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12017-11-08 20:45:12 UTCwoodpeck Hello DenisJu, in this changeset you are modifying a lot of roads that were part of an buggy import from 2010 (changeset 4557844 et al.). I'm unsure what the legal situation of the data source is; there's a wiki page that seems to be con...
22017-11-12 10:22:46 UTCDenisJu Hallo Frederik!
Danke für deine Nachricht.
Ich kenne die "AlbanianFloodingCrisisCamp"-WikiSeite nicht, aber hab einige von diesen Namen während der Editierung gesehen.
Ich werde einen Blick mal draf werfen und besser/detailierter die Seite lesen/checken und dann werde ich mic...
32017-11-12 10:24:00 UTCDenisJu Achavi für diesen changeset:
12017-03-17 08:34:47 UTCAleks-Berlin Hi DenisJu, in node/4730280996 yoe put wikipedia=1160. I assume you mean ele=1160. KR, Alex
22017-03-17 14:07:11 UTCDenisJu Hi Alex,
yes it's a typing error.
Thank you for your message.
12017-01-04 13:57:52 UTCLogicalViolinist Why are you copying data from google?
22017-01-04 15:50:47 UTCDenisJu Hello,

this issue is cleared!
Despite the source listed here, from discussions with the mapper the only changest in this series with Google-derived content is (that's now been reverted and redacted).

Thank you.\...
12016-12-29 19:05:49 UTCSomeoneElse Despite the source listed here, from discussions with the mapper the only changest in this series with Google-derived content is (that's now been reverted and redacted).
12016-12-29 18:51:18 UTCSomeoneElse This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 44765549 where the changeset comment is: Reverting some derived objects in Albania
12016-12-22 13:27:04 UTCSomeoneElse Hello,
In the "source" on this changeset you've said "bing;survey;gps;asig;google". Can you explain what use you've made of Google here? See for details for more details about this.
22016-12-22 14:51:37 UTCDenisJu Hello,
i use the orthophoto (8 cm, 2015) from and sometimes the street view (google) for the verification of the category of the road (paved, unpaved)!
32016-12-22 16:51:37 UTCSomeoneElse Thanks DenisJu.
We'll have to remove contributions based on Google, since the licence isn't compatible with OSM. What's the licence associated with ?
Best Regards,
12016-02-22 19:43:58 UTCmalenki Mirëdita Denis,

your fix on Fierzë wasn't too useful.¹

You changed TYPE to type but overlooked that the node still missed a place=village. ;)

And regarding the TYPE tag: since it sat there all the time with a whole bunch of other uppercase tags used by an import it would hav...
22016-02-22 21:24:05 UTCDenisJu Guten Abend Thomas,
thank you for your review and for your work in mapping Albania.
I will check this issue next days!
Best Regards! :)
32016-02-22 21:36:51 UTCmalenki Thanks for the quick reply. There is not really much to fix – in this changeset at least. ;) It was just a hint.
(I fixed now the last twenty imported places which I obviously missed in 2011.)
42016-02-22 21:37:48 UTCmalenki PS: I really love Albania and to map so it is real fun to map it.
12016-02-22 20:01:12 UTCmalenki It would be nice if you would refrain from mapping a lot of (amongst others) landuse=residential and landuse=farmland from grassland like you did in this edit.

This simply does not represent reality, or put more directly: is plain wrong data.
It would be nice if you would enhance it.
22016-02-22 21:30:06 UTCDenisJu hallo Thomas,
ich danke Dir für Deine Reviews und wünsche mir mehr analysen für die kartografierte Gegend.
Es ist alles "frisch" kartografiert und wird (fast )jeden Tag die Gegend fotografiert (georeferenced) und nachgearbeitet.
Diese Gegend gehört nachgebessert ... ...
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