outline. Anyone should be able to see that most of these are two house numbers in one building = semi-detatched house
32017-11-03 20:05:51 UTCJohn-O Resolved in
12017-09-27 16:58:52 UTCJohn-O Why `path` as opposed to `footway` ?
From memory there are three cairns in at least one of the locations. They are more like carefully constructed rock pillar than a pile of stones
22017-09-28 00:43:37 UTCgurglypipe See; it’s not urban. Feel free to improve the cairn mapping; I was just fixing the tagging.
32017-09-28 11:43:27 UTCACS1986 Hi,
I agree with John on this.
The fact that a Wiki editor thinks that you should use highway=footway for urban paths doesn't mean that highway=path has to be used for non-urban paths. Choice between 'Classic' (highway=footway/bridleway/cycleway) and 'Alternative' (highway=path) tagging methods ha...
42017-09-29 13:27:49 UTCgurglypipe Ah, this is more complex than I thought. I was just going off the descriptions of highway={footway,path} in iD. I have not verified the path’s access restrictions in person, although given the area they’re probably going to be the same as the shooting track since it’s all moorland ...
52017-09-30 14:09:45 UTCACS1986 Thanks, and you're welcome. Unfortunately there is inconsistency in how these tags are used between countries. It is common in some places (particularly Germany) to use 'footway' for urban paths and 'path' for rural ones and that's probably some of the views in the Wiki and the ID descriptions arise...
62017-10-02 09:20:55 UTCSomeoneElse Just to chime in here, +1 to Adam and John above.
The mailing lists have lots of detail on how highway=path came about when highway=footway etc. already existed, and certainly highway=path is widely used in e.g. Germany for what we would call "a footpath"
If something "looks like so...
72017-10-02 09:27:35 UTCgurglypipe Thanks. Although the fact that the UK seems to rely on all contributors having read the mailing list archive (or asking repeat questions on the mailing list) is somewhat frustrating. That’s really the point of having a wiki.
82017-10-02 09:43:47 UTCSomeoneElse One problem with the wiki (or any wiki) is that it's difficult for it to get across the key points of where there are conflicting views. The "classic vs alternate" table is one of the better examples of doing that, where Harry Wood (I think) spent a lot of time putting it all together.
12017-09-27 10:02:31 UTCgurglypipe I think you might need to route the sidewalk into the crossing island with a footway=crossing (
22017-09-27 16:44:28 UTCJohn-O Changed in Does that seem ok. The other side of the road, the pavement is immediately adjacent to the road
32017-09-27 16:52:21 UTCgurglypipe I think that’s right, yes.
12017-09-24 16:48:56 UTCJohn-O Hi Don,
Thanks for your edit. I see that you have edited the footpath that joins on to Sunnyside Lane.

I don't know if this is still the case, but there used to be a fence between the road and the parallel footpath. I feel the way the path was drawn previously may represent better the layout on...
12017-09-22 10:18:36 UTCgurglypipe I don’t think addr:interpolation is valid to use on areas — it needs to be used on a line.

Are those building on Holden Way actually houses, or are they apartments?
22017-09-24 16:30:40 UTCJohn-O That would make sense because an area doesn't have a direction specified in the same way a line does.

They each have a front-door entrance at ground level so they are probably houses. Unlike a row of terraced houses, it isn't clear exactly how the properties are divided within the building.

32017-09-25 09:43:05 UTCgurglypipe You could maybe use entrance= on the doorways, and addr:flats=1;3;5 (for example) on the entrance node for those numbers, and addr:flats=7;9 for another entrance node. If the number of front doors doesn’t match the number of addresses for the building, it’s almost certainly a set of flat...
12017-09-20 10:23:44 UTCgurglypipe This should probably be building=church rather than building=yes, I think?
22017-09-20 17:19:15 UTCJohn-O Having read that page, I think so too. In iD, I just drew a polygon, and then searched for `church`. It appears it should also have an amenity=place_of_worship tag too. Fixed in
12017-09-13 20:27:53 UTCJohn-O Hello. Thank you for your edit. Are you sure this is the correct location for Europcar Car Hire?

There is already a `Europcar` marked on the map (see which has been there for over 1 year.
22017-09-13 23:52:48 UTCOnestone2birds Sorry, probably I was wrong. How do I remove it?
32017-09-14 07:12:04 UTCJohn-O Thanks for the prompt reply.

Go to, and click the edit button at the top of the screen.

In the editor, right click the node, and a dustbin should appear, which will allow you to delete it.
12017-09-03 21:13:55 UTCJohn-O The mountain rescue box is NOT a shop. It is a supply of equipment used by mountain rescue teams in an emergency. A member of the public cannot buy equipment here.

The mountain rescue box has already been added to the map:
22017-09-08 13:25:42 UTCJohn-O Removed in
12017-09-03 20:20:44 UTCJohn-O Thanks for your edit. Any idea what has happened to the service-road, which now appears beneath the motorway slip road?
22018-01-09 16:20:12 UTCtms13 Now updated from latest aerial photos.
12017-02-03 10:13:03 UTCkreuzschnabel Thanks for mapping the footpath on Wild Boar Fell! I tried my best to continue it according to Bing, maybe you can have a look if I got it right? Have you been up there and taken a GPS track maybe?

22017-02-03 10:32:10 UTCJohn-O I'm aware it's good to try to join ways onto the rest of the map. I'd only added the bit I walked along when I was there recently. I'd say that the line of a path seen on the satelitte imagery is probably correct - and therefore what you have drawn is probably correct. Unfortunately I don't have a G...
32017-02-03 11:24:34 UTCkreuzschnabel I am planning to walk a bit around the western parts of the Dales on my summer holiday so I was hoping for a path on WBF and found you added one just a few days ago :-) May I ask which way you got up there, if the path you mapped is the only bit you’ve been walking along?
42017-02-03 13:59:32 UTCGinaroZ Not sure if you've seen it before, but Strava has heatmap data which might help you identify and draw paths:,,,
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