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12017-12-12 11:56:37 UTCChris Fleming again - I don't believe this to be a park. This has been mapped as woods for nearly 7 years and has been edited as such by several people. Have all the trees been cut down and this turned into a park?
22017-12-12 13:02:55 UTCSomeoneElse Hello andrewmci,
Whilst we're grateful for new mappers in OSM including those who seem to have come via Pokemon Go, please don't change existing features to "parks", whether they be gardens or areas of trees. In OSM there are many tags to choose from; always pick the most appropriate. F...
12017-12-12 11:53:52 UTCChris Fleming Why park and not a forest?
12017-12-12 11:48:52 UTCChris Fleming Hi Andrew - we seem to be stuck in a loop. Pleas eanswer why do you belive these to be parks?
12017-12-08 00:30:45 UTCChris Fleming Please stop. This isn't a park.
22017-12-08 00:39:30 UTCandrewmci I must just be misunderstanding. Is there a size requirement that something must be in order to qualify as a park? I don't mean to cause frustration, I just can't understand why this isn't a park. Granted it is small but I'm not sure what the threshold is.
32017-12-08 00:52:00 UTCChris Fleming In this case because it's a private garden.

I would expect some kind on public access.

They would normally be maintained for recreational purposes.

Does this make sense?
42017-12-08 12:02:33 UTCChris Fleming I would add that a park is somewhere you would make a trip to visit. And that this would differentiate if from other green spaces.

A further factor - in this case is that many mappers have mapped thousands of Tenement Gardens in Edinburgh and consistently tagged them as gardens.

Are you happ...
52017-12-08 12:39:36 UTCGinaroZ Andrew,
Even if this was a park (which it isn't) then the question is why have you just changed this one garden to a park? Are the gardens either side not also parks or is there something special about this one?
Also, is the public bookcas...
12017-12-04 14:47:39 UTCGinaroZ Hi, welcome to OSM and thanks for the edit. Just wondering why you've changed one section of Colinton Road to highway=primary?
22017-12-04 16:08:52 UTCandrewmci Apologies this was an error on my part, I have amended now and will try to be more careful in future.
32017-12-04 17:05:30 UTCGinaroZ Thanks for changing it back.
However I see you've added a number of parks as well - are these open to the public or are they private gardens?
Also, does this bit of water really exist?
42017-12-04 19:35:11 UTCandrewmci No problem. They are accessible and yes the water is there behind the lions gate, position may be slightly off but I tried my best to be accurate.
52017-12-04 22:43:28 UTCGinaroZ Ok, but I don't think this can be classed as a park - it looks like someone's front garden:
And why change this building to landuse=retail?
62017-12-04 23:05:24 UTCandrewmci Fair enough although I'm not really sure why it would be an issue. Certainly it says "park" on each of the gates, and they are known locally as parks. Granted they are a bit small but not a front garden. Perhaps I can speak to a few of the local residents and see whether they would conside...
72017-12-05 14:52:38 UTCChris Fleming I'm sure that the building shown as "Domestic Clean Cleaner" is residential flats? Also whyt can't I find any trace of a company called "Domestic Clean Clean" in edinburgh?
82017-12-05 15:00:22 UTCChris Fleming Also the grass area in front of number 35 Colington road is definitly a garden as far a I remember - This image shows a wall and nothing to indicate a "public" park
92017-12-05 16:41:35 UTCandrewmci There are flats in the building but I can assure you that a cleaning company that I have used and been into is located there. Have you ever been into the building? Anyway I have changed this back to residential with a point for the cleaning company inside.
102017-12-05 16:44:44 UTCChris Fleming Great that's perfect. We often try and add other information such as website etc?
112017-12-07 23:56:31 UTCChris Fleming I stopped here on my way home. Will link to video shortly

1. I checked through the fire exit at Napier. No lake not even a pond.

2. In Fairacre Court: None of the buzzers indicated any businesses. All looked residential.

3. Gate from the road is locked. This is a private area. Grass is not ...
122017-12-08 00:22:56 UTCChris Fleming

132017-12-08 00:31:48 UTCandrewmci The second video appears to be unavailable. The first I would say is inconclusive as the side gate is locked after hours. The Buddha shrine is also slightly further round towards the far end of the park, quite small though so easy to miss.
142017-12-08 00:34:36 UTCChris Fleming It's uploading and I went all the way around. There really isn't anything there.
152017-12-08 00:47:51 UTCChris Fleming Second video is up.

Also where is the lake?
12017-12-08 00:29:16 UTCChris Fleming HI Andrew - hopfully You saw my previous message that I couln't find any of these features mapped. See this video where I walk around Fairacre court:



Where is the water feature, where is the shrine:
22017-12-08 00:29:27 UTCChris Fleming
12017-12-05 14:55:04 UTCChris Fleming Are you sure. I had these mapped as private gardens? They are certainly private residences?
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