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12017-12-13 14:04:27 UTChighflyer74 Hi there!

Could you please check this road There is some strange tagging on it...

22017-12-13 14:38:40 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Highflyer74,

Thanks for catching this! I fixed my error.

12017-11-29 19:03:31 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Forgot to close changeset: See last changeset for Maryland portion's comment.
12017-09-29 15:51:10 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello RoadGeek_MD99. At you have tagged `constuction` instead of `construction`, right? #typo
22017-09-29 16:06:02 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hello Harald Hartmann,
Yes, #typo and fixed. Thanks!
12017-03-17 16:25:40 UTCRichRico Thanks for contributing with OSM.
Could you share the image source you used to make this edition?
22017-03-17 16:48:12 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 I'm a local. Field survey: drove with OpenStreetCam running. See also Mapillary. Will try to GPS next week.
12016-06-09 14:12:27 UTCjakepg1 Closed since Hurricane Sandy
22016-06-09 14:37:57 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 I don't understand what is closed. My changeset only has two items: a house number in New Brunswick and a street name in Maryland with nothing in New Jersey. Could you give more details? Thanks!
12015-09-22 10:16:06 UTCElliottPlack I think you inadvertently changed the name of the street to "C" :)
22015-09-22 10:43:27 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 fixed
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