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12017-06-29 05:12:40 UTCFatPhil This change is completely bogus - that building is the restaurant Tabac.
12017-06-19 14:39:12 UTCkaritotp Hi fidcastro, you added a website link to this highway. Can i know why the highway have this type of tag? Thank you
12017-04-26 08:13:47 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi fidcastro, you entered in way/31737880 a strange tag: wikipedia=http..openstreetmap...
KR, Alex
12017-03-29 08:37:09 UTCCarnildo Wrong "Grandfather Mountain". The links you added were for one in North Carolina, not the one in Idaho.
22017-04-18 09:41:32 UTCfidcastro Hi Carnildo, thank you for reverting the data. The attributes were added in error. I have reached out to OSM editors working in North Carolina. The other Grandfather Mountain is now searchable in nominatim and we are actively working to improve that data. Many thanks, Castro."
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