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12017-07-05 06:18:30 UTCoormilavinod hey Ben97, welcome to OSM you seem to have made large number of edits. plese save at regular basis as the boundinng box now now covers the whole world. happy mapping !!
12017-04-30 10:13:41 UTCemergency99 But this is Austria ;)
22017-04-30 10:16:05 UTCBen97 I know, I realised too late that I was not longer in Germany... ;-)
12017-03-19 08:56:01 UTCNakaner Hi Ben97,

welcome to OpenStreetMap.

I suspect that "(free)" is not par of the real name of this camp site. It is already indicated by using fee=no. Could you please remove it from the name? See also

In addition, I ...
22017-03-19 09:19:47 UTCBen97 Ok Sorry, edited everything
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