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12018-02-15 00:46:33 UTCPaul Johnson A little bit of a shaky edit based on the available DG imagery
12017-08-12 00:00:07 UTCKakurady Perhaps except=bicycle should be bicycle=yes instead? (Also, city recently removed Mo-Fr)
22017-08-16 06:03:02 UTCbiancah_telenav Hi, first of all let me thank you for your comment. I made the update regarding the restriction days. regarding the except tag, i used the rules from this wiki page and I'm not sure that i should change it
12017-04-11 18:28:19 UTCLogicalViolinist That lemieux street section you added doesn't exist (way 45028079) it's filled in with concrete as there were too many accidents. I've deleted it
22017-04-11 18:48:37 UTCLogicalViolinist Please check OSC:
(was available at the time)
32017-04-18 06:03:50 UTCbiancah_telenav thank you so much for your correction
12017-02-18 21:28:45 UTCAlouette955 On Carrefour and Daniel-Johnson intersection there is no more links since major road building last summer. You certainly use older picture so please avoid recreatiing it. See change 46202416.
12016-12-02 19:43:01 UTCkartler175 Plesa do not duplicate highways turn restrictions:,unconnected_major2,unconnected_major5,duplicate_ways

Please consult JOSM-validator before uploading.
12016-08-29 15:16:25 UTCPierZen Zooming-in with Bing, we see that these are service roads inside the mine and not railways. Way 436205830 is partly used by cars going to the parking at the entrance of the mine. Other ways are used by overweight trucks inside the open mine.
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