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12018-04-28 04:33:05 UTCaharvey sport=cricket_nets has over 1000 usages Even though there is some debate about it's use, I think it's better to use that tag, and drop the descriptive name tag.
22018-04-28 04:54:04 UTCEwen Hill Happy with that although it is hard to recognise what it is when displayed. Feel free to amend this
32018-04-28 05:16:34 UTCaharvey_imports Amended. would be the most appropriate fix rather than mapping for the renderer.
12017-05-06 01:40:39 UTCWarin61 Error - duplicated node in way 491460496 - building.

Is it id that makes these errors so easy to do? Or is it something you are doing?
I'm a JOSM user so i don't know.
These 'errors' appear on OSMinspector so you can find and fix your 'own' 'errors'
22018-03-02 23:36:22 UTCEwen Hill ID doesn't validate all that well - if at all so what I do is a batch and wait for Osmose and keepright and then fix any issues.
12017-04-20 00:38:22 UTCpaul1928 Hey Ewen. I've just moved Hillclimb back to the east side of Sherbrooke Creek as it doesn't cross over to the west. The Strava heatmaps aren't very useful in this valley as GPS reception is always bad and there's a path on both sides and the heatmap isn't accurate enough to allow differentiation bet...
22018-03-02 23:29:53 UTCEwen Hill Thanks Paul
12017-10-04 21:28:51 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Way: 528707198 is self intersecting. That then causes relation 7622059 to have an intersecting segment.
You should separate the way into 2 ways - an inner and an outer.
22018-03-02 23:25:17 UTCEwen Hill I beleive this is no longer an issue
12017-11-28 21:53:04 UTCWarin61 Hi,
relation 7676161 (farmland) has had it only outer way removed - now consists only of inner ... should this relation be removed???
22018-03-02 23:22:44 UTCEwen Hill Sorry, just saw this. If you think it needs rectifying, please do.
12018-01-01 00:10:08 UTCWarin61 Hi,
As the Buninyony line is mostly gone now I believe it should be moved to Open Historic Map. Once that is done, most of it should be removed from OSM as it is not present on the ground.

Yet to achieve the movement of the data. Once I have gained that knowledge I think there are many more lin...
22018-03-02 23:20:58 UTCEwen Hill Happy to have it set this one to abandoned (I didn't really understand the reason for it not showing 4 yrs ago). The Old Ghan is a separate issue
12018-01-21 21:18:35 UTCWarin61 Is there actually anything left of this railway station left on the ground?
22018-03-02 23:19:19 UTCEwen Hill Happy to have it set to abandoned (I didn't really understand the reason for it not showing 4 yrs ago)
12017-10-04 21:24:42 UTCWarin61 The relation 7618908... has an inner touch the outer at node 5140696134.

This should not be done. Suggest that the node be removed from the outer way.
22017-10-05 00:08:08 UTCTheSwavu Inner way only touches outer way a one point. This is a valid multipolygon, no need to edit.
12017-09-18 22:14:19 UTCWarin61 Hi,
Relation 7580789 - farmland;
... has
4 members with the role 'outer'. As 3 of these are within one there is no need for these 3.
Has at least one member with the role inner that shares a segment with the role outer - this is not allowed. See
12017-07-30 21:20:49 UTCEwen Hill Description should have been "Using Strava Slide to add tracks and re-align roads around Brierfield"
12017-06-20 08:35:48 UTCWarin61 Hi
Deleted Relation: 7338125
It had one member .. another relation .. with the same tags. redundant.
12017-06-13 03:24:59 UTCWarin61 The name=* should not be used to describe something! Use description=* if you must.

I refer to a couple of 'windmills' .. that should be tagged man_made=windpump.
12017-04-19 22:55:39 UTCWarin61 Your way 487677999 grassland crosses it self. It should b+e corrected.
12017-04-06 00:53:03 UTCWarin61 Relation 7072610 has 2 ways with role outer. OSM indicated errors?
One of these ways is inside the other.
Both ways share segments with each other.
Suggest remove the smaller way from the relation. If the smaller way is not part of the farm land then still remove it and rerun the relation outer...
12017-03-26 03:43:40 UTCWarin61 Relation 5748513 has no outer way .. one inner way .. but no outer boundary.
22017-04-02 22:34:57 UTCWarin61 Deleted. relation 5748513 .. no feed back.
12017-04-01 22:20:02 UTCWarin61 Crossing ways generates errors...
Way 7114395 - grassland crosses from inner to outer ways ..
I have changed it to a relation 7127339.
12017-04-01 01:17:36 UTCWarin61 This removed the from and too ways from the turn restriction relation 6896875.
This removed the from way from the turn restriction relation 6896877.
And possibly others at this intersection?
12016-03-05 10:32:25 UTCEwen Hill That actually is the Alpine National Park uploaded from Data.vic apart from the top north due to size.
22017-03-26 06:01:13 UTCWarin61 This Relationship 6026831 - multipolygon does not have any tags that will make it render ...
I think it would be safe to delete, the outer way has been removed by someone else so restoring it will take some work .. and as it has no effect on the map probably not worth the effort?
12017-03-22 06:14:27 UTCOzzorro I checked - The street is two-way everywhere, except that Northbound traffic is stopped from entering Hill Street, and has to do a U-turn. It's not signed 'no through road', which could well by why you ended up there.
22017-03-22 06:20:05 UTCOzzorro added 'turn restrictions' at Hill Street to reflect this.
12017-03-21 10:49:14 UTCmanoharuss You just added building=yes tag to
12016-12-19 07:09:11 UTCmrpulley I was wondering about this way:

It's marked as source = GPS tracks

When I visited here in 2010, the first section of the Big Bend track had been realigned (see the ways marked 'Big Bend Walk'). I was wondering if the old track had been reopened, or...
22016-12-22 06:14:28 UTCnevw Strava users like the new track that doesn't cross the creek.
12016-07-19 00:34:44 UTCLeon K These are completely inaccurate and break the work that I surveyed recently. They are not motorway ramps but normal at grade intersections. You've also removed the lanes leading onto the road.
12016-06-26 13:34:50 UTCLeon K I don't remember the freeway having bridges over Smiths Lane.
Will be out that way in a fortnight so will check but I have a feeling it's still connected as an access for surrounding properties.
22016-06-27 01:00:30 UTCTheSwavu Google imagery says a bunch of other changes. So a survey would be good.
12016-05-07 00:14:46 UTCchoess Ewen,

Can you verify that Barngo Road crosses the upper Warrego on a pontoon or floating bridge? It seems like an unusual site for that.


12016-04-15 21:38:08 UTCndm You have connected roads together that don't join in reality -- ignoring the square between them.
12015-12-04 14:08:32 UTCGerdP Hi there!
What was meant with surface=gr ?
gravel or ground both look plausible.
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