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12017-10-05 13:36:15 UTCaharvey Hey mate,

I think it's better to not snap things like parks, parking etc to the road, and instead try to mark out the exact extent which doesn't normally extend out until the road center line.

If for cartographic reasons that effect is desired it's better to do that as a post processing step o...
22017-10-06 00:40:25 UTCMaradona11 hi mate,

yeah I attend to agree with that we should be marking out exact extent of a feature in most cases. However, I find better to snap non-routeable objects (exlude buildings) to the road centre line as it is much more visual appealing when looking at map tiles generated from osm data from m...
32017-10-06 01:20:02 UTCaharvey Check out:

"...when the way is a highway, it usu...
12017-03-16 08:45:13 UTCjinalfoflia Hi Maradona11,

The information that you added as node in this changeset (Macdonaltown) seems to be already mapped (checkout the building nearby). Ideally we should avoid adding redundant information to OSM. It'll be great if you can resolve this by adding the missing information to that building ...
12016-11-10 11:23:24 UTCaharvey I don't believe leisure=park is appropriate for I think it should simply be landuse=residential.
12016-11-04 07:57:10 UTCglglgl Splitting the changes in Australia and the one change in Iceland into two changesets would have made those changesets quite small, compared to this one.
12016-11-03 07:54:07 UTCglglgl It would be better to group the changes by region and not to put everything into one huge changeset. See how the changeset now unnecessarily includes nearly all Africa, Europe and Asia.
22016-11-03 21:05:16 UTCMaradona11 Correct. I will take that on board.
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