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12017-11-18 22:24:59 UTCdieterdreist Hi, why do you think Roma Ostiense is light rail?
22017-12-08 01:20:03 UTCdieterdreist or Roma Termini? I believe this is an automated edit, there is no factual background.
32017-12-08 16:35:20 UTCdieterdreist Can you please explain, what your sources are?
42017-12-08 17:54:26 UTCdieterdreist Roma Tiburtina, Orte, ...
I'm fixing the problems as I find them, many main stations which are part of the highspeed network have been downgraded to light rail stations in this changeset. No answer so far...
12017-10-12 08:33:11 UTCPiskvor Hello, where did you find out about "station=light_rail" on all those stations? The changeset is factually wrong in all the railway stations, last I checked this morning, it was the exact opposite of "light" rail
22017-10-16 22:15:42 UTCPiskvor station=light_rail reverted in

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