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12018-01-11 19:54:18 UTCJean Passepartout Hi Лях,
I noticed you added a restriction=no_left_turn on As a router, I would like to use this, but turn restrictions should be modeled as a relation (from way, via node, to way) and this is easiest done using the iD editor. Thank you and happy map...
22018-01-11 20:12:57 UTCЛях Thank you! I will take it.
12017-10-10 21:12:34 UTCJean Passepartout Hi teodorab_telenav,
I fixed some of the streets on this changeset where "oneway"="Melania Hills Drive" or other street names. I noticed these near the bottom of TagInfo's oneway. Just thought you should know. Thanks and Happy Mapping!
22017-10-12 07:21:22 UTCteodorab_telenav Hi Jean Passepartout,
Thank you for the implication and Happy Mapping.
12017-10-03 15:40:48 UTCJean Passepartout Hi iWowik,
Sorry for English. A number of addresses in this changeset, like, have keys of place instead of addr:place (try Can you fix these? Thank you. Jean
22017-10-04 14:43:29 UTCiWowik Hi!
Yes! It should be addr:place of course.
I fix it
12017-06-05 21:13:13 UTCJean Passepartout You added way 472642637 ( which duplicates older way 461913833 (, but the names are different, so I can not remove the duplicate way. Let me know if I can help, but I only speak English.
22017-06-07 09:41:25 UTCmadjidf Hi jean,
Many thanks for your attention ,i have already removed the duplicate way.
12017-06-05 21:04:35 UTCJean Passepartout Way 441818710 ( duplicates older way 441813213. As the names are different, I can not decide how to remove the duplicate. Let me know I can help, but I only speak English.
12017-06-05 20:51:47 UTCJean Passepartout Way 440413656 (, highway=footway, duplicates 408439184, a highway=service. Please remove the duplicate that has the wrong tag. Let me know If I can help, but I only speak English.
12017-06-05 20:39:03 UTCJean Passepartout Way 352916011 ( is a duplicate of 352916010. The names doesn't match, so I can't figure out which one to remove. Sorry that I can not converse in Farsi.
12017-04-17 20:25:10 UTCJean Passepartout Hello Jack,
I noticed that 3 years ago you added Paushiyacu in Ecuador (, but it has a tag of place=San Antonio (instead of place = hamlet/city/village/etc.). Could you fix the place tag? Thanks and Happy Mapping!
12016-09-15 15:28:34 UTCJean Passepartout Hi Andre Engels, Thank you for your OpenStreetMap contributions! On this way:, I notice it wraps around, making a U shape and overlaps another street (which is how I found it). Does the name actually turn twice? Can you review and fix this? Thank you a...
12016-09-13 18:28:52 UTCJean Passepartout Hi Hooman Mesgary. Thank you for your contributions to OpenStreetMap. I noticed that one of your edits ( duplicates an older road with a different name. Could you please review and fix this? Let me know if I can be of assistance. Thanks and Happy Mappi...
22016-09-14 15:18:52 UTCHooman Mesgary Hi Jean, Thanks for your notification. I fixed it.
12016-09-13 15:38:13 UTCJean Passepartout Hi fablehcr, Thank you for editing OpenStreetMap! I noticed this way: and it is on top of a road from 2011. Can you review and merge the two? Let me know if I can be of help. Thank you and Happy Mapping! Jean Passeportout
12016-09-13 13:28:20 UTCJean Passepartout Hi keeler, Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I noticed you added this way:, but it is a duplicate of another way, with a different name. Could you review and fix this? Please let me know if you need any help. Thank you and Happy Mapping! Je...
22016-09-17 21:58:57 UTCkesler Hi Jean,
Thanks for your attempts to fix Iran map errors and please excuse me for delayed reply. I fixed my mistake and developed Esfarayen town map more in changeset .

Please feel free and don't hesitate to tell me every big or even minor mis-ma...
12016-09-13 13:07:35 UTCJean Passepartout Hi fablehcr. Thank you for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I noticed that you added this street:, however it duplicates another street/way added in 2013. Could you please fix this? If you need any help, please feel free to contact me. Thank you and Happ...
12016-09-13 10:54:28 UTCJean Passepartout Hi Daffy_Duck376, I appreciate your contributions to OpenStreetMap, espicially as Farsi names are badly needed. I am working on quality assurance and noted this highway: which appears to contain 3 separate roads, but it has a single name. I assume the ...
12016-09-09 19:55:44 UTCJean Passepartout I noticed a number of ways tagged as national=boundary and landuse=orchard in this area, like: If they are landuse boundaries, they should be closed. Is the national=boundary a mistake? Let me know if you want me to fix anything. Thank you.
12016-08-24 18:39:12 UTCJean Passepartout Bridge ( flows north-south but each end connects to roads flowing east-west. There is no current imagery, so I can't tell if this is correct. I can fix this, if you want.
12016-06-29 19:56:51 UTCJean Passepartout I noticed that Hippo Ave is now named Linuxweb. I think you want to add a node or a way for the building footprint and not "give" the street to Linuxweb. Thank you.
22016-06-29 22:07:14 UTCSelwyn Orren Hello,

You are 100% correct. I am not sure how I did that. The street is indeed Hippo Ave, I tried to add my company as a location in Hippo Ave. I honestly do not even recall how this was done in the first place. How do I change it back?
32016-06-30 00:31:40 UTCRoadGeek_MD99 Selwyn, I see you figured out how to fix the street name with ID and added your company point. I cleaned up the street attributes and moved the rest of the Linuxweb values onto your point. Thanks!
42016-06-30 06:12:31 UTCSelwyn Orren Thanks yes I was so embarrassed by what I had done, I had to just try and figure it out. Turns out far easier than I had anticipated.

Thanks so much for all your help with the cleaning up.
12015-02-06 21:45:23 UTCJean Passepartout Using Keep Right! this way, Avenida Universitaria (323142896, v1) is overlapping another copy of Avenida Universitaria,

Should the attributes and relations be merged and then remove the newer one?
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