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12017-12-07 18:25:00 UTCburtlang Hello, I am updating turn restrictions, and I am wondering where you saw the sign for a no U-Turn restriction, at the intersection of St. John Rd and Roland Ave. At this time I am going to delete the restriction because there is no signage.
22017-12-07 19:09:04 UTCbhousel Thanks for fixing @burtlang - it was probably this photo:

There is a turn restriction at Roland and Beechdale, but...
12017-10-30 05:49:32 UTCnikhilprabhakar Adding a changeset comment instead of a note here ->
22017-11-01 04:27:00 UTCTheDutchMan13 Somehow the link i used became a dead url. Also thanks for spotting this error that was a mistake of mine. The website i pulled from is here (1) also there's this wiki page (2)

12017-10-30 06:16:42 UTCnikhilprabhakar Reconfirmed it with open dataset -
12017-04-09 00:52:12 UTCdolphinling Looks like there was a problem with this edit. The entire pond got marked as a dam!
22017-07-27 11:10:28 UTCnikhilprabhakar Hi dolphinling,

I added the geometry for the waterbody and merged geometry with the gnis node that was stating this was a dam. Please feel free to fix it if it is not a dam.
Also, Thanks for going through my changeset : )

12017-05-15 09:07:05 UTCHjart The pieces you added here are much more likely to be footways than residential roads
22017-07-27 11:07:37 UTCnikhilprabhakar Thanks for the correction Hjart _/\\_
12017-06-13 06:45:00 UTCnikhilprabhakar Excuse me, the source for this addition is not `Bing` imagery. It is `DigitalGlobe Standard Imagery` available in JOSM.
12016-12-21 10:34:21 UTCtrigpoint Hi, whilst I can see that Dalefiemapld Drive has been extended on mapbox imagery, I don't see a turning circle. It looks like a cul-de-sac, you certainly cannot turn around without using reverse.
22016-12-26 10:52:37 UTCnikhilprabhakar Hi Trigpoint,

Excuse me for the late reply, I have removed the turn circle as per your feedback. Please have a look and lemme know if everything else is correct in this area. And thanks a lot for pointing this out.

12016-12-22 03:47:11 UTCnikhilprabhakar Small typo in the changeset source, the satellite imagery used is Mapbox Satellite.
12016-11-19 00:39:13 UTCMinh Nguyen I reverted this change in changeset 43785169 because Q10824750 is for a Thanh Hà in a different province. Thanh Hóa province does have two Thanh Hà villages (thôn), but they aren’t in this part of the province. I’ve added a FIXME tag and will re-add wiki tags i...
22016-11-19 00:51:13 UTCMinh Nguyen For what it’s worth, this POI was originally part of an import that tagged all places as place=town. Clearly there’s a place here, but the author of the import has said that POIs that don’t make sense should be deleted.
32016-11-21 07:29:26 UTCnikhilprabhakar Thanks for the correction Minh. Lemme know if you need any help with the clean up if you are encountering more of this.
12016-06-03 05:43:00 UTCnikhilprabhakar I re-added the same tags again to make it properly render in JOSM.
12016-04-25 06:13:06 UTCnikhilprabhakar Typo in the changeset comment, the data for this area was fixed by realigning the road as per the Tiger Delta data and Strava Globalheat Map.
12015-12-22 16:09:03 UTCediyes Hi,
Please, can you fix those crossing buildings?
22016-04-07 06:28:42 UTCnikhilprabhakar Nothing to be fixed.
12016-02-09 05:13:53 UTCnikhilprabhakar PS: Only a small bounding box was selected and i meant, all the buildings in this bounding box.
12015-12-22 17:15:34 UTCdannykath Please Realign some buildings , like this :
22016-02-08 06:55:51 UTCnikhilprabhakar The buildings traced by others are left as it is.
12016-02-04 13:32:10 UTCdgitto How this happened? And I was working on the same area in the meantime
22016-02-08 06:54:35 UTCnikhilprabhakar Sorry for the inconvenience. Did my changeset destroy any data that you traced?
Lemme know incase you need any help.
12015-12-22 17:16:22 UTCdannykath Please, Realign this building
22016-02-03 13:33:08 UTCnikhilprabhakar thanks for pointing this out.
12015-12-01 14:27:10 UTCGerdP Hi there!
It seems you have added the "National Trail"
3 times at different positions, Also another way was duplicated. Please review
I also guess that the trail is much longer ?
22015-12-21 10:24:42 UTCnikhilprabhakar Yes. I have extended the trail as per the satellite imagery. Kindly do correct me if there was something wrong where i have added the data.
12015-07-29 14:33:03 UTCEdLoach Did you mean to delete Currys PC World when you were amending the building outline?
22015-08-01 06:09:36 UTCPlaneMad Restored the deleted building. Nikhil, please be more careful with existing objects and make sure you don't accidentally remove the work of others while making improvements.
32015-11-16 08:32:43 UTCnikhilprabhakar I will @PlaneMad. Thanks for pointing this out.
12015-09-30 13:58:50 UTCSomeoneElse If has changed its name from Telegraph Row to Teelgraph Road, what about ?
22015-11-16 08:30:20 UTCnikhilprabhakar I have changed the name to "Telegraph road" from "Telegraph Row".
Thanks for pointing this out.
12015-09-15 03:08:41 UTCCloCkWeRX Ah nice, thanks. Keepright either didn't tell me about it or I missed it :S
22015-09-20 05:13:43 UTCnikhilprabhakar :)
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