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12017-11-03 12:12:37 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hi Saikabhi, I noticed on your oneway fix of that you used oneway=1, which is a discouraged alternative to "yes". It is also rare, as "1" gets 0.04% versus 76.8% for "yes", according to Taginfo. Please consider using standa...
22017-11-03 12:32:21 UTCsaikabhi Hi Roadgeek_MD99,

Thank you for pointing this out. I think I used it mistakenly when editing this road. Changing it to `oneway=yes`.

12017-09-29 15:51:10 UTCHarald Hartmann Hello RoadGeek_MD99. At you have tagged `constuction` instead of `construction`, right? #typo
22017-09-29 16:06:02 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hello Harald Hartmann,
Yes, #typo and fixed. Thanks!
12017-03-17 16:25:40 UTCRichRico Thanks for contributing with OSM.
Could you share the image source you used to make this edition?
22017-03-17 16:48:12 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 I'm a local. Field survey: drove with OpenStreetCam running. See also Mapillary. Will try to GPS next week.
12016-12-07 02:53:08 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Hi Mapmaker1559, while doing some QC, I noticed you had tagged a street with highway=residential_link. The wiki only goes down to tertiary_link and mapnik doesn't render, so I changed it to residential. Thanks! RoadGeek_MD99
12016-10-17 18:45:54 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Piligab: Noticed you had added node 4244431268 to Montgomery Road/MD 103 and accidentally added it to US 29/Columbia Pike. ( Please watch when adding a new node that you don't connect a bridge (tunnel) to another road at a different layer. I've remov...
22016-10-26 15:09:06 UTCpiligab Hi RoadGeek_MD99,
Thank you for notifying me about this error. This must have happened when I was splitting the Montgomery Road to add turn lanes. I will make sure to check for such errors before uploading.
12016-09-08 16:16:52 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Based on Bing image, I don't think this is one-way, as the yellow stripe and the turn channel to 44 Business show two-way travel.
22016-09-09 05:32:49 UTCbogdanp_telenav Do you refer to Canal Street(way: 159118954) ?
32016-09-09 11:29:06 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Sorry, yes, way/159118954
42016-09-09 12:11:33 UTCbogdanp_telenav For adding one way i used ImproveOSM with TrafficFlowDirection function, and from 810 trips, 100% of the drivers go in that direction. The yellow strip is to separate the drivers who come from Lytle Avenue and those who come from Canal Street in south direction. I think this is the right solution. I...
52016-09-09 12:37:21 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Thanks for the reply. I believe way/206465488 would have no purpose if way/159118954 was one-way (one-way now removed). I have seen a small number of the 100% ImproveOSM trips where the opposite direction had a very clear yellow line and a stop line at the intersection for 2 way travel. The yello...
12016-06-29 19:56:51 UTCJean Passepartout I noticed that Hippo Ave is now named Linuxweb. I think you want to add a node or a way for the building footprint and not "give" the street to Linuxweb. Thank you.
22016-06-29 22:07:14 UTCSelwyn Orren Hello,

You are 100% correct. I am not sure how I did that. The street is indeed Hippo Ave, I tried to add my company as a location in Hippo Ave. I honestly do not even recall how this was done in the first place. How do I change it back?
32016-06-30 00:31:40 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Selwyn, I see you figured out how to fix the street name with ID and added your company point. I cleaned up the street attributes and moved the rest of the Linuxweb values onto your point. Thanks!
42016-06-30 06:12:31 UTCSelwyn Orren Thanks yes I was so embarrassed by what I had done, I had to just try and figure it out. Turns out far easier than I had anticipated.

Thanks so much for all your help with the cleaning up.
12016-06-09 14:12:27 UTCjakepg1 Closed since Hurricane Sandy
22016-06-09 14:37:57 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 I don't understand what is closed. My changeset only has two items: a house number in New Brunswick and a street name in Maryland with nothing in New Jersey. Could you give more details? Thanks!
12016-01-20 00:45:14 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 This node appears to be for India, not Virginia, USA. Can you move it? Thanks.
12015-09-22 10:16:06 UTCElliottPlack I think you inadvertently changed the name of the street to "C" :)
22015-09-22 10:43:27 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 fixed
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