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12018-01-07 14:23:57 UTCalan_gr Hola Daniel,
Yo tambien me he preguntado muchas veces sobre centros de este tipo, también escuelas de idiomas, de conducir ... en general parece que hay much variación en como se etiqueta centros de educación que pueden tener alumnos de todas las edades, y no está muy b...
22018-01-08 11:22:40 UTCdcapillae Hola, Alan,

Reconozco que yo tampoco lo tengo nada claro. En principio, las escuelas de educación primaria y los institutos de educación secundaria tengo claro que se etiquetan con «amenity=school». Una universidad tampoco me genera dudas, pero estos centros de educaci&o...
12017-12-28 17:51:20 UTCalan_gr Querría decir la línea 36, no 35
12017-10-18 21:20:36 UTCalan_gr What kind of tourist attraction is this?
12017-05-23 09:32:20 UTCalan_gr Hi,
This is tagged as a hotel but there is no hotel at this point. Should this be labelled as a tourist apartment?
Also it is missing a name tag (it only has the name in Dutch).
Do you know if the apartment is still in operation at this location as there is no address (e.g. house number) or othe...
12017-05-15 15:42:52 UTCalan_gr Comment should be "fixed street names based on survey"
12017-05-03 18:07:52 UTCdcapillae Hi, Alan! If you are using JOSM, you may want to activate the Spanish Cadastre layer for mapping buildings in the "landuse=residential" areas: select Imagery >> Imagery preferences >> Imagery providers, and activate "ES: Catastro de España". It is a fantastic s...
22017-05-04 12:15:35 UTCalan_gr Hi Daniel,
Yes, I have been using the Cadastre layer in JOSM - so far mainly to map missing streets, but if I have time in future I will use it for buildings too. I agree it is a great resource - I know that OSM mappers in Ireland (where I used to live) don't have access to anything like this.
32017-05-04 12:36:36 UTCdcapillae I have been using the Spanish Cadastre layer to map buildings in Ciudad Jardin ( and Palma-Palmilla ( Now I am mapping buildings in Capuchinos (
12017-04-20 15:58:53 UTCdcapillae Hi, Alan!

There was a discussion in the OSM Spain forum about how to name schools, universities, etc. If you understand Spanish, see

In short, we prefer to use "name" for the full name of the...
22017-04-20 16:38:25 UTCalan_gr Thanks Daniel, I was not really aware of the short_name tag until now, I will make more use of it in future.
12017-04-17 17:31:50 UTCalan_gr Hi Daniel,
This building is actually a residential/commercial block, the Subdelegación is slightly further east, right beside the arroyo. I have moved the tags to that position.
22017-04-17 22:36:25 UTCdcapillae Perfect! Thank you, Alan!
12017-04-14 11:33:17 UTCdcapillae Hi, Alan!

Do you know any website where these trails are mentioned? Names of the trails, routes, etc.
22017-04-14 12:26:04 UTCalan_gr Hi Daniel,
I also looked for this but I couldn't find anything except reports in newspapers . There are information boards and trail markers on site (I checked them all yesterday and that is where I have taken the names from) but nothing online that I know of.
32017-04-14 13:49:48 UTCdcapillae Thank you, Alan!

I also remember listening to something on the TV news. It would be great to have a more or less official reference to be sure about these data (names, routes, etc.). If you agree, I would like to add these trails to the section of the wiki page dedicated to the local walking netw...
42017-04-14 19:08:51 UTCalan_gr Yes, it would be good to add the trails to the wiki. I believe the Ayuntamiento plans to improve the trails this year so maybe when that is done they will publicise them better (see
52017-04-14 20:01:18 UTCdcapillae Added to the wiki (reference included).
Thank you, Alan!
12017-04-10 17:20:45 UTCalan_gr Changeset comment should read "added Alfonso XII gardens, parking, and other changes around Santuario de la Victoria"
22017-04-10 18:57:16 UTCdcapillae Thank you, Alan! A good changeset comment is very useful for quickly knowing what has been edited. Thanks for the comments!
12017-03-17 14:21:52 UTCalan_gr I should have written "in Ardales" not "near Plaza de la Victoria"
12017-03-05 19:49:24 UTCdcapillae Hi, alan_gr!

Thank you for mapping the neighbourhoods in Distrito Centro. I have been mapping the neighbourhoods in Distrito Ciudad Jardín y Distrito Palma-Palmilla, and also added a lot of buildings in both boroughs. If you are interested in mapping Málaga, please, see the wiki: ht...
22017-03-05 21:43:25 UTCalan_gr Thanks Daniel, I had already seen the work you have done in Ciudad Jardin and have tried to follow a consistent approach with my additions. I hope to be able to gradually improve the map especially in the Centro and Este districts.
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