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12017-08-20 17:46:10 UTCJarek Piórkowski I undid the removal of No Frills in per comments in
12017-02-24 05:08:41 UTCkeithonearth Thanks for adding this Francois. I've seen a couple new stations, but both times I checked and you've already added them.
22017-02-24 07:34:44 UTCfmarier I have a cronjob which runs daily so I can find out about new stations and survey them in person :)
32017-03-14 21:15:00 UTCkeithonearth That's rad. It sure beats my method of checking OsmAnd when I ride past a new station. I wish I had your python skills.
12016-04-09 15:03:41 UTCSupaplex I think its a mislabel of "南山" Building's Starbucks.
22016-04-09 15:08:16 UTCfmarier I went past that block today and I didn't see a Starbucks on that corner.
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