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12018-03-06 16:53:24 UTCandrewsh Hi,

This changeset of yours seems to add a lot of nonsense data, such as ways with invalid tags or without tags at all.

Could you please verify and fix it?

22018-03-11 18:07:02 UTCEssin Hi,
I would of course clean up after myself if I accidentally have added nonsense data, but after going through the ways in this changeset, I could only find with obviously wrong tagging, which I have now corrected (snowmobile=* without highway=* ...
32018-03-11 18:49:25 UTCandrewsh As far as I can see there are multiple ways which aren't part of any relations and don't have any tags.
42018-03-11 18:51:36 UTCandrewsh Strange, I cannot see them anymore.
52018-03-11 18:52:26 UTCandrewsh I could have made a mistake or looked at a different changeset, but I cannot find the ways I've seen.
12018-03-06 16:33:54 UTCandrewsh Hi,

You seem to have added a lot of meaningless tags to…

Please check the data you upload to make sure this doesn't happen in future :)

12018-03-06 16:31:34 UTCandrewsh Could you please make sure you don't add meaningless tags such as yes=yes next time? :)

22018-03-06 20:45:29 UTCBorbus I did? Where? If it was me then I'm surprised that JOSM didn't through up a warning before I made the change.
12018-03-06 16:29:54 UTCandrewsh Please make sure you don't add meaningless tags like yes=no next time.

12018-01-21 12:40:37 UTCandrewsh We don't map official names though, do we? The street sign on this street says Ulica.
12017-03-09 10:36:39 UTClaznik dobry den, to jazierko sa naozaj vola "Súkromné jazierko"? Na oznacenie faktu ze objekt je sukromny mame v OSM tagy. Do nazvu tato informacia nepatri.
22017-12-29 18:14:06 UTCandrewsh Nepatrí. Mažem.
12017-12-29 18:11:13 UTCandrewsh Erm, why?
12017-12-28 14:49:24 UTCandrewsh Hi Maťo,

What is the source for the park name? I was unable to find any evidence it is in fact named like that during the survey on the location.

22017-12-29 13:29:49 UTC*Martin* It is a Pokemon Go virtual park ;-).

Please revert.
32017-12-29 13:48:00 UTCMatoKesan It is not a virtual park, all the changes I described where made, I live here. My motivation to map these changes where Pokémon Go but that doesn't mean I put in something that doesn't exist.
Only the name of the park area has no source it isn't named yet it was my own naming because the bu...
42017-12-29 17:17:15 UTC*Martin* OK, thanks for the explanation :-).
52017-12-29 18:07:17 UTCandrewsh If there's no source for the park name, I will have to remove it, at least until it is officially confirmed (or not).
12017-12-05 16:07:09 UTCHarald Hartmann Ok, you just fixed the wrong "bunglow", but why not fixed "builing:level", too?
Please have a look at
I think the DWG should block him and revert all his changesets.
22017-12-05 16:08:41 UTCandrewsh I haven't noticed that. I only noticed bunglow because I was watching
12017-12-04 11:57:54 UTCandrewsh Hi,

Thanks for your edits.

According to, it should be building=bungalow, not building=bunglow (sic: missing "a").

It would be great if you used the correct spelling for your future edits.
22017-12-05 11:21:10 UTCmueschel The same holds for 2700 buildings with the tag "builing:levels" which should be "building:levels".
And there are buildings mapped twice, e,g, around 7th Commercial Street.
32017-12-05 11:26:36 UTCandrewsh Indeed, I haven't noticed that.
12017-11-04 12:46:03 UTCandrewsh @emergency99, when you do this next time please go and actually check it on ground. The name wasn't wrong, it was (unfortunately) put into a wrong tag.

Thanks very much.
22017-11-04 14:20:50 UTCemergency99 But also the tag “shop=vacant” was wrong in that case.
32017-11-04 14:28:54 UTCandrewsh Well, it was, but unfortunately I couldn't see it in the app, it looked just like a shop.
42017-11-04 14:50:03 UTCemergency99 Well, is not necessarily a good OSM-editor.
52017-11-06 08:28:41 UTCandrewsh Obviously it isn't. Yet it's necessary to pay more attention when reverting changes contributed using it.
12017-05-25 11:19:27 UTCandrewsh Добрый день,

Можно поинтересоваться, зачем Вы удалили бо́льшую часть Прилукской Слободы?

12017-05-10 22:38:21 UTCaceman444 Zdravim, vsetky objekty odoslane cez sa nahrali s name:en, takze tie nazvy nie je normalne vidiet. Presiel som ich a niektore zmenil na 'name', kedze su po slovensky. Da sa s tym nieco robit, aby to nerobilo?
22017-05-10 22:49:14 UTCandrewsh Sorry, ze som neskontroloval po sebe. Treba asi nahlasit bug, inu moznost nevidim. Ked som to daval tam, vyzeralo to kvazifajn.
32017-05-10 22:51:08 UTCandrewsh A dakujem za opravu.

Je to take dost blbe, ze neponuka nazov "by default", ponuka samostatne slovencinu, anglictinu, madarcinu. Mozno som to a ja niekde nespravne dal, predpokladajuc, ze to pochopi spravne, uz teraz neviem.
12017-05-03 06:10:17 UTCMiroJanosik Ahoj, toto bude duplikat (mozno starsie mapy v pretoze pred dvoma tyzdnami som tu pridal Centrum Caffe aj s detailami. Dovolim si zmazat ho, noda pre cafe je
22017-05-03 09:33:23 UTCandrewsh O, jasne :)
12017-04-05 12:48:46 UTCtrigpoint Hi, is this a real business that customers can visit?
I was about to ask, the website looks like it is contact by web or phone only so should not be in OSM.
Cheers Phil
22017-04-05 12:53:11 UTCandrewsh No idea, I just added the correct tag.
32017-04-05 12:53:50 UTCandrewsh Hmm, the website says they're in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire:
4 – 12 Kempson Close
Gatehouse Way Industrial Estate
42017-04-05 12:54:56 UTCandrewsh I will probably remove them. Thanks for paying attention. It looked like a legitimate business to me… which it probably isn't. Well, not in Oxford, at least.
52017-04-05 12:59:01 UTCtrigpoint Thank you.
It looked like spam, both the username and long description.
62017-04-05 13:00:46 UTCandrewsh Well, these two looked like spam, but the website looked okay-ish to me. I should have checked the address :)
12016-12-10 13:48:12 UTCandrewsh "Vnútorné Mesto"? To vážne?
22016-12-10 15:10:36 UTCIvor Švihran Vychádzal som z tohto:
12016-01-11 13:32:59 UTCTomH I assume you followed for this mechanical edit?
22016-01-11 13:54:58 UTCandrewsh Well, not quite…
32016-01-11 17:50:38 UTCtrigpoint Please revert it then
42016-01-14 14:27:17 UTCchillly Undiscussed mechanical edits must be reverted.
52016-01-15 17:41:29 UTCandrewsh Sorry, I haven't yet had time to revert it. I will try during the weekend.
62016-01-15 17:43:43 UTCtrigpoint I have already reverted it, the UK community will work out how they should be tagged.

72016-01-15 17:46:13 UTCandrewsh Right, having googled that I see this is a topic already discussed and quite a controversial one.
82016-01-15 17:57:50 UTCandrewsh Actually, one of your comments isn't quite right:

> ALDI, LIDL, ASDA and SPAR are all abbreviations of their full names, in
the same way as NATO, AIDS, BBC, OSM or GNU are.

Except Lidl isn't :)
12016-01-11 12:12:49 UTCandrewsh Okay, not German, probably, but Dutch.
22016-01-11 12:13:17 UTCandrewsh Okay, and originally an abbreviation:

The name was originally DE SPAR, an acronym of the Dutch phrase Door Eendrachtig Samenwerken Profiteren Allen Regelmati
32016-01-11 13:32:57 UTCTomH I assume you followed for this mechanical edit?
42016-01-11 16:59:37 UTCtrigpoint SPAR is an abbreviation as you have mentioned, the shops are signed SPAR, not Spar. This change should be reverted.
52016-01-11 17:00:16 UTCandrewsh The company is now called Spar, not SPAR.
62016-01-11 17:02:29 UTCTomH So that would be name=SPAR; operator=Spar then.

This is why we ask you to discuss mechanical edits before doing them.
72016-01-11 17:04:16 UTCandrewsh Well, if a police department says POLICE on the label, we don't tag it as name=POLICE, do we?
82016-01-11 17:29:46 UTCchillly Undiscussed mechanical edits should be reverted.
92016-01-11 17:39:11 UTCtrigpoint Police is a word, rather than an abbreviation.
The day the signs on SPAR shops in the UK changes, then local mappers will change the tags.
In the meantime this change needs to be reverted.
102016-01-15 17:45:45 UTCtrigpoint I have reverted this, the UK community will decide how to correctly tag these shops
12015-11-27 18:43:56 UTCandrewsh Уже не 8? Сколько сейчас-то?
12015-11-16 08:35:24 UTCandrewsh Вообще говоря, делить границу на 107 маленьких частей — не очень хорошая идея. Не стоит так делать впредь.
22015-11-16 09:33:05 UTCevgenykatyshev А в чём проблема? Все части объединены отношением, поэтому вообще не важно на сколько частей она поделена.
32015-11-16 09:33:54 UTCandrewsh Ну теперь уже, когда katpatuka пофиксил. А не были. Katpatuka был жутко недоволен.
42015-11-16 09:48:55 UTCevgenykatyshev Ну да, если не были, то плохо.

Я обычно аккуратно отношусь к отношениям границ, но если в этот раз что-то случайно сломал или не доделал, то приношу свои извинения.
52015-11-16 09:50:40 UTCandrewsh Окей, передал :) Он по-русски с гугль-транслейтом только, потому попросил кого-то по-русски на всяки
62015-11-16 09:51:00 UTCandrewsh …на всякий случай написать.
72015-11-16 10:53:59 UTCkatpatuka thanks - well nothing was "broken" though but the boundary was just difficult to maintain ;)
12015-11-11 13:28:46 UTCandrewsh Hello wonchs91,

I'm not able to find anything in this area on any satellite images or on any other maps. Could you please explain where do the data come from?

12015-11-11 13:03:35 UTCandrewsh This doesn't look real; where do the data come from?
22015-11-14 10:32:11 UTCJose Riha Razumiješ li engleski?
12015-10-28 18:23:46 UTCJose Riha preco obchodom a podnikom vymazavas adresu?
22015-10-28 18:28:06 UTCandrewsh Pretože adresu už majú.
32015-10-28 18:31:16 UTCJose Riha kombinacia shop/pub + adresa nie je nic neobvykleho. pred mazanim akehokolvek tagu prosim konzultuj wiki alebo taginfo
42015-10-28 18:33:45 UTCandrewsh Nie je nič neobvyklého, ale neznamená to, že to je potrebné a to má byť. Ako mať nekonzistentné adresy na POI a budovách, tak lepšie ich mať len na budovách, za podmienkou že sa jednoznačne to otagovať.
52015-10-28 18:34:13 UTCandrewsh …že sa jednoznačne to dá otagovať.
12015-10-28 11:10:42 UTCandrewsh Hello,

Thanks for your contribution, but there's no need to add extra duplicate data: the addresses of these places are already on the buildings there in, so adding them to the places themselves increases duplication and adds some confusion if the address information is not exactly the same (as i...
22015-10-28 18:05:04 UTCRobJN Actually as a tourist it is more important to have the address data in the POI so that when you search for the POI you get all the detail you need. My preference would be to move all the POI data on to the building in cases where the POI occupies the building.

Something for you to think about: D...
32015-10-28 18:07:40 UTCandrewsh No, it usualy does not apply to the building, as normally there are multiple POIs in the building except when it's a building specifically built for some purpose (in that case it's okay to have POI tags on the whole building).
42015-10-28 18:11:42 UTCRobJN It's cute that things are so clear cut in Bratislava. Shame you're not thinking about the benefit to the end data user but that's one for you to figure out with the local community.
52015-10-28 18:12:51 UTCandrewsh How does the end user benefit from excessive or wrong data?
62015-10-28 18:17:59 UTCRobJN Because when they search for Moods bakery they get results that include an address - something that most people would expect. Ultimately it comes down to what you think an "address" is. One could argue that the address is a delivery point and therefore the address should be tagged to the d...
72015-10-28 18:19:19 UTCandrewsh If some software can't figure the address from the building the POI is in, it's defective software and it needs to be fixed.
82015-10-28 18:22:54 UTCRobJN So please offer to fix all the software that doesn't currently work in your desired way.

Also what to do with a large building that includes multiple addresses (say 1 to 20) and one of these is a cafe at address 18 in that building?
92015-10-28 18:27:11 UTCandrewsh Multiple addresses is one of the use cases for having addresses on POIs, I never argued that.
102015-10-28 18:30:10 UTCRobJN Well no worries. I'll leave it to your community to work out. I just wanted to highlight that it is not as clear cut as you think it is and the "so fix your software" argument is not particularly helpful when the matter isn't so clear cut and the software developers are usually working unp...
12015-04-24 13:40:01 UTCandrewsh Teh Wow.
22015-04-24 13:55:41 UTCtrolleway Солсбері
32015-04-24 14:35:00 UTCwoodpeck What is the source of these names? For example, Russian names of "Swadlincote" or "Great Dunmow"? Is there any evidence of these places actually having a name in Russian, or are these just transliterations?
42015-04-24 14:38:08 UTCdudka This should be interesting discussion :D
See the previous one.
52015-04-24 14:46:35 UTCKomяpa Hello,

to find russian names for places, I googled for English place names plus "достопримечательности", "погода" or some other russian word. It shows a lot of pages where the name is used, and some of them have russian version.

see for example
62015-04-24 14:59:16 UTCwoodpeck Frankly, no - is *any* of these web sites more than a database of transliterated place names? I saw hotel listings, tour operators, and weather pages, all obviously using a generic catalogue of transliterated place names. These sites would generate a place page for any remote village that has a hote...
12015-02-10 17:55:29 UTCandrewsh Takto sa to prosím nerobí. Ak chcete doplniť dáta — v pohode, ale nerozhádzať popri tom existujúce. Kolega-Žilinčan tuším teraz to opraví, ak nie — skúsim ja, ale Vaše dáta žiaľ budú zmazané....
22015-02-11 10:45:12 UTCandrewsh Revertol som to.
12015-01-29 12:47:48 UTCSomeoneElse Hello and welcome to OpenStreetMap. What exactly is ? Is it something that you can actually see on the ground?
22015-01-29 12:49:04 UTCandrewsh Seems like a new branch of Eurotunnel…
32015-01-29 12:54:41 UTCandrewsh Mergen, I think it's not a good idea to add low-cost flights to OSM, at least not in the specific way you did.

Добавлять лоукостеры в ОСМ — не самая лучшая идея вообще, ну и точно уж не таким способом, как это сд...
42015-02-05 20:11:08 UTCzool OpenStreetMap is an attempt to make an accurate map of the observable world.
52015-02-11 16:30:44 UTCaceman444 On the other hand, there already are ferry (ship) routes (on water) in OSM.
62015-02-11 16:44:50 UTCMergen Блин, я вообще не хотел выгружать это в OSM. В общем, я нуб и накосячил по полной. Пытался освоиться в JOSM, но видимо что-то пошло не так, только сейчас заметил. Как вообще...
72015-02-11 16:47:02 UTCSomeoneElse @Mergen - don't worry, it's not there any more :)

We've all made mistakes like this - the only people who haven't have never tried to do anything in the first place!
12015-01-26 13:22:40 UTCandrewsh Далеко уплыл, однако!
12015-01-21 19:30:20 UTCaceman444 Dobry den. Tu bola povodne budova a teraz je z nej bazen? Ak je to kryta plavaren, potom budovu nechajte a dajte samostatny bod do budovy, ktory bude mat leisure=swimming_pool a indoor=yes a covered=yes.
22015-01-22 11:17:45 UTCClira14 Upravene. Takze na tej budove ten tag swimmingpool nema byt? Teda, ze v OSM je budova proste budova a swimming poolom sa mysli to, co je v budove, preto tam mam dat pin?
32015-01-22 12:40:32 UTCandrewsh @Clira14, nie úplne. Ak je to budova, je postup ako napísal @aceman444: vytvori bod, dať tag. Mazať building vo väčšine prípadov nie je dobrý nápad ;)
42015-01-22 12:41:54 UTCClira14 budovu mazat nechcem... len ja by som ten swimmingpool a indoor a covered dala aj na nu, tym padom by tam nemusel byt aj ten pin naviac. pride mi to zbytocne duplikovanie akoby... ci? @andrewsh
52015-01-22 12:45:44 UTCClira14 este jedna vec mi nejde do hlavy... ze preco tato mapa nesedi so satelitnymi snimkami - myslim napriklad tvar budovy? odkial sa vzalo, ze ma ta budova takyto tvar? ... a prave som zistila, ze som to tu asi uplne zle oznacila... jedine, ze by nie, este musim popatra...
62015-01-22 12:58:06 UTCandrewsh source=kapor2 → asi je to z katastru importované.

Ďalšia vec je že sa obkresľuje podľa ako keby podľa ‘tieňa’ budovy: predstav si že na budovu svieti zhora (90°) paralelný prúd svetla. Ten obraz, ktorý zostáva na zemi, sa obkre...
72015-01-22 12:59:17 UTCandrewsh Inak ale asi tu je táto budova označená nesprávne, asi ju prestavali od toho času kedy to bolo importované.
82015-01-22 13:01:44 UTCClira14 ahaa... uz chapem. vdaka. inak vobec to nie je ta budovova, ktoru som myslela. uz je to dobre, zmenila som to cele... lebo tu ta budova s plavarnou uplne chyba. Mozno este updatnem ten obrys, ktory neviem ci je uplne spravny, ale v zasade je to uz lepsie. Navyse tam uz nie je ten tenisovy kurt ktory...
92015-01-22 13:07:13 UTCandrewsh Hej, už vidím, asi bazén je tuná, [kde budova chýba](, ale ten kurt je asi vpravo vedľa.
102015-01-22 13:07:28 UTCandrewsh Aha, Markdown tu nefunguje.
112015-01-22 20:41:15 UTCaceman444 Ono islo o to, ze ste building=yes vymazali a namiesto toho dali len leisure=swimming_pool. Takze uz to nie je budova (nech je vnutri cokolvek) ale otvoreny bazen pod holym nebom (ako napr. na kupalisku Tehelne pole). Aj keby ste building nechali, je to hybrid, lebo budova nemoze byt zaroven bazenom...
122015-01-22 20:56:21 UTCaceman444 A k tej nepresnosti fotiek: satelitne fotky byvaju aj niekolko rokov stare, takze budovy mozu byt davno zmenene. A aj na najnovsej mape potom plati to co pisal andrew: budova moze byt tazko obkreslitelna kvoli tienom, stromom a streche zakryvajucej skutocny podorys.
12015-01-21 12:28:56 UTCandrewsh Len toto, ak dávaš to na way, tak nezabudni tak dať aj building=yes
22015-01-21 12:29:50 UTCClira14 ahaa... ok, idem to upravit.
12015-01-19 10:20:58 UTCandrewsh This change has to be reverted as conscription number unfortunately overrides housenumber, which is why streetnumber is important.
12015-01-14 17:22:21 UTCandrewsh Ahoj, prečo si vymazal name?

Hi, why have you removed the name tag?
22015-01-14 17:25:09 UTCandrewsh Inak by bolo dobre ak by ste sa zapojili do diskusie:

By the way, it'd be great if you joined the discussion here:
12014-12-10 09:00:52 UTCandrewsh *Part* Tomášov? What's that?
12014-12-02 09:43:39 UTCandrewsh You shouldn't add the name in Hungarian to name, there's name:hu for that.
12014-11-13 13:29:24 UTCandrewsh Dávajte si prosím pozor na to kam posúvate body a aký to má vplyv na všetko.
12014-11-04 10:37:07 UTC*Martin* test
22014-11-04 12:22:02 UTCDurko_freemap vyzera to dobre
32014-11-04 12:40:36 UTCandrewsh ahoj
42014-11-04 12:54:09 UTC*Martin* vsetko funguje
12014-11-02 12:37:56 UTClks1[konto usunięte] Test
22014-11-02 12:53:44 UTCandrewsh Failed.
12014-11-02 11:40:10 UTCandrewsh кот тут?
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