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12017-05-11 07:27:47 UTCnammala Hi Peng-Chung

Could you please mention the Imagery source of adding this data

12017-04-24 10:44:24 UTCnammala Hi Peng-Chung,

May I know the reason behind changing the place type to `city` as the wiki says it was `town`

22017-04-24 13:59:07 UTCPeng-Chung Thanks for this Mammala!

Tongzhou was a county-level city before 2009, and was merged by Nantong City in 2009. However, it is still in a ten-year '2010-2019' transit period, during which Tongzhou is financially independent from the city of Nantong, unlike the other two districts (namely Chongchua...
32017-04-24 14:35:14 UTCnammala Thanks for getting back Peng.

Best regards,
12017-04-16 12:03:31 UTCcapsa domino
12017-03-24 09:55:56 UTCPlaneMad Wikipedia says Reading is a town. Any reason you changed it to a city?
22017-04-10 05:19:51 UTCPeng-Chung Thanks for this PlaneMad! It was a mistake actually. I will fix this...
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