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12018-03-15 12:24:53 UTCBhojaraj Hello dru1138,

Your contribution to OpenStreetMap is appreciated. I found some untagged ways here, can you please add appropriate tags to them?.


12017-12-06 11:54:43 UTCcarciofo Hi, Okeechobee Rd southeast of NW 72nd Ave has been duplicated in this changeset. Kindly fix. Thanks in advance.
22018-01-10 16:06:25 UTCcarciofo Hi, just wondering if you could have a look at this? It's been there since Oct of last year... Would appreciate it if you could have a look and remove the duplicate. Thanks in advance.
32018-01-11 06:45:02 UTCBhojaraj Hi,
Sorry for late in replying and thanks for letting me know this, fixed it in this changeset
12017-12-06 09:48:32 UTCcarciofo Hi, you've duplicated eastbound SW 11th St in this changeset. Kindly fix. Thanks.
22017-12-06 10:46:18 UTCBhojaraj Hi, fixed the duplicated highway here
12017-11-30 08:03:17 UTCcarciofo Hi, you've introduced a duplicated/overlapping way for eastbound NW 119th St (SR 924) in this changeset. Kindly remove the duplicate and fix the related turn restriction. Thanks.
22017-12-01 05:59:15 UTCBhojaraj Hi, Thanks for flagging this I have deleted the duplicated road and fixed the TR.
12017-04-27 08:48:04 UTCBhojaraj Sorry, this is, Adding a tag to untagged way
12017-04-27 08:47:30 UTCBhojaraj Sorry, this is, Adding a tag to untagged way
12017-04-27 08:47:09 UTCBhojaraj Sorry, this is, Adding a tag to untagged way
12017-04-27 08:46:14 UTCBhojaraj Sorry, this is, Adding a tag to untagged way
12017-04-26 13:41:03 UTCBhojaraj Thanks for fixing errors and surely errors will not be repeated.
12017-04-26 11:05:32 UTCmanings Hi Bhojaraj, thank you contributing to OSM! I noticed some of your buiding traces have duplicated nodes/ways. Can you fix them. Since you use JOSM, please use the Validator plugin.
22017-04-26 11:53:55 UTCBhojaraj Thanks for the suggestion to use Validator plugin. It was the internet connection issue and I will fix the issue now. sorry for the mistake.
32017-04-26 13:07:47 UTCmanings Thanks for fixing. I fixed a few more here:

Changes I made were the following:

- overlapping buildings
- buildings overlap with roads
- misaligned roads
12017-04-26 11:02:34 UTCmanings hi Bhojaraj, Thanks for contributing to OSM! I noticed you created a very large building here, perhaps a mistake? Can you fix it now?
22017-04-26 11:47:47 UTCBhojaraj Thanks manings for pointing this out. I didn't know how I created this. It is by mistake and I am fixing it now.
12017-04-18 07:21:20 UTCPlaneMad Nice edits. Have made a lot of updates and fixed some tags, please check if its ok.

There are still many untagged roads you have added, you can add a `residential` tag to them.
22017-04-18 07:45:22 UTCBhojaraj Yes thank you for your suggestion and I am tagging those untagged roads now.
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