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12017-10-08 05:58:05 UTCdgitto Hi. How do you know the range of the lighthouse is 25.92 miles?
It's a strange value :-)
22017-10-08 15:32:49 UTCpizzaiolo From
32017-10-09 06:23:36 UTCdgitto It's a small problem, but clearly is a mistake of the Wikipedia page. It is a nosense the 2-digits of resolution. You should follow the link to NGA database or other sources. (Wikipedia is just a tertiary source of information) it's 26 nautical miles. Cheers
42017-10-09 17:17:13 UTCpizzaiolo Sorry for the mishap, and thanks for reviewing my edit!
12017-07-17 08:35:22 UTCnammala Hi pizzaiolo,

May I know the reason behind adding this feature in the changesets which has irregular tagging combinations.

22017-07-17 10:59:27 UTCpizzaiolo Hi nammala, thanks for reviewing the changes. I'm generally following the conventions at

Is there any specific tag that you'd like to discuss?
32017-07-17 12:44:17 UTCnammala I am concerned about the admin tag where the small area is being tagged as admin tagged and also the place tag which you have been added
42017-07-17 12:46:13 UTCpizzaiolo I don't think it was my intention back then to mess with admin-related tags, so feel free to change back any mistakes you found there, if you wish.
52017-07-17 12:50:03 UTCnammala I am not much familiar about the admin boundaries so can you please cross check and take necessary action on this way
62017-07-17 14:01:28 UTCpizzaiolo How can I check with iD? I can't really use JOSM.
72017-07-17 14:07:10 UTCnammala you can check the tags , and deleted the unnecessary tags.
12017-07-14 21:37:52 UTCcapiscuas Dankegon pro tiu rapidega ĝisdatigo.
22017-07-14 22:59:11 UTCpizzaiolo Senprobleme ;)
12017-03-20 12:39:15 UTCjoost schouppe are there really two libraries?
22017-03-20 15:46:07 UTCpizzaiolo It's more like a specific section inside the library, so, for the lack of a better tag, library does it. Relevant Wikipedia entry:
12017-03-03 19:03:27 UTCthuukena Iaorana est-ce que tes modifications sont visible sur le calque principal ?
22017-03-03 21:46:11 UTCpizzaiolo Sorry, my French is awful. Do you mean to ask if my changes are visible in the main map? Yes, but only for Esperanto-speakers and Portuguese speakers. For anyone else, it makes no difference.
32017-03-03 22:11:51 UTCthuukena Oh i'm sorry,thx for your answer ok ok thing is my changes aren't visible in the main map but when i share in svg format they are in .. it's weard ..
12017-02-06 11:32:57 UTCwambacher please do not remove any boundary tags. otherwise the boundary is "gone".
22017-02-26 07:14:43 UTCnyuriks please do not remove the wikidata tag - they are critical for data validation and cross-referencing with external data for wikipedia
12016-01-29 07:05:04 UTCGeaquinto Oi, tudo bom? Notei que você adicionou a tag natural=wood não só aqui no Parque da Pedra Branca, mas na Serra do Engenho Novo.

Você poderia não fazer isso novamente? Isso é um pouco prejudicial para monitorar onde há necessidade de mapeamento de cob...
22016-01-29 11:38:23 UTCpizzaiolo Ok, sem problemas! :)
12014-12-31 12:17:38 UTCchillly This edit has added alleys (known locally as ten foots) as residential roads. Was this surveyed or added from aerial imagery alone? A survey would have shown how wrong this is.

I'm tempted to revert this edit, as the quality is too poor.
22015-01-05 20:19:29 UTCpizzaiolo Hi there! This was based on aerial imagery and a comparison with Google Maps. Feel free to revert it if you wish. Cheers.
32015-01-05 20:34:09 UTCchillly Any use of Google maps breaks their terms of use. Comparing with G maps tempts you into copying from it if you see more detail. This is, of course, forbidden. I suggest to leave G maps completely alone when editing OSM. I reverted your edit and replaced it with a more accurate edit based on aerials ...
12014-12-23 11:27:56 UTCSkippern Favor adicionar comentario no seu conjuntos de edicao, e difícil verificar o que fui alterado se não ha.
12014-12-15 05:12:09 UTCpizzaiolo Mistakenly tagged as hotosm
12014-12-02 10:54:31 UTCtomlee721 Why "大潭山" be a circle now?
22014-12-03 19:03:54 UTCpizzaiolo I'm sorry, this was an accident. How can I revert it?
32014-12-04 09:01:00 UTCtomlee721 I have been fixed. But need a few day to let the map process to the original.
42014-12-04 11:54:10 UTCpizzaiolo Thank you. Again, I'm sorry!
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