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12017-03-19 11:55:02 UTCPaul Berry A survey today showed "Moldgreen Liberal Club" is spelt as such.
12017-01-31 13:16:08 UTCPaul Berry Railway Street *is* one way in all but signage.

* Single lane along its length.
* No traffic lights facing north into Railway Street at the junction with Westgate (if it was two-way there would be).

I have logged this with Kirklees Council. Let's see what they come back with: https...
22017-01-31 18:59:51 UTCPaul Berry Have just resurveyed on foot. There is also a speed table with the road marking in one direction only.
32017-01-31 19:14:21 UTCPaul Berry I've just taken a moment to appreciate this from your point of view: this was a changeset of yours from 11 months ago that I've just picked up on and that might look a little impertinent. Not my intention: I'm just trying to make sense of a slightly odd street, as I'm sure you were.
42017-02-01 19:39:23 UTCDCM_HD I agree that your further comments are as it is. I hope Kirklees Council come back to you quicker than they did me. I logged the problem through the council's own website exactly a year ago. It seems most locals know the score and the taxi drivers seem trained to take the longer route from their cir...
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