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12017-12-03 21:48:27 UTCsperlingskauz Hi blackadder,

for your information: I changed your tagging man_made = bee_hive to man_made = beehive. The reason is that since this year there is a wiki page for beehives.

12017-08-21 13:10:14 UTCRobert Whittaker Did you make a mistake with some of the postcodes in this changeset -- the following three houses have addr:postcode=JAJB
22017-08-21 15:52:28 UTCblackadder Ha, nice catch. Clearly wasn't paying attention! Will fix next time I'm editing in that area.
12017-04-14 17:41:20 UTCRobJN Good spot! We need a way of sharing our list of checked edits so that we don't duplicate effort :-)
12017-03-14 20:02:06 UTCMike Baggaley Hi blackadder, I know it is a little while ago, but your edit of relation 4292131 (Wharton Retail Park) seems to have left it with an incomplete outline. I'm not sure whether the unclosed line is part of the retail park or not. Can you take a look at ?
22017-03-14 22:41:49 UTCblackadder Looks like my cleaning up was so clean after all! Thanks for spotting. Will fix when next editing in that area unless you get to it first?
32017-03-14 22:42:12 UTCblackadder s/was/wasn't
12016-12-09 22:04:05 UTCmueschel Hi,
do we really need tags like these in OSM?

Btw, the key name:proposed should be proposed:name.

12016-11-16 12:12:19 UTCRobert Whittaker The postcode of "SW9 8JT" on the houses along Hartford Road, e.g. looks wrong. (SW is south-west London.)
22016-11-16 13:29:07 UTCblackadder Cheers Robert. Typo should be CW. I'm in the process of mapping out Davenham so will fix as I'm doing the addressing.

12015-12-26 10:09:25 UTCutack The "Shelfield Child Devlopment Centre" on node 476685156 is missing any main tags
12015-10-29 19:23:18 UTCGerdP please review node 24352994:
What is meant with highway=distance_post ? I assume it is traffic_sign=distance ?
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