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12017-09-26 06:36:58 UTCBCNorwich Hello reference Way: 527505258 landuse=grass
This is a huge area and although it does contain some grass it is mainly farmland. There are also residential and commercial areas within it as well which you've not indicated.
IIMHO it's better not to just map huge swathes of land in this way, it looks...
22017-10-06 11:50:35 UTCBCNorwich It also included a very long section of highway, (obviously not grass). No response from mapper so I've removed it.
12017-10-06 07:21:58 UTCBCNorwich Way: 530247646
Hi, I removed the self intersection from the outline of this feature.
12017-10-06 07:19:30 UTCBCNorwich Way: 530294700
Hi, I removed the self intersection from the outline of this feature.
12017-10-06 07:17:50 UTCBCNorwich Way: 530278912
Hi, I removed the self intersection from the outline of this feature.
12017-09-19 20:41:30 UTCGinaroZ Hi, you were correct the first time with landuse=allotments on - I've fixed it for you :)
12017-09-16 14:34:02 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello Essex_Boy. At and you have add the misspelled `nan_made` ... and please have a look at which mark `man_made=jetty` as deprecated. #typo
12017-08-29 10:28:05 UTCBCNorwich Way: 519344354
Hi the tagging value green is not usually used with the key landuse. Can you explain what you mean and possibly amend the tag?
Regards Bernard
12017-08-23 16:53:47 UTCBCNorwich Way: 516616957 fixed several self intersections
12017-04-21 12:07:56 UTCAllroads Hallo, op basis van welke data gebruik maak je de aanpassingen, BING is oud, we hebben nu Luchtfoto actueel van de overheid en ook is RWS Rijkswaterstaat, DTB (digitaal topografisch bestand), te gebruiken, als wms laag eronder te liggen, deze twee lagen dan zie je op de luchtfoto de afdak RWS kloppe...
22017-04-21 12:10:52 UTCAllroads Daarbij moet de weg eroverheen ook nog goed gelegd worden, de RWS DTB wms vlakken layer is hier bijzonder geschikt voor.
12016-12-15 13:23:35 UTCEdLoach Can you not make changes based on aerial imagery, please? This former farmland has been earmarked for housing, hence the greenfield tags. I'll put them back
12016-04-11 14:38:53 UTCHervé Saint-Amand Castle Rock is of volcanic origin, but there's not a volcano in the heart of Edinburgh. Is this really the right tag?
22016-04-11 22:03:07 UTCRostranimin Hi Essex_Boy - I've reverted the edit to Castle Rock - back to 'peak'. Would be happy to see more detailed discussion of the options, but I don't think you're going to get agreement on natural=volcano. See the discussion also on this note: Sorry, this is a p...
32016-04-12 14:59:22 UTCSK53 Yes indeed please no mapping of volcanic origin rocks as volcanoes. There may be some mapped this way in Germany but I've complained about these particular ones in the past.
12016-01-18 19:14:03 UTCtrigpoint Hi
You seem to have added a 6th mini-roundabout to the magic roundabout.
It looks like one, but also seems odd.
Have you been there, have there been recent changes?
Thanks Phil
12015-11-10 10:25:07 UTCmultimodaal Dear Essex_Boy, I noticed that you have changes this waterway back into the shape it was until two years ago. I had adapted it to the actual current shape in the field based on survey by canoe. Could you please change it back into the way it was before your changeset, because until you changed it, t...
12015-08-14 12:46:52 UTCAlan Bragg Just thought you'd like to know that natural=tree_row is the correct tag for a line of trees, not natural=tree_line. A complete description is in the wiki at
12015-08-13 09:22:51 UTCRudolf Mayer I saw that you changed this area to a golf course - do you also have a name and website for it?
12014-11-12 07:36:28 UTCBCNorwich I removed the self intersection from the residential, from the Bing image it looks like a great amount of this area in not residential, IMHO.
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