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12018-01-13 17:45:09 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:45:00 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12018-01-13 17:42:08 UTCPlaneMad Hello!
I reviewed your changeset on OSMCha and it looks great!
Thank you very much for your contributions to OpenStreetMap!
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12017-08-07 06:53:26 UTCoormilavinod hey indigomc! welcome to OSM. I observed that you have pulled a road causing bad angled roads. please make sure you be little more careful while making edits. I have corrected the errors happy mapping !!
12017-04-11 16:09:03 UTCmuzirian for gothuruth church park, i think playground tag suits better.
And for many school grounds retagged, recreation grounds will be a better match
22017-04-13 19:20:20 UTCindigomc I believe that was a quite broadbrush approach on my part, essentially I changed all larger areas that did not have play equipment visible in them. Some may have been wrong.
12017-02-21 07:16:22 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi, I don't think Bidar is spelled as "Bidara". Website - Wiki -
22017-02-21 21:23:54 UTCindigomc Hi. The name on the map (name tag) is Bidar. At one time I was adding Kannada names, and auto transliterating these into Latin letters. Whether the KN name should be ಬೀದರ or ಬೀದರ್, Bidara or Bidar is arguable; the wikipedia page gives the first, the district page has nothing in KN ...
32017-02-24 09:45:28 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. I don't speak Kannada and thus don't know which one is right. I was actually talking about the name:en tag (I should have mentioned it in the first comment!).

OSM is rendering name tag, but others like are rendering name:en tag. Well, it's opto them to render whatever they w...
42017-02-25 20:42:16 UTCindigomc I'm confident that the Kn name is normally ಬೀದರ Bidara, but I agree that it is most often written Bidar in Latin letters. As I said, I was transliterating the names at one time, but I don't think I was consistent whether I used name or name:kn. The current name could be replaced. As to askin...
52017-03-10 16:33:51 UTCSrihari Thalla Hey, how do you translate? Do you use any JOSM plugins? It would be very helpful for me translating names in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to Telugu!
62017-03-12 08:22:14 UTCindigomc Hi; the problem will be that the pronunciation of 'English' (latin) writing is poorly defined, especially in regard to India where every Indian and English speaker can pick how they write any name. So it can be difficult to deduce how something is pronounced in Telugu, Kannada et.c. You might be abl...
72017-03-15 05:45:13 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi. I speak Telugu. I am pretty sure I know how 99.9% names are written from English to Telugu (except the rarest of the rarest). Yes, please share the software. I am a PHP developer, but can understand Python. I'd love to see how it would be useful for me! You can send an email to thallasrihari at ...
12017-02-25 12:38:15 UTCmueschel Hi, could you check this way?
Something went wrong with the name tag.
Cheers, Jan
12017-02-16 07:54:46 UTCFashionHappoz Happoz-mobile back covers

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22017-02-16 07:57:45 UTCFashionHappoz
12016-12-07 17:14:27 UTCSrihari Thalla Hi! We don't have "district" suffixes in the district names. Updating them.
12015-10-28 18:45:49 UTCGerdP please review node 1694864351:
It was tagged highway=roundabout,
I've corrected this to junction=roundabout,
but it may also be a highway=mini_roundabout.
12015-06-21 05:11:49 UTCHeinz_V Why did you delete the ref-tag of Saradhana?
22015-06-21 10:40:16 UTCindigomc Sorry. The village is correctly named Saradhana but the station is Saradhna. So since the first is the more common name, I changed the station to Saradhana, then couldn't find a ref for it, so I deleted it. I've changed it back the way it was.
12015-02-02 05:47:22 UTC0123456789 What were the names that you added here?
22015-02-02 15:48:10 UTCtrigpoint It is name:kn. Must admit I have never seen that used in Leicester
32015-02-02 15:54:36 UTCtrigpoint What is the source of this changeset, can you point at on the ground evidence?
42015-02-02 17:42:54 UTCindigomc They were thenames written in other languages / scripts
52015-02-02 18:01:12 UTCindigomc Sorry, what's that about on the ground evidence, trigpoint? Presumably this relates to Leicester. The names are added so that a map can be created written in another language. What evidence do you need to write it in another script? They are just a transcription of the spoken name.
62015-02-03 17:46:04 UTCSomeoneElse Ethnologue ( says that there are > 7000 languages in the world. Taginfo ( says that there are 44,000,000 names in OSM. Clearly it makes no sense to have every name translated or "soundalike transliterated" ...
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