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12018-03-19 10:47:29 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hi Specialisterne Austria,

I noticed you created this point:, which isn't in Austria. Could you fix it? Thank you and Happy Mapping!

22018-03-22 15:34:17 UTCSpecialisterne Austria Hi RoadGeek_MD99,

Thanks for letting us know. I just deleted the pin :)
32018-03-23 06:43:18 UTCfreebeer Unf0rtunately, the BIPA in picturesque Sankt Ge0rgen is still t0 be found in a library building in Maryland, n0where near Gustav Klimt's summer lake...
42018-03-24 03:38:16 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Thanks freebeer! I've deleted the Austrian chemist POI found in Maryland, USA.
52018-03-27 09:49:36 UTCfreebeer Just out of idle interest, I searched for the BIPA in Sankt Georgen, finding nothing.
Apparently the usual bug with POIs nowhere near their correct location.
There is no POI for BIPA at the deleted node's address.
12018-02-14 23:49:05 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hi J Ryan,
I'm using OpenStreetCam images (like from Apr 21, 2017) to add details along TX 114 and I noticed you added a speed limit of 60 mph to this road: The OSC images I'm using show 45 ...
12018-01-20 15:53:58 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hi erantr1,
Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I've noticed that you have changed street names to the abbreviated form. It was 16th Street Northwest but you changed it to 16th St NW. Please do not shorten the long street names. The wiki says: "If the name can be spelled without an...
22018-01-21 08:48:58 UTCerantr1 Hey,
yes, my colleague already told me I shouldn't do it. Sorry about that.
Thanks for commenting!
32018-03-29 18:19:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hello Eran,
Can you tell us who you are working for? The "my colleague" comment above suggests that you might be working for someone.
Best Regards,
42018-05-06 08:47:14 UTCerantr1 Hi Andy,
I answered you in a private message.
52018-05-06 09:19:59 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Eran,
I'd suggest that you add details of who you're working for to your OSM profile (your PM to me says that you are working for someone but doesn't say who). Currently there's no information on your OSM profile at all.
To pick an example of how other comapnies tend to do this, here's a som...
62018-05-07 10:46:50 UTCerantr1 thanks for the suggestion, Andy. We will consider it.
12017-12-24 02:09:00 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hi Memoire,

I noticed you added a bridge along South Goshawk Trail from Bing imagery for new TX construction. That road was a temp construction road and has now moved to the north. Please check out Texas Orthophoto, as the Orthophotos may be newer than some of the Bing imagery. Thanks and Ha...
12017-12-13 14:04:27 UTChighflyer74 Hi there!

Could you please check this road There is some strange tagging on it...

22017-12-13 14:38:40 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Highflyer74,

Thanks for catching this! I fixed my error.

12017-11-29 19:03:31 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Forgot to close changeset: See last changeset for Maryland portion's comment.
12017-11-03 12:12:37 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hi Saikabhi, I noticed on your oneway fix of that you used oneway=1, which is a discouraged alternative to "yes". It is also rare, as "1" gets 0.04% versus 76.8% for "yes", according to Taginfo. Please consider using standa...
22017-11-03 12:32:21 UTCsaikabhi Hi Roadgeek_MD99,

Thank you for pointing this out. I think I used it mistakenly when editing this road. Changing it to `oneway=yes`.

12017-09-29 15:51:10 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello RoadGeek_MD99. At you have tagged `constuction` instead of `construction`, right? #typo
22017-09-29 16:06:02 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hello Harald Hartmann,
Yes, #typo and fixed. Thanks!
12017-03-17 16:25:40 UTCRichRico Thanks for contributing with OSM.
Could you share the image source you used to make this edition?
22017-03-17 16:48:12 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 I'm a local. Field survey: drove with OpenStreetCam running. See also Mapillary. Will try to GPS next week.
12016-12-07 02:53:08 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hi Mapmaker1559, while doing some QC, I noticed you had tagged a street with highway=residential_link. The wiki only goes down to tertiary_link and mapnik doesn't render, so I changed it to residential. Thanks! RoadGeek_MD99
12016-10-17 18:45:54 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Piligab: Noticed you had added node 4244431268 to Montgomery Road/MD 103 and accidentally added it to US 29/Columbia Pike. ( Please watch when adding a new node that you don't connect a bridge (tunnel) to another road at a different layer. I've remov...
22016-10-26 15:09:06 UTCpiligab Hi RoadGeek_MD99,
Thank you for notifying me about this error. This must have happened when I was splitting the Montgomery Road to add turn lanes. I will make sure to check for such errors before uploading.
12016-09-08 16:16:52 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Based on Bing image, I don't think this is one-way, as the yellow stripe and the turn channel to 44 Business show two-way travel.
22016-09-09 05:32:49 UTCbogdanp_telenav Do you refer to Canal Street(way: 159118954) ?
32016-09-09 11:29:06 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Sorry, yes, way/159118954
42016-09-09 12:11:33 UTCbogdanp_telenav For adding one way i used ImproveOSM with TrafficFlowDirection function, and from 810 trips, 100% of the drivers go in that direction. The yellow strip is to separate the drivers who come from Lytle Avenue and those who come from Canal Street in south direction. I think this is the right solution. I...
52016-09-09 12:37:21 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Thanks for the reply. I believe way/206465488 would have no purpose if way/159118954 was one-way (one-way now removed). I have seen a small number of the 100% ImproveOSM trips where the opposite direction had a very clear yellow line and a stop line at the intersection for 2 way travel. The yello...
12016-06-29 19:56:51 UTCJean Passepartout I noticed that Hippo Ave is now named Linuxweb. I think you want to add a node or a way for the building footprint and not "give" the street to Linuxweb. Thank you.
22016-06-29 22:07:14 UTCSelwyn Orren Hello,

You are 100% correct. I am not sure how I did that. The street is indeed Hippo Ave, I tried to add my company as a location in Hippo Ave. I honestly do not even recall how this was done in the first place. How do I change it back?
32016-06-30 00:31:40 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Selwyn, I see you figured out how to fix the street name with ID and added your company point. I cleaned up the street attributes and moved the rest of the Linuxweb values onto your point. Thanks!
42016-06-30 06:12:31 UTCSelwyn Orren Thanks yes I was so embarrassed by what I had done, I had to just try and figure it out. Turns out far easier than I had anticipated.

Thanks so much for all your help with the cleaning up.
12016-06-09 14:12:27 UTCjakepg1 Closed since Hurricane Sandy
22016-06-09 14:37:57 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 I don't understand what is closed. My changeset only has two items: a house number in New Brunswick and a street name in Maryland with nothing in New Jersey. Could you give more details? Thanks!
12016-01-20 00:45:14 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 This node appears to be for India, not Virginia, USA. Can you move it? Thanks.
12015-09-22 10:16:06 UTCElliottPlack I think you inadvertently changed the name of the street to "C" :)
22015-09-22 10:43:27 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 fixed
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