Changeset No. Date Contributor Comment
12018-10-11 02:18:45 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Cupertino,

Please take a look at discussions regarding languages in India OSM.

12018-08-02 04:55:20 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Halloween123,
Unclassified roads are meant to connect between two villages or neighborhoods. You can use "residential" roads inside village.

22018-08-14 12:52:39 UTCHalloween123 Hi Chetan,
Thank you for the information. I was ignorant about this. I have made the necessary changes now.

12018-07-20 03:35:04 UTCChetan_Gowda mdmahir, this changeset completely replaced English name of Adirampattinam to Tamil name. You can use "name:ta=* " to localize in Tamil language. It'd be difficult to search the town by someone.

22018-07-20 03:42:16 UTCmdmahir Thanks. I'm new to OSM. Still don't know how to edit bilingual.
32018-07-20 09:48:03 UTCChetan_Gowda Welcome to OSM! You've added Tamil name right here.

Happy mapping!
42018-07-21 16:00:18 UTCChetan_Gowda You can check this diary post on rendering Tamil names on default OSM carto style
12018-07-10 05:07:44 UTCChetan_Gowda Removed large building feature in this changeset.
12018-07-10 04:19:05 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Moutsina,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I appreciate your mapping efforts. If you are a beginner, please go through tutorials. In this changeset, you've created a building feature which covers two countries Nigeria and Cameroun.
12018-06-27 04:00:06 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi jmacker,

Thanks for contributing OpenStreetMap. I appreciate your localization efforts. You can use name:language=* to localize in any language. Please check previous discussions here This changeset replaced many default En...
22018-06-29 16:46:53 UTCjmacker I have submitted my reply to your forum post.
Waiting for moderator approval.
32018-06-29 19:06:22 UTCjmacker Hmm, my reply isn't showing yet. I'll just post another one here.

In short, Hindi is the local and official language for Hindi states. (I'm not going to bother "localizing" South Indian states)

There is absolutely no reason to use English (or romanised Hindi as the Wiki says) in pla...
42018-07-02 12:38:06 UTCChetan_Gowda I have read your answers in forum. I agree to your point that Hindi is the official language of Hindi speaking states but as far OpenStreetMap localisation concerned all along these many years is English is followed. It's convention that We as Indian community followed.
Coming to your point on Sou...
12018-06-29 08:50:50 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi jmacker,

You've not responded to old changeset comments. Please take your time to reply before you continue editing.
12018-06-28 04:03:54 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Nikhil3,
Looks like you and your team mates are not following quality mapping. Please check comment and let community know for whom are you working for? There are lot's of duplicate buildings created in this changeset. Examp...
12018-06-27 04:10:25 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello Yesu Raju,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I appreciate your mapping efforts. There are lot's buildings added in the changeset which also contain duplicate buildings. Check this one and beside buildings which are duplicate...
22018-06-27 14:18:14 UTCchandusekharreddy Please validate before uploading the data.Check overlappinngs and validate
12018-06-27 04:01:58 UTCChetan_Gowda This changeset replaced "India" into Devanagari भारत.
22018-06-28 05:24:42 UTCSaikat Maiti Please refer this page before changing the name.
12018-06-26 12:36:00 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Bhanu chandar,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I appreciate your mapping efforts. I see you've created duplicate buildings in this changeset. Could please look back and remove them? If not I am happy to help.

22018-06-27 14:18:11 UTCchandusekharreddy Please validate before uploading the data.Check overlappinngs and validate
12018-05-29 05:37:15 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi hydraserp,
I see you are localizing the default "name" tag. Keeping English names as a default name tag is what Indian OSM community agreed upon. Please use name:language=* for localizing city/town/village names.

22018-05-29 16:11:12 UTChydraserp Thanks for the message but shouldn't it not make a difference for maps that use OSM as long as the English name is kept using name:en?
32018-05-30 04:50:59 UTCSaikat Maiti @hydraserp I don't think this is a good practice, replacing English name with local language name. It will create a huge confusion. If you want to add local language then add that key name with local language code.
Read this for reference
42018-05-30 08:51:12 UTCnaveenpf Please follow the guidelines.
52018-05-30 15:21:31 UTCPlaneMad @hydraserp Your edits go against the convention followed so far in India to keep the local name in the latin script in the name tag. There are both pros and cons to the approach, but mainly its important we make the data consistent throughout the country.

Before making more changes please discuss...
62018-05-30 19:17:06 UTChydraserp Okay, I will begin reverting back to English for default names.
72018-05-31 06:32:19 UTCPlaneMad Thank you for reverting. It certainly would be helpful for you to share your thoughts on using the `name` tag and the process you followed for others to learn from.
12018-05-09 08:29:43 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM). This is the real map of the world. Your edits will appear in map few minutes. I see there are few buildings and graveyard mapped by you.
Please go through to learn editing and more about OSM.

12018-04-10 03:49:29 UTCChetan_Gowda This is such huge residential area. @Heinz_V Thanks for removing. Nice!
22018-04-10 07:37:48 UTCHeinz_V There are still errors : this relation should belong to Bardaman not Nabadwip?
32018-04-10 10:16:55 UTCChetan_Gowda Yes, this relation should be part of Bardhaman district.
12018-04-01 17:35:04 UTCChetan_Gowda This changeset covers almost all the continents.
22018-04-01 18:19:14 UTCthetornado76 I know. But I had reviewed every node and changed the misspell tag.
12018-03-15 05:40:02 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey Adebayo,

Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I appreciate your contributions. You can learn editing through There are lots of tutorials available online.

12018-02-14 17:12:58 UTCChetan_Gowda Amazing! Ground truth is very important in Mapping. Thanks for your contribution Saikat!
12018-02-13 07:18:08 UTCChetan_Gowda Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I reviewed this changeset in OSMCha! An open validation tool where anyone can check changes.
Published using OSMCha:
12018-01-19 18:45:31 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
12018-01-19 18:23:07 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
12018-01-19 18:21:45 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and found some errors or elements
that could be mapped in a better way. Feel free to message me
to know more about it or visit http://learnosm.o...
12018-01-19 18:07:17 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
22018-01-19 18:11:00 UTCionr Thanks a lot for review, was not expecting this!
12018-01-10 17:16:28 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
Published using OSMCha:
22018-01-10 17:25:28 UTCspjaquish Hi Chetan_Gowda!
Thank you for your comment, and for taking the time to review my changset!
Your feedback is very appreciated :D
Happy mapping!
12017-12-25 08:24:56 UTCindigomc Does this relation have a purpose? Given the existence of which is complete unlike this, it seems to me that it could be deleted. Or if it has another purpose it should be renamed accordingly.
22017-12-25 14:17:03 UTCChetan_Gowda Indeed, the outer ring road is one of the important road in BLR and this is helpful for bus route. There are lot of buses go through everyday in this road. Pls refer this for info and viz
32017-12-25 17:34:43 UTCindigomc Thank you for your reply. I'm still not clear what this is about. But that is probably because of my question being unclear (I assumed that the changeset referred to one relation only). I should have made it clear that I was talking about relation with n...
12017-11-16 09:27:37 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Grace,
Thanks for contributing to the OpenStreetMap. I think in this changeset, you made accidental changes to the traffic signal and dragged it. Pls be careful while you make changes.

12017-11-16 07:14:23 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi,
The carpool lanes have been added to the same motorway with tags hov=designated and hov=lane, we don't need to redraw specifically new roads.

12017-11-16 06:16:43 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey,
Your changes made to disappear the floating bridge. Can you pls be careful while you edit major tags like highway = motorway and other roads. I will add those back again.
Thank you!
22017-11-16 20:21:01 UTCLeifRasmussen What exactly did I delete? I wanted to update the alignment of the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, since it has had construction recently. I used the lifecycle prefix to make sure I didn't completely delete the old bridge. Thank you!
12017-11-06 14:36:15 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi KindredCoda,
The Golden Gate Bridge is physically separated into two carriage ways. As far as I know, it must be two separate highways in OpenStreetMap too. Right now, you made it as one road. Can I know the reason behind this changes?

22017-11-06 19:28:05 UTCKindredCoda Hi,

I had originally drawn it at two carriageways, but some dope recently decided to make it one. In addition, the road looked messy and horrible around the curves.

I decided to clean up the curves and leave it as-is otherwise, because I can’t seem to stop people from messing up my work ...
32017-11-07 18:20:01 UTCChris Lawrence As the "dope" involved, here's my explanation:

Since there are reversible lanes, a single way with oneway=no with lanes:both_ways=2 is a more appropriate tagging format than a note on each directional way that it may have 2, 3, or 4 lanes depending on how the lanes are set up.
42017-11-08 02:21:24 UTCKindredCoda Well, either way, my only edit there was to neaten those curved ends to match the rest of the bridge’s ways.

In the larger picture, I honestly have no idea how highways with moveable barriers should be tagged/drawn in OSM, and suspect that others would know better than I. Maybe there’...
12017-11-06 07:01:37 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi TheBestIdea,
Just saw this incomplete turn restriction, your changes made it incomplete. Can you take a look and fix this?

22017-11-08 15:50:07 UTCTheBestIdea Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now.
12017-11-06 06:39:42 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi distomen,
I have lot of turn restrictions applied to this road, are they really exists on the ground?
22017-11-06 14:52:03 UTCditsomen The road is blocked by a fence that is not accessible from outside from Jackson Hwy orfrom Canbrerra Way. It is in an apartment building and there is no access.
Many times i order delivery and they attempt to go that way having to go around many streets to exit. It should not be connected from bot...
12017-08-03 11:50:27 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi rati gogebashvilli, can I know the reason for mass deletion of residential roads in this area? all the roads you have deleted had names and more other details. I'm going to revert them soon. For any query, Please reply here. Thanks
22017-08-13 17:33:48 UTCSomeoneElse For info - mentioned on help site:
32017-08-13 17:38:36 UTCSomeoneElse @Chetan_Gowda Actually, there are quite a lot of other deletion changesets too. Presumably you are also going to revert those too?
Best Regards,
42017-08-15 16:00:22 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Andy, I will pass this revert process to you. Please take action on these deletions. Thank you!

52017-08-20 11:12:18 UTCAlecs01 This one was forgotten apparentely; reverted.
12017-08-10 11:04:54 UTCsmaprs Thank you much for finding this!!
I wonder how could you find that?
22017-08-11 06:41:30 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi smaprs, I use this tool to monitor changesets all around the world. You can try using it to monitor the mistakes/errors of your neighborhood or other places you're interested in.
32017-08-11 11:34:11 UTCsmaprs Ah, ok, thank you
12017-08-10 06:05:19 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi JGasparJ, welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM). I appreciate your contributions to OSM. To learn quickly about editing, go to You have dragged few roads in the changeset. I'm correcting them now.


Hola JGasparJ Bienvenido a OpenStreetMap (OSM). Agradezco sus co...
12017-08-09 07:46:01 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi chiendroopy,
This building exists or not? You have removed the building tag from it.
12017-08-09 06:22:39 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi ebjan, Thanks for contributing to the OpenStreetMap. Are these "Crops for the future Dome A" and B, C exists on the ground, because I couldn't recognise them on the imagery. Can you confirm this?
12017-08-09 05:31:58 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Varys, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. First of all thanks for contributing to this wonderful project. To learn quickly about mapping, go to

12017-08-08 07:10:54 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi delcio lugo,
welcome to OpenStreetMap. To create forest, you need to know few OpenStreetMap tags. To learn quickly about editing, go through
12017-08-08 05:34:39 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM). You are editing the real world. To learn mapping, you can go through You added phone number to the city which is error in fact.
12017-08-07 06:50:16 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM). I appreciate your buildings in this change set.
Also to learn quickly about editing in OSM, go to
12017-08-02 05:40:43 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi I appreciate for joining OpenStreetMap. This is the real world map. You changed the building tags to landuse=residential tag. To learn quickly about editing and mapping, go through
12017-07-31 06:14:59 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Donovan, I appreciate your work and for adding a road information to OpenStreetMap. To learn editing quickly, you can go through and does this road really joins to Water way in the west? just aski...
12017-07-28 05:34:52 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Akash Kumar burman, Ramanagar already exists on map. This is a town actually. City should be tagged for larger one, like Bengaluru. To add Kannada tag use "name:kn = *" For any help, please reply here. I'm happy to help.
22017-07-28 05:59:48 UTCAkash Kumar burman Ok Chetan.
32017-08-03 08:47:12 UTCPlaneMad Akash, the guidelines for naming in local language is here

The town already has a Kannada name

A Kannada map with this data is available here http://yogi...
12017-07-25 08:27:55 UTCpanoramedia It's not cool to revert changes from users without waiting for their feedback. Especially when they have ground truth knowledge that you don't have.
22017-07-26 09:52:31 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi panoramedia, apologies. The Rason city looked like in forest and I was wondered by it. So reverted it! If it matches the ground truth, please revert my edit. Thanks
12017-07-25 05:14:27 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi panoramedia, I've noticed that the city "Rason" has been away of 4.93 K. Can I know the reason behind it?
22017-07-25 07:41:22 UTCpanoramedia The thing is, there actually is no city Rason. There is 라진 (Rajin) and 선봉 (Sonbom). Koreans like to build these composites, So Rason is a composite from the first syllables of both twin cities. It's als the name of the province and special economic zone. Thus I placed it inbetween the two pl...
32017-07-25 08:45:57 UTCpanoramedia You can learn more about the twin-city Rason here:
12017-07-17 05:08:36 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi LSL-map, Thanks for contributing. You've added parking lot and few buildings which were overlapping on roads. I've removed them. To learn basic map editing follow

12017-07-05 06:10:55 UTCChetan_Gowda Hola Naranjero, Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
This map is real map of the world. To learn editing go through You made changes to the large city names which are incorrect. Please be mindful while you edit. Let me know if you need help. : )


Hola Naranjero, Bienv...
12017-06-21 11:55:45 UTCmaxerickson Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

In the US, an amenity=hospital will be a large facility offering a wide range of services and probably inpatient care.

A medical office building with multiple offices providing a range of specialties is likely amenity=clinic. I've change this one just now. A...
22017-06-27 12:41:10 UTCChetan_Gowda Thanks for the warm welcome Max. Glad to meet you! amenity=hospital should be tagged for large buildings and big hospitals. Makes sense! I have tagged many clinics has hospitals in my native and in India. Learn't a new thing from you! Will keep in mind and change them.
12017-06-27 09:57:34 UTCDalkvist It is good that you tried to talk to the new user before doing the changes but perhaps give them a few days to respond (this was < 24h) not everyone checks osm every day like us :)

Especially when it is just small things like name as description it is a small and common error, some of you co...
22017-06-27 12:33:09 UTCChetan_Gowda The names were funny! That's wh Anyway giving the new mappers a week or two week's time makes sense. :) Thanks for the headsup Dalkvist.
12017-06-23 05:47:19 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi darkMegaLord, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You can start learn to edit using To add which type of crops grow in farm fields you can check these wiki's:
12017-06-22 07:18:52 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi RecklessRivers,
OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the world. This is the real map of the world. You added a fiction water in this changeset and it doesn't even exist in sort of imageries. Please be careful while you edit the map. To learn editing on OpenStreetMap, click https://learnosm.or...
12017-06-08 05:03:37 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Sabrina,
Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thanks for contributing. You can start learning editing through
and tag according to pre defined Map features

12017-06-05 06:55:02 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi badenk, Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. I think you accidentally created a long straight river Can you please take a look and revert it? It looks ugly on the map.

22017-06-05 08:51:10 UTCbadenk Hi Chetan:
Thanks for the notice! I think the change may have occurred when the editor barfed when I tried to merge two river sections that were too big.
I am not familiar with how to revert the errant change. What would be required? I could map the whole river again if needed, but that would n...
12017-05-29 06:48:43 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello Daniel, Welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM). This is the real map of the world. We map what exists on the ground. To learn editing go to and you've duplicated the buildings like Ripley's Aquarium, CN Tower and added Airport tunnel which doesn't even exists. Also the Gardiner E...
22017-05-29 07:28:01 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted this changeset:
12017-05-26 05:25:39 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi ggAokiki, welcome to OpenStreetMap. To learn editing follow this link You have added fiction data. OpenStreetMap is real world map.

こんにちはggAokiki、OpenStreetMapへようこそ。 編集を学ぶには、このリンクhttps://learnosm.orgに従ってくださ...
22017-05-26 14:06:23 UTCfriedl Hi,
I've reverted the changesets since they did not contain a lot of changes which should be preserved and waiting longer would have caused more conflicts due to changes of other users.
Changeset of revert:

32017-05-26 14:08:45 UTCfriedl Sorry, this is the changeset URL:
42017-05-27 08:04:06 UTCChetan_Gowda friedl, Thanks for the quick revert. All good here.
12017-05-26 06:01:40 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi aaronAoki, welcome to OpenStreetMap.
You added fiction data to map. This map is a real world map. Please be careful while you edit the map. To learn editing start with


22017-05-26 14:07:29 UTCfriedl Hi,
I've reverted the changesets since they did not contain a lot of changes which should be preserved and waiting longer would have caused more conflicts due to changes of other users.
Changeset of revert:

12017-05-22 07:52:31 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey Luke Carson, welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM). To learn editing go through You made a edit to the veterans memorial building as "park". I fixed back again to building.

12017-05-19 05:34:12 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Sinzed, welcome to OpenStreetMap. To learn editing, you can follow this link
12017-05-17 07:33:00 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello, welcome to OpenStreetMap. To learn editing go through You have created a displacement of major roads. Please be careful while you edit. I reverted the changeset to recover them back.


Hola, bienvenido a OpenStreetMap. Para conocer la edición de...
12017-05-17 07:24:04 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Welcome to OpenStreetMap. To learn editing, please go through You added a large hospital area, which I assume to be wrong. I have added residential tag back again.

12017-05-15 05:22:47 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi bb88, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. It's a free editable, shareable map of the world. Here we to add what's there on the ground and we will avoid fiction edits. You have added few parks, buildings randomly. I'm going to fix them now. Please follow to begin and learn editing. Let ...
12017-05-09 05:38:17 UTCHjart I believe this was unnecessary as there was a layer=1 on the building. I have reverted this changeset in order to reduce complexity of the road network
22017-05-10 17:06:29 UTCandygol Hey, Hjart!
There is wrong building tagging. You may check how to map complex building here -
And on the other hand the road that goes through the building should be tagged with `tunnel=building_passag...
32017-05-10 17:21:19 UTCHjart I do not agree that there is any "wrong building tagging here" . The "buildings" accross the road here are more like covered bridges between the buildings on either side of the road (See I would find it absolutely silly to...
42017-05-10 17:29:08 UTCHjart Also i believe it's quite inappropriate to link to the Simple 3D buildings article in this context (I have mapped a few and know it quite well).
52017-05-11 17:36:21 UTCChetan_Gowda Hjart, I agree for this. As these bridges are part of the Royal Library, we can move all connected bridges inside the multi-polygon and tag `layer = 1` and `bridge=yes` outside of multi-polygon.
12017-05-11 06:36:00 UTCChetan_Gowda Does this park really exists? There are big buildings inside the park?
22017-05-11 06:41:06 UTCtriboyeric Yes. Google maps shows the area all in green, and there is a "Shannon Mews Park" sign at the entrance. Kind of like a green garden in between the buildings, with walking paths.
32017-05-11 07:00:35 UTCChetan_Gowda That's very quick response. Great! Thank you.
42017-06-16 06:23:54 UTCkeithonearth @Chetan_Gowda, I'd like to thank for the response too. I saw it on the map, and was surprised for there to be so many buildings in a park, but your response and some googling has convinced me that it's tagged correctly.

As per the CoV website some buildings have come down, and others have gone up...
12017-05-10 07:06:36 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi floquet nicolas, You have tagged a construction to a very large area which is actually the farmland. The Laon Couvron Air Base is inside this farmland. I've fixed the tags for the multipolygon.

12017-05-09 06:14:01 UTCChetan_Gowda Hello, Welcome to the OpenStreetMap. To learn how to edit in go through this link: In the changeset, you have deleted a school building. Please do not delete others work. Let me know how I can help you.
12017-05-04 06:19:30 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey xronos_nisfi_import, can you point me the import catalogue or wiki. Also, it'd be good to have comments for every upload you do from this account.

22017-05-04 19:13:46 UTCxronos_nlsfi_import
32017-05-05 08:47:30 UTCChetan_Gowda Thank you for getting back!
12017-04-24 08:58:15 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Jerolli, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. It's a map of the real world, so we should map what is there on the ground. You added a park, paths, and residential road which does not exist on Bing and Mapbox imagery. Could you please fix this?
22017-04-24 21:34:01 UTCJerolli That park is real. I live in Llíria and you can see it on sources like Google Maps. I'm starting the editing of maps and if I've done anything wrong I'll try to correct it. My apologies
32017-04-25 07:31:31 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Jarolli, Thanks for getting back. As I didn't noticed park and road in imagery. I left a comment and deleted. I will revert my edits. My apology to you.

Happy mapping,
12017-04-14 08:10:38 UTCrab Do you have an Idea about how old this bing Images are?
22017-04-14 11:28:23 UTCrab reverted
32017-04-14 11:46:03 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey rab,
Thanks for the update. I've just loaded imagery from tasking manager. All water exists.

12017-04-14 09:26:21 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Kevenem, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. To learn editing please go through In this changeset, you have created a park on top of Airport Terminal. Please be careful while you edit.

12017-04-14 06:38:21 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Monica_G, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. To get started with tracing buildings correctly ,please follow these videos.
12017-04-07 05:27:55 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi syahrul hijaji2, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the world. In this changeset you have created large theme park. Please be careful while editing.

12017-04-05 11:16:34 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi glenntrepeta, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You have created buildings which are not matching either Bing or Mapbox Satellite imagery. Can I know the source of the tracing?

12017-04-04 06:00:56 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @ekisk, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. In this changeset you've deleted many existing points of interests and paths. l'm brought back all of them. Please be careful while editing.
12017-03-21 05:34:19 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Ciddi Adam, Welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM). OSM is free editable map of the world. You've done your first edit on major city name like Paris from editor. You added country name France for the city name Paris along with shop=bicycle tag. Be careful while you touch important city names. To ...
12017-03-09 06:12:31 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi theblitz1738, I appreciate your valuable work to OpenStreetMap. In this changeset, You have created buildings without exact shapes. The tracing should match to building footprints.
12017-03-01 05:54:40 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Megan3409, Welcome to OpenStreetMap.
To know how to edit in go through In this changeset, you have deleted major roads which caused major problems for routing. Reverting your changes now.
12017-01-16 06:43:57 UTCChetan_Gowda In this changeset also, you've deleted a existing road. It can be clearly seen from the BING imagery.
22017-02-25 21:37:19 UTCSomeoneElse @Chetan_Gowda does this need restoring?
32017-02-27 14:16:23 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi SomeoneElse, yes! Need restoring
42017-04-03 07:06:17 UTCizmickobe Sorry, if I happen to do something wrong.
Can you please restore it if possible?
Because I don't remember what I did.
12017-02-26 15:14:49 UTCpitscheplatsch Hallo Kaffeemühle, könntest du uns bitte mitteilen, warum so viele Wege in diesem Changeset entfernt wurden? See
22017-02-26 16:07:30 UTCpitscheplatsch reverted by
32017-02-27 11:45:13 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi pitscheplatsch, Thanks for fixing it quickly. Amazing!

12017-02-23 06:55:25 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Venkatesh, You are overlapping the roads with buildings. Make sure to edit in quality. Many times we reminded about this. Please avoid doing this and edit neatly in OpenStreetMap. Let me know if you need help.

Thank you,
12017-02-17 06:57:16 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi patlada, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I appreciate your work on buildings. Seems like you have duplicated lot of buildings. I'm going to fix all of these in JOSM. To learn editing buildings in OSM, please go through this tutorials: C...
12017-02-16 07:18:52 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @VLD001, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. The comment "#nsroadimport #thailand" saying it has road import. Is the import is documented in Import catalogue? Also, these roads are connected nowhere to other major roads. Can you please point me...
22017-02-28 01:26:04 UTCVLD001 Dear Chetan,

Thank you for your feedback and the welcome to OSM. Please see our wiki explaining our process as requested

As for connected roads please note we are starting with remote areas using a tasking manager so these...
12017-02-14 06:32:28 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Pespo, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. I see you are digitising buildings, but they are not matching to BING imagery. Can you cross check and correct them? Please go through steps to edit in OSM and also
12017-02-10 05:54:31 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi joao pedro2019, You have added lot of group of terraced buildings in this area. To Know much more about editing buildings watch this video Comment here, if you need more help.

22017-02-10 05:55:05 UTCChetan_Gowda Oi joao pedro2019, Você adicionou lote de grupo de prédios em terraços nesta área. Para saber mais sobre a edição de edifícios, assista a este vídeo Comente aqui, se você precisar de mais ajuda....
12017-02-09 08:05:15 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changes
12017-02-09 08:02:47 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changes
12017-02-09 08:00:37 UTCChetan_Gowda reverted the changes.
12017-02-09 07:45:46 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverting the changeset.
22017-02-10 22:46:50 UTCMikeN Hi and welcome to OpenStreetMap.

The previous message from Chetan_Gowda was a bit terse, but if you are trying to manipulate Pokemon then please stop. OSM accepts all edits that are based on reality. Intentional edits based on fiction are considered vandalism and will be removed.
12017-02-09 07:43:29 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset.
12017-02-09 07:23:43 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Tarciano10, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. As you are new mapper to the community, I would recommend to go through to edit better. You changed city name to the super market. Kindly do not change city names randomly. Please take some time to learn and edit better. Need help? ping h...
12017-02-09 06:56:55 UTCChetan_Gowda reverted the changes.
12017-02-09 06:46:24 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi alboslaya, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. As you are new mapper to the mapping community, I would recommend to go through to know edit better. You added lot of paths which is bad to OpenStreetMap database. Kindly do not edit randomly. Please take some time to learn and edit better...
12017-02-07 05:37:56 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi CarniLvr79, Can I know the source of mapping commercial areas in chunks? If you want to map commercial area, you can map in single closed polygon.

12017-02-06 07:23:23 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted this changeset to bring back deleted post office, residential road and removed some fictional footways.
12017-02-04 18:31:30 UTCpitscheplatsch Please stop deleting map objects! #pleasereview #LooksLikeVandalism
22017-02-06 06:44:28 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset.
32017-02-07 20:48:31 UTCPeda_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45897141 where the changeset comment is: Revert fictional data after several attempts to talk to the user
12017-02-04 14:20:11 UTCpitscheplatsch #pleasereview #LooksLikeVandalism
22017-02-06 05:17:14 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey Pascal, thanks for the comment. This is definitely vandalism. The major roads have been broken. As this is severe edit, I'm going to revert now. Thank you!

32017-02-06 17:01:49 UTCpitscheplatsch @Chetan_Gowda thanks! reverted by
42017-02-07 20:48:26 UTCPeda_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 45897141 where the changeset comment is: Revert fictional data after several attempts to talk to the user
12017-02-03 06:47:30 UTCChetan_Gowda This building is cool! No issues
12017-01-29 15:09:06 UTCpitscheplatsch #pleasereview fictional data
22017-02-03 06:47:03 UTCChetan_Gowda Cleaned the fiction stuff!
12017-01-29 15:09:28 UTCpitscheplatsch #pleasereview fictional data
22017-02-03 06:46:35 UTCChetan_Gowda Cleaned the fiction stuff!
12017-01-29 15:09:59 UTCpitscheplatsch #pleasereview fictional data
22017-02-03 06:46:12 UTCChetan_Gowda Cleaned fiction stuff!
12017-01-29 15:10:30 UTCpitscheplatsch #pleasereview fictional data
22017-02-03 06:45:33 UTCChetan_Gowda Cleaned all the fiction stuff!
12017-01-29 15:13:31 UTCpitscheplatsch Please stop adding fictive data!
22017-02-03 06:40:30 UTCChetan_Gowda Cleaned all the bad stuff. Thanks for the heads up @pitscheplatsch.
12017-01-29 15:10:11 UTCpitscheplatsch #pleasereview fictional data
22017-02-03 06:30:06 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @pitscheplatsch, thanks for commenting. You've done a great job in finding this fiction. I will be reverting all of these. Also, @Jcatchgo is a new user. New users tend to make mistakes. We can show them to edit on OpenStreetMap by It has wonderful tutorials for beginners.
12017-02-02 05:28:49 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Imstilllearningtheedittool, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You are doing great work. please continue to contribute free map. In this case you have added service roads but not connected to main roads. Please connect to the roads so that it's routable. To learn basic editing on OpenStreetMap follow this...
12017-01-25 09:59:14 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset!
12017-01-25 09:40:09 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi veena B S, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You can make free edits, share and download OpenStreetMap data. In this specific changeset, you have created fiction roads and gave personal/friend's names to them. Also, you have deleted a long water canal. Please avoid deleting and adding bad stuff. Please f...
12017-01-25 06:18:10 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @22nd Century Fox, Welcome to the OpenStreetMap (OSM). Every contribution in OSM is appreciated. Anyone can edit the map to make it beautiful data. To tag buildings in OSM, we should map separately instead of grouping them as one. You've created single large buildings in this changeset. Can you t...
12017-01-23 07:48:16 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi HSH Team, most of the service roads mapped are actually residential roads. Also, the "service=alley" will be used only if it's usually located between properties to provide access gardens, back entrances. Please read this for a quick understanding
12017-01-18 06:45:41 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi radler07, You are changing all the trial names into "gesperrt?". If they blocked from accessing, please get the ground truth information and update it. Remember that, you are updating to the main database of OpenStreetMap. Everyone can see the map. Please don't add ask questions on map ...
22017-01-18 06:46:15 UTCChetan_Gowda Hallo radler07, Sie ändern alle Testnamen in "gesperrt?". Wenn sie den Zugriff blockieren, erhalten Sie die Grundinformationen zur Wahrheit und aktualisieren Sie sie. Denken Sie daran, dass Sie in der Hauptdatenbank von OpenStreetMap aktualisieren. Jeder kann die Karte sehen. Bitte f&...
12017-01-17 07:35:55 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset and brought back the village polygon feature.
12017-01-17 07:35:21 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset and brought back the road features.
12017-01-17 07:34:27 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset and brought back the road name.
12017-01-17 07:33:41 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset and brought back the original name of the road.
12017-01-17 07:27:57 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset.
12017-01-17 07:26:06 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset.
12017-01-17 07:22:53 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset and brought back the real name of the road which existed since 2012.
12017-01-17 07:17:31 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset and brought back the footways.
12017-01-17 07:09:40 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi aleksey82, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You are free to edit any part of the world. In this changeset, you have deleted a main road which lasted for long days. I'm getting it back to OpenStreetMap. Please be careful while you edit and upload.
22017-01-17 07:10:05 UTCChetan_Gowda Привет aleksey82, Добро пожаловать в OpenStreetMap. Вы можете редактировать любую часть мира. В этом ревизией, вы удалили главную дорогу, которая длилась в течение долгих дней....
12017-01-16 06:40:48 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi izmickobe, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Thanks for contributing to the free editable map of the world. In this changeset, seem like you've deleted existing road. It might be accident.
12017-01-12 05:51:35 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Gã Trùm, You've created a large building on OpenStreetMap. This is incorrect way of tagging building. Please go through OSM Wiki: and also
22017-01-12 05:52:03 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Gã Trùm, bạn đã tạo một tòa nhà lớn trên OpenStreetMap. Đây là cách không chính xác tag cho tòa nhà. Hãy đi qua OSM Wiki: và cũn...
12017-01-12 04:27:10 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Gã Trùm, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. Your work is greatly appreciated. In this changeset you have deleted some of the service roads which were there from a long time. Please don't delete others work.
22017-01-12 04:27:43 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Gã Trùm, Chào mừng bạn đến OpenStreetMap. Công việc của bạn được đánh giá rất cao. Trong changeset này, bạn đã xóa một số con đường dịch vụ đó có từ một thời gian dài. Vui ...
12016-12-23 13:19:16 UTCChetan_Gowda Fixed the paths.
12016-12-23 05:36:39 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Dra9on107, Welcome to OpenStreetMap (OSM). You can edit good features on OSM to create database. Please go through to learn some basic editing. Once again, you can reply for this discussion to know much about OSM.
22016-12-23 06:47:37 UTCDavidKewley Chetan_Gowda, there are two chaotic footways here that do not improve the map. They appear to be attempts to get Pokemons to spawn -- I'm seeing this in my region too (25 new users today adding footways, some mentioning Pokemon). See any reason not to delete the two footways at this location?
32016-12-24 02:54:30 UTCandrewwiseman Maybe we can find out where they are hearing about this?
42016-12-24 03:07:18 UTCDavidKewley I think the instigation may include these two sources:
12016-12-21 08:06:21 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Itzel Barjau,

We noticed that lot of coffee and beauty shops were added in this changesets
Also, you have not replied for the old changeset discussion. We are going to take action on the...
12016-12-07 04:34:02 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi ciutadavng, You have created lot of POI's which were concentrated at one place. Can you please confirm the source of the POI's. I don't think lot of exists at one place.
12016-12-06 06:27:25 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi ErlynMedalle, Glad to know that you are contributing to OpenStreetMap. Project NOAH is great and shaping very neatly. In this changeset, you have added "building=yes" tag to all the features of OpenStreetMap. Can you take few minutes to delete all unnecessary nodes.
Thank you,
12016-12-01 04:02:00 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi J-ar, Nice to see that you are adding farm fields. The correct tag is "landuse=farmland" I think you added right one before and you changed to deprecated tag. Please retag it. Thank you.
12016-11-24 07:11:16 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi NANDJO, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You can learn editing by using this
12016-11-15 04:14:16 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi DrSeamons, linking comment discussion here.. In this changeset also, you've deleted many existing houses and streams. I'm going to revert the changeset and bring back the features. Please be careful while uploading. To get started with OpenStreetMa...
22016-11-15 07:20:41 UTCDavidKewley DrSeamons and Chetan_Gowda, I am concerned. Every single changeset by DrSeamons that I've looked at has deleted apparently valid objects without comment, often far displaced from objects being added. I'm concerned that every changeset done by DrSeamons will need to be reviewed, and many reverted. I ...
32016-11-15 07:57:03 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi DavidKewley, I have gone ahead and reverted 5 of DrSeamons' changesets. I think we can bring back the features by JOSM reverter plugin. Let me know, if you need help.
42016-11-15 08:30:26 UTCDavidKewley Hi Chetan_Gowda, no doubt we can bring back features, but since the pattern of deletions is big and active (e.g. several dozen likely damaging changesets in the past 24 hours, as well as earlier periods), I've gone ahead and written DWG. I'd like to get their thoughts rather than piecemeal review an...
52016-11-17 01:57:04 UTCDavidKewley I'm doing a detailed analysis of which of DrSeamons' changesets need reverting, which can remain, and which require care to repair (given subsequent editing of the affected area). Contact me for details, and meanwhile please don't revert without discussing here. DrSeamons, some of your changesets ar...
62016-11-17 10:13:08 UTCChetan_Gowda @DavidKewley, I have reverted 5 changesets which caused many residential houses/roads deletions. Yes, we will not revert any changesets without discussing here.
Thank you
12016-11-15 06:54:22 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset.
12016-11-15 06:52:31 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset.
12016-11-15 06:51:27 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset.
12016-11-15 06:50:48 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted the changeset.
12016-11-15 06:01:00 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi meganezaru1, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. To get started with OpenStreetMap, please follow this link In this changeset, you have deleted many buildings. Please be sure while delete some important features.

Thank you,
12016-11-15 03:57:27 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi DrSeamons, Welcome to the OpenStreetMap. In this changeset, you've deleted many existing houses and a residential road. I'm going to revert the changeset and bring back them. Please be sure before you upload any changes to the OpenStreetMap main database. For any queries, feel free to comment her...
12016-11-14 07:19:50 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi vquinn, welcome to OpenStreetMap. You are doing great work, please carry on. Also to get started with "how to map step-by-step" follow this link I will be cleaning some of the errors you've added to map.

Happy mapping,
12016-11-10 06:50:45 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi erickdeoliveiraleal,

You have deleted many existing features like water, streams which were present from long time. I assume you ran JOSM validator to clean some of the features. Can you look for this changeset and bring back some of the good features.

Thank you,
22016-11-10 18:31:10 UTCerickdeoliveiraleal In this changeset there's only nodes exclusions, not ways. This way is not possible that deletions of water streams is possible, if I'm right, in this changset there were exclusions of duplicated nodes, or editions of features. But if you see a exclusion of stream, please send me the id of the objec...
12016-10-28 10:19:07 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Nguyễn Đức Tâm, Welcome to the OpenStreetMap. In this changeset, you have created a lengthy road with bridge. Please be careful while adding the roads or any data.

Thank you,
22016-11-29 15:42:15 UTCSomeoneElse @Chetan_Gowda would a revert perhaps make more sense here to reinstate previous bridges such as ?
Or have you already looked at those and found them to be not useful?
12016-10-27 04:18:02 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @Rajesultanpur,

You are adding fictional road names and OSM is for good purpose. Please check your neighbourhood for real names of highways and add them.

Thank you,
12016-10-06 18:25:28 UTCindigomc Hello Sai Santh

Can you please provide some corroboration for the changes you have made to OSM please?

Thank you.
22016-10-06 18:35:16 UTCChetan_Gowda All this is mess around here!
12016-09-22 05:41:21 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Julie D,

Nice to know that you're contributing to OSM. Copying any names from Google is forbidden in OSM. Please avoid next time. You can map using your local knowledge or by any open dataset. Like CanVec!
12016-09-15 05:39:12 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted this changeset!
12016-09-15 05:24:41 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted this changeset!
12016-09-15 05:24:09 UTCChetan_Gowda Reverted this changeset.
12016-09-15 03:58:23 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi crazycarrot, Welcome to the OpenStreetMap. You can contribute to improve the OSM data and add more features what is there on the ground. I will be happy to help you. But in this change set you've deleted number of existing tracks, footways, service highways. Please don't delete features. I'm reve...
12016-09-13 07:04:43 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Cidomo Beruntung, Thanks for contributing to OSM. Here in this changeset you've deleted a region boundaries which were in relations to the "Tanintharyi" region.
Can I know the reason behind these mass deletions?
22016-09-13 08:02:18 UTCCidomo Beruntung Dear Chetan. the user gadm_happy apparently thought it would be a good idea to upload the "GADM database of Global Administrative Areas" from into OSM.
This is not good, as the boundary for islands and in the sea area should now go around every single island but shou...
32016-09-14 04:23:32 UTCChetan_Gowda This sounds good but instead of deleting all boundary regions one by one, "revert" the specific import changeset would be better idea.
42016-09-14 04:41:56 UTCCidomo Beruntung I wrote gadm_happy but no reply yet. I do not know the procedures of how to revert a whole changeset though. If you want to help with that?
52016-09-14 08:49:41 UTCChetan_Gowda Sure!! Can you share the conversation that you've sent to gadm_happy. Revert can be done in two ways.
1. JOSM Reverter Plugin
2. Web reverter (limited to only 200 objects )

Let me know when we can proceed with rev...
62016-09-25 08:09:46 UTCCidomo Beruntung Dear Chetan... here my message to gadm_happy.. but no reply yet..
Dear gadm_happy I have seen that you have imported the GADM database for Myanmar into OSM. YOu also inserted Myanmar font and admin level which is great. While it is good to include admin. areas into the OSM data, there are some issu...
72016-09-25 08:12:03 UTCCidomo Beruntung To revert might be a bit more complicated as GADM put some effort into it and on the terrestrial side (even though in my opinion it would be better to remove the dataset- others might find it rather useful).
If you think it is ok to revert, that please do this - but best to et some sort of feedback...
12016-09-08 12:56:34 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi GnasherNF I appreciate your contributions to OSM. :) In this changeset, you've created duplicate of many highways. Can you look back again and clean it up! Feel free to comment on this changeset, if you need help. Happy to help.

22016-09-08 23:02:34 UTCGnasherNF Hi Chetan. Thanks for the feedback and the oversight. If there is a quick way to identify duplicates, let me know. I will start to manually review. Thanks!
32016-09-08 23:26:24 UTCGnasherNF Just double-checked my work from yesterday. Must have been an issue with my browser cache...there were no roads showing when I started drawing, but there are two sets now. Duplicates removed. Thanks again Chetan!
42016-09-09 18:14:13 UTCChetan_Gowda Great!!
12016-09-02 05:45:21 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @TriziaM I appreciate your valuable work on OSM. Here in this changeset, you've created many many duplicate buildings. Can you take a look at this and try to clean them out. If you want help from me, reply to this comment.

12016-08-29 11:14:37 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi dido3,
I appreciate your effort in improving the map. In this changeset you have deleted many residential area which are surrounding the villages. Can I know the reason and behind this deletion?

22016-08-29 11:56:22 UTCdido3 Hi. I am currently uploading a new very detailed polygon mosaic that is topologically clean. Old polygons will mess-up with the mosaic and have to be deleted.
12016-08-22 04:21:03 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @hayashi,
Great to know that you are improving OSM in Japan. In this changeset you have deleted the town hall which appears on every imageries like Japan GSI layer/Bing, and Mapbox Satellite. Curious to know that hall is not existing or not?

22016-08-22 14:46:30 UTChayashi Hi !
Its a Revert changesets from google maps data, discussed on talk-ja.
This Town hall is refered from GoogleMap.
please create a new POI.

32016-08-23 17:18:22 UTCChetan_Gowda Thank you for the information hayashi. It'd be helpful to post the link of talk-ja here. Community can see the response. :)

12016-08-19 03:39:33 UTCnammala Hi kirbert,

May I know the reason behind deleting the roads in the park.

Happy mapping,

22016-08-19 08:34:33 UTCKirbert There's a lot of nonexistent roads on the Georgia map, so I delete a lot of roads. These didn't seem to exist in the satellite photos -- at least, not in the locations shown. If they are there but that well camouflaged, well, I apologize.
32016-08-23 04:00:47 UTCChetan_Gowda Looks like Kirbert deleted very old and bad TIGER highways which does not exists in Satellite photos. Not a problem because TIGER is not a exact source. It will differ a lot from the actual ground in some regions.
42016-08-23 04:10:38 UTCKirbert 95% of my editing is deletion, mainly that ridiculous camo paint job all over Georgia. If I see a road that's really there but just out of place, I'll move it. There are LOTS of roads -- especially service roads -- on the Georgia map that simply don't exist, though, shown going through corn fields...
12016-08-11 04:06:57 UTCika-chan! UK Back then the Bing or Mapbox Sat imagery must have been dreadful, I guess.
22016-08-11 08:03:06 UTCChetan_Gowda Yes. @Amaroussi. :)
12016-08-08 10:47:28 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Amaroussi,

In this changeset, you've created new highways, modified old geometries and, deleted many ways. Can I know the main "source" while you are editing. Except Wikipedia, I didn't get any legal source to cross check. It'd be good check once and fix some missing roads. If you ...
22016-08-08 16:56:13 UTCika-chan! UK Hi,

The ways relating to the ORR were created jointly with Bing and MapBox as the main imagery, as well as my existing personal knowledge that the bikes are banned for obvious reasons: these are openly available on JOSM, but you can help me improve it further because there is a backlog of unmapp...
12016-08-04 22:03:10 UTCSomeoneElse Hi,
First of all, thanks for mentioning the problems here over at in a diary entry.
However, I notice that you've done a bit of "fixing" of the resulting mess in this and a few other changesets. I'm sure that this is well inten...
22016-08-08 06:40:45 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Andy,

Thanks for this note! I intended on doing some fixing of issues I noted, I'd be happy to revert my changesets if this will make a full revert easier. I had a total of 15 changeset:

32016-08-08 08:15:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hi Chetan - Thanks for the list!
12016-08-05 16:05:45 UTCindigomc A number of ancillary buildings around the Taj, as well as the platform that it stands on appear to have been deleted in this changeset and not replaced.
22016-08-06 04:48:09 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi indigomc, I was adding 3D data to Taj. The previous data of Taj mahal was just a small building tag with many name tags. As I was constructing newly, I deleted them and added details to it. At that time, I never knew that we could copy tags from building to other. Thanks for adding name tags to i...
12016-07-28 06:47:13 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @rleon All the roads you have marked here are not under OpenStreetMap hierarchy. "Unclassified" roads can be traced to connect from one locality to another locality.
12016-07-15 18:34:08 UTCElliottPlack Chetan, I noticed that the Wikidata article on OSM wiki points to a relation that was deleted in this changeset. See

Perhaps you can add the wikidata link back to the proper way / relation which best...
22016-07-18 09:46:16 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @ElliottPlack, Surely. I will go ahead and add Wikidata info for Taj Mahal. Thanks for sharing.

12016-07-15 07:14:48 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Masan_DK, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. I've noticed that you have added overlapping buildings here in this changeset. Can you take some time to cleanup these. Also, the "road" tag need to be changed to "residential" and should be connected to the main road.


12016-07-13 08:02:25 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @hg87351, Great to know that you are adding LPU to map. While checking the OSM tags and buildings, I came across few errors in your edits all around LPU campus.

To trace building levels or more building features, you can go through the wiki:
12016-06-24 06:39:25 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @AhmedSDN, you are really doing great contribution to OpenStreetMap. I appreciate as a community member. :)

The thing I noticed in your digitisation of buildings is not correct, I mean lands should not be the part of "building=yes" tag. If you can't see buildings very clearly in i...
22016-06-24 14:07:01 UTCAhmedSDN Hey @Chetan_Gowda, thank you for your feedback. The problem in Sudan, that 99% of the houses are buildings and yards surrounded by walls. Moreover, the houses have common walls, so it is very difficult to identify each house individually. I would kindly ask you to do an example for you suggestion in...
32016-06-28 05:51:26 UTCChetan_Gowda Ahmed, Nice to know that the community of Sudan is active. I'd love to mark the walls as "barrier = wall" and add buildings inside the wall area. I think, this is the best idea.

Always the mapping should match to the ground information. For any clarifications, comment here.

12016-06-24 06:09:09 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @kishorea, Thanks for contributing to OpenStreetMap. Need more mappers in India! :)
One thing I've observed is, you have added "landuse = farmland" for every point of this polygon Normally, landuse = farmland should be added to clo...
22016-06-24 07:40:12 UTCkishorea Hi Chetan,

That was an accidental mistake because when I created the feature in JOSM the way was not closed and all the points got assigned the landuse attribute.

Thanks for pointing this out. I've corrected it.
32016-06-28 05:39:46 UTCChetan_Gowda Great!! :) Happy mapping.
12016-06-20 11:28:21 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @Ro Sun welcome to openstreetmap. You have changed the "Prithvi Highway" type from trunk to primary.
I have made changes to the road and corrected the junction (Prithivi chowk) too. Please go through highways classifications from wiki here....
12016-06-10 13:36:10 UTCChetan_Gowda Thanks for catching this and fixing it!!
12016-06-07 13:08:43 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @Keith Tsukuda, There are many over lapping buildings present in this changeset. Can you take some time to clean these up and make a comment here. For help please go through this wiki.

Happy mapping

12016-06-07 11:49:52 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @mike140, your comment says you've copied data from Wikimapia. Please don't use Wikimapia data. For more information please read this.
22016-06-07 12:15:49 UTCandygol Доброго дня, @mike140!

Не треба використовувати Вікімапію для додавання даних в ОСМ! Не зважючи на подібність до ОСМ, Вікімапія має несумісну з ОСМ ліцензію. Використу...
32016-06-07 15:36:27 UTCKilkenni Верно написали. Пожалуйста, не используйте Викимапию напрямую для рисования!
Она подходит как референс для поисков в открытых источниках с совместимыми лицензиям...
12016-06-07 07:36:43 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @Dibloni Innocent seems like you have duplicated the bus stops and added bad segment of roads at "Boulevard T Reongo".
12016-06-02 06:54:36 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @aygulya, seems like you forgot to tag "building=yes" for buildings. It's not "area=yes" for buildings. Please go through this wiki on how to tag buildings. and
12016-05-27 12:22:15 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @wondogenet, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. OSM is free editable map and you con contribute more by adding right information to it. Seems like you've deleted lot of roads in this changeset. It'd be better not delete others work when they put lot of their time in mapping. :)

12016-05-17 10:04:39 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @Multi Pass, some lonely nodes left on OSM when you were simplifying the national park, can you take some time to clean all these lonely nodes.
22016-05-17 10:46:39 UTCMulti Pass Thanks for pointing them out. I will take care of it.
32016-05-18 06:30:20 UTCChetan_Gowda Great!! : )
12016-05-17 11:22:44 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @joaquin nandez, Spain already exists on OSM. You've created fictional roads, buildings. I'm going to revert all your changesets. 39352623, 39344079, 39336734, 39336440, 38525071, 38524931, 38524326 and 38524307.
12016-05-16 14:03:52 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @joaquin nandez, Welcome to OpenStreetMap. You are free to contribute to OSM unless you don't add some fiction buildings, roads. I see all your edits are in sea. Can you take some time to read OSM wiki and practice good editing. Thank you :)
12016-05-10 13:36:42 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @Kostik, Can you please tell what are all the deletions that you done in this changeset. Your comment says you've fixed some duplicate nodes but I see ways are also deleted. Please feel free comment on this changeset.
12016-05-06 10:39:22 UTCChetan_Gowda @SanjeevKumarT this building is not a multipolygon. You can delete multipolygon tag. It's not necessary.
22016-05-06 16:08:18 UTCSanjeevKumarT Hi chetan,

Thanks for your feedback. Of course i will correct this mistake....
12016-05-06 10:15:46 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @SanjeevKumarT welcome to OpenStreetMap. I appreciate your mapping and contribution to OSM. I see many roads/living_streets traced with "access=private" tags. I don't think they are all privately accessed. Please try to map by referring to India OSM Wiki: http://wiki.openstreetmap.or...
22016-05-06 16:05:30 UTCSanjeevKumarT Hi Chetan,

Thanks for your feedback about my work. I will correct those mistakes as soon as possible. I have a doubt regarding residential highways and living streets, will you please help me to find out the difference between these two types of roads?
32016-05-06 19:47:45 UTCSanjeevKumarT Hi Chetan,

Hope so i have corrected those mistakes. Kindly please review my edits and let me know if there is any errors, so that i can fix them.
12016-04-27 07:27:11 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @tchokona, Please mention what is the imagery used to trace all the buildings in the changeset. It'd be helpful for other OSM contributors to know easily.

Thank you.

12016-04-19 11:37:15 UTCchetan_labuildings Hey @SReed,

Seems like you've deleted others work in HOTOSM project. Please do not delete other's work. It's always a good practice to keep others work and their history. You can modify them.

Feel free to comment on this changeset.
22016-04-19 11:38:40 UTCChetan_Gowda Sorry for the above account's reply. This is also my account.
12016-04-13 05:33:52 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @Verdy_p,
This is huge changeset which covers the whole world. What are the changes that you've made here?
22016-04-13 05:38:11 UTCVerdy_p No it is not huge, a few nodes updated in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, reference the land-area relations for French overseas from the territorial relations (because of a previous contact by someone that did not find these relations), and nothing else !
Do you know that France covers areas on all conti...
32016-04-13 05:49:03 UTCVerdy_p In summary the affected zones are only islands of the French Antillas, Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon where a a sline lake was updated to include an islet and refine the border, two islands in New Caledonia, the small island of Cliperton and a few tags for islands in New Caledonia (fixing also a terrest...
42016-04-13 05:57:44 UTCVerdy_p As you are working in India, India is in the bounding box of the changeset, but there was absolutely no change in India (or anywhere in Asia).
The computed bounding box of the changeset is a bad indicator here. the affected zones are small maritime areas in North-West Atlantic, in the Caribbeans, a...
52016-04-13 06:01:46 UTCVerdy_p In fact the "computed" bounding box of the changeset that you see here is even larger than the reality (it is rounded by "quadtiles")
62016-04-13 12:21:07 UTCSomeoneElse It'd also be useful to know what the source was :)
72016-04-14 01:01:45 UTCsmaprs Now the name of our neighbor in the map is France, not French Guiana anymore :
82016-04-14 02:29:36 UTCVerdy_p So what is the problem?

This is effectively France, whose "Guyane" (official French name of the French Guiana) is a standard region and a standard department. French Guiana is not a self-governed and sovereign country. In the past it has been a territory, but it opted locally for the fu...
92016-04-14 02:39:40 UTCVerdy_p In fact there's a single exception with a different tagging only for one of the districts of the TAAF that is located in Antarctica (the inclusion is partial.

But the change on Guyane was not related to this: I only attached its land area to its territorial area, and did not change the boundary a...
102016-04-14 03:04:56 UTCVerdy_p Also the change in this Gyanese relation has nothing to do with the fact that the default map displays "France". The map now displays correctly everywhere the country at level 2, including in exclaves. This relation has never been at level 2 and I did not change the level in that changeset...
112016-04-14 10:33:41 UTCsmaprs Ok, not questioning on recognition of sovereign country, but seems weird, every World Map I've seen have highlighted local name of territories, not omitting it. Imagine every Pacific Ocean islands only with country name.
122016-04-14 12:00:09 UTCVerdy_p But this is not this changeset that did that. the OSM rendererer just displays now the country at level 2 (if it can be located), not a higher level.
Previously it did not display anything and displayed a label only for the largest area in a boundary, but not in any exclave (this was also true for ...
132016-04-14 12:03:36 UTCVerdy_p Note: every island already display their country name (before that change in the renderer, it was almost impossible to see their country name anywhere, and often not even the name of a higher level as it was visible at high zoom levels where they were hidden and replaced by city names). Once again t...
142016-04-14 12:07:20 UTCVerdy_p In summary this is not a problem of OSM data, but a problem of renderers to select which labels to display when they compete for the same display area: this is tuned in Mapnik rendering rules by hiding showing/hiding labels depending on zoom levels.
12016-04-07 07:36:09 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi SebM, The imported buildings overlaps over lot of roads and individual buildings are imported as group of buildings in this changeset. Please take a look and rework on it. Feel free to comment here. :)
22016-04-07 19:08:42 UTCSebM Hi,
Roads and buildings should now be correct.
12016-03-25 08:59:23 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey cdavila, can you please verify this big changeset? It covers 4 continents. Also, most of your changesets covers big areas. This shouldn't happen.
22016-03-25 11:27:34 UTCcdavila I'm correcting different errors in bank and atm tagging all around the world, so the changesets cover those big areas you see, it's intended. Thanks for taking care about it.
32016-03-25 17:41:15 UTCRovastar It is better when doing edits of this nature to give a little more detail in the changeset description.

For example
Change name: Banco Santander --> Santander
42016-03-25 18:04:45 UTCcdavila OK, I'll have that in mind
12016-03-25 05:55:43 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @RuthSH, welcome to OpenStreetMap. You are just adding name tags. Please take a look of exact tags.
12016-03-22 10:20:10 UTCChetan_Gowda Please look for imagery. Only if you see the roads in the imagery (Bing, Mapbox Satellite), map it.

There are lot of roads to split and rework on them in this changeset.
12016-03-21 12:22:49 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi anusha,

Great progress in mapping roads. Improved in tagging roads. Few observations here to rework too.
1. Always split the roads -|||h...
22016-03-21 12:36:47 UTCChetan_Gowda Sorry the above links are broken!!
12016-03-14 11:20:42 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @anushakavali,
Great to see your edits and nice progress on the task. And also I observe most of the roads in this changeset should be reworked. `Unclassified` road can't be tagged for temporary paths/tracks.

For more information (India Highway wiki) :
22016-03-14 17:00:02 UTCanushakavali Hi @Chethan_Gowda,
Glad to receive a feedback from your end based on the task I have accomplished. I have made a couple of changes in "Task #68". If you could look into it and give your feedback again I can proceed with correcting and road tracking other blocks as well.
32016-03-16 09:00:36 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @anushakavali,

@manings has already commented on your changeset number: 37824465. Link is here.

And also, whatever the `unclassified` roads you've mapped must be `path` (Only human can) or `track` (used for agr...
12016-03-15 09:11:52 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @00crashtest,

Seems like you're changing major roads tags. I have observed that you've made change to US 101 from highway=primary to trunk which is incorrect. I have reverted your 2 changesets : 37704797, 37704671.

Feel free to post your comment on this changeset.

12016-03-15 05:43:02 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @osm0123456789,
Seems like you have imported lot of data. According to the OSM import guidelines, the imports must be added to the wiki and should mention correct "source" to it.
12016-03-14 12:38:22 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Manisha,

Nice to see your edits on OpenStreetMap. Seems like you haven't downloaded data before mapping. You've created many unnecessary roads on major trunk roads. Please ensure to download new data before you map and upload.

22016-03-15 08:08:29 UTCManisha Garade Hi Chetan,

Thanks for getting back! I will work on it.
12016-03-09 09:18:56 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey geopeppe,
The imports must be documented in OSM wiki. Can you clarify these 3 questions.

1. The buildings are in cluster not as individual ones.
2. The source of the data is not clear.
3. There's no documentation of the import.

And the github issue is open to clear all the confusion...
12016-02-11 06:27:47 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi @DaGal, You should not use Google Street View to add data to OSM.
22016-02-11 06:52:33 UTCJothirnadh @DaGal You should not be using Google as a source of information for addition of any data on OSM. Look in here for more information -

Also there is some excellent documentation about OSM can be ...
12016-02-10 08:02:08 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @bstrasz looks like you are using Google Street view. You should not be using Google as a source of information for addition of any data on OSM. Look in here for more information.
22016-02-10 09:08:06 UTCbstrasz I'm sorry, I wrote the commentary on Polish so you can't understand everything. My data are not only from Google. I live around there and that's the main source for me. It was helpful to tell how much floors each house have.
32016-02-10 13:47:39 UTCChetan_Gowda Great! Local knowledge for mapping is always good. Happy happing : )
12016-02-09 06:36:25 UTCChetan_Gowda Hey @wlh_171, you should not Google Tms for mapping in OSM. This could be certainly vandalism. Please don't use google.
22016-12-26 12:44:51 UTCSomeoneElse_Revert This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 44681670 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some derived objects in China
12016-02-01 07:03:14 UTCChetan_Gowda Hi Sebarga Shozodalaisov, You are doing well for OpenStreetMap. I appreciate that. It'd be very nice to leave comments before uploading. Thank you. : )
12016-01-21 13:58:26 UTCChetan_Gowda @deepank I checked your edits, looks like the there is imagery level difference. I'd suggest you to map by keeping Bing imagery at least zoom level of 19 or in 28 meters. (You can see in JOSM on the top left hand side)

And, also I observed that the comment remains the same for any changes. Comm...
12015-10-29 07:20:20 UTCpratikyadav That is so nice. Thank you for adding kannada names.
22016-01-13 08:51:52 UTCChetan_Gowda Thanks. @pratikyadav
12015-12-22 17:29:15 UTCdannykath Please, realign this way
22016-01-12 06:59:08 UTCChetan_Gowda @dannykath, thanks for finding this. Realigned the building.
12015-12-22 17:28:29 UTCdannykath Please realign this building
22015-12-22 17:31:11 UTCdannykath Please realign this building
32016-01-12 06:53:29 UTCChetan_Gowda @dannykath, realigned the buildings.
12015-12-22 17:32:07 UTCdannykath Please realign these buildings.
22016-01-12 04:50:17 UTCChetan_Gowda @dannykath, The first building is quite clearly mapped. Don't need to realign. And the second building is realigned. Thank you for finding this.
12015-06-12 15:09:47 UTCGlassman I removed the road. It doesn't exist last time I drove through the park.
22015-11-13 13:12:03 UTCChetan_Gowda Great!! @Glassman.
12015-08-17 20:05:21 UTCbbmiller In the satellite view there doesn't appear to be a railroad crossing at this intersection.
22015-08-18 05:07:45 UTCChetan_Gowda Thanks for the feedback. It looks like abandoned railway. As there was railway line, I added the crossings. Now I deleted the crossings
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