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12018-05-09 01:12:52 UTCchachafish Howdy :) It looks like you did an import here that didn't quite go right? There appear to be many hundreds of untagged nodes along the La Plata River, for example, north and south of the township of Mayday. Could you look into this? Cheers :)
22018-05-15 03:49:36 UTCchachafish Hello, along the La Plata River, there are hundreds of untagged nodes. Are these meant to represent something? Thank you
12018-04-29 15:00:45 UTCmueschel Hi,
you uploaded 9 small areas with just foreign tags like "Shape_len" like this one

Was this a mistake? Could you check & fix this?

12018-02-07 10:02:40 UTCglglgl Has Farmington ceased to exist?
22018-03-19 03:25:09 UTCaboges26 Why would you say that?
32018-03-19 08:18:59 UTCglglgl Because you deleted its admin relation (which I restored afterwards, see below)
42018-04-08 19:48:35 UTCaboges26 Ah I see, I was trying to update its boundary because it had changed due to annexations and neglected to ensure its admin relation prevailed. Thank you for cleaning up my slop.
12017-04-30 03:42:15 UTCFTA Hi, is there a reason you deleted so many buildings in Lubbock? Did you perhaps leave your computer logged in somewhere?
Ethan aka FTA
22018-03-19 03:29:13 UTCaboges26 I deleted them because I drew them.
12017-07-13 20:43:34 UTCpulaskifire I'm curious about the neighborhood definition used here, eg Heart Of Lubbock defined as a residential area that excludes businesses vs defined more informally by the major thoroughfares. Reasoning?
22018-03-19 03:28:09 UTCaboges26 The residential neighborhood known as "Heart of Lubbock" is just that, a residential area. The neighborhoods of Lubbock are generally defined by major thoroughfares, and while the businesses would be considered part of the neighborhoods, their commercial developments tend to have their ow...
12017-08-12 19:10:03 UTCPaul Johnson Seeing a lot, lot of ways in this changeset that were improperly upgraded to trunk when they're not semi-limited expressways...single carriageways only accessible via ramps or dual carriageways with limited surface intersections would be trunks.
12017-04-19 13:49:07 UTCwoodpeck You appear to have deleted a lot of data in this and other nearby changesets. May I ask why?
12017-01-27 13:29:03 UTCkatpatuka thanks for editing the Cấm Sơn Lake :)
12016-10-14 23:45:25 UTCaboges26 This is not from hotosm-project-2104
12016-04-15 17:17:05 UTCaboges26 Actually an edit in Lubbock, TX, NOT Angola
12016-02-26 17:12:48 UTCaboges26 #GEOG4320 #TTU #youthmappers
22016-02-26 20:39:15 UTCSomeoneElse Any chance of translating those hashtags into a human-readable language? :)
12016-02-26 17:12:39 UTCaboges26 #GEOG4320 #TTU #youthmappers
12016-02-26 17:12:29 UTCaboges26 #GEOG4320 #TTU #youthmappers
12016-02-26 17:12:22 UTCaboges26 #GEOG4320 #TTU #youthmappers
12016-02-26 17:12:13 UTCaboges26 #GEOG4320 #TTU #youthmappers
12016-02-26 17:12:04 UTCaboges26 #GEOG4320 #TTU #youthmappers
12016-02-26 17:11:56 UTCaboges26 #GEOG4320 #TTU #youthmappers
12016-02-26 17:11:46 UTCaboges26 #GEOG4320 #TTU #youthmappers
12016-02-26 17:11:38 UTCaboges26 #GEOG4320 #TTU #youthmappers
12016-02-26 17:11:23 UTCaboges26 #GEOG4320 #TTU #youthmappers
12015-04-29 05:05:32 UTCaboges26 The new frontage roads for the Marsha Sharp Freeway/Brownfield Highway have been constructed. As such, both the eastbound and westbound US 62/82 traffic has been switched onto them. The old lanes have been demolished to make way for the freeway lanes and bridges.
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