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12017-12-30 01:36:07 UTCCarnildo Please don't abbreviate street names. It's easy for a computer to convert a word to an abbreviation if it needs to save space, but it's very difficult to go the other direction. (For example, should "St" be expanded to "Street", "State", or "Saint"?)
22017-12-30 01:54:49 UTCAnn4567 Thanks for letting me know. It looks like you have already fixed the streets I added!
12017-04-18 06:31:41 UTCCarnildo I'm not sure what you were trying to do with this edit, but it left a number of roads stretched across the map. I've reverted the dragging, while leaving the change to the road type of alone, but you should probably review things to make sure I got it rig...
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