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12018-03-11 06:57:46 UTCescada Beste,

blijkbaar hebt u een kleine fout gemaakt, de weg die hieronder aangeduid staat als 77618642 is een grens, geen "unclassified". Waarschijnlijk per abuis mee geselecteerd.

Ik zal het aanpassen

nog een prettige zondag
22018-03-11 21:30:24 UTCRonnie Nys Beste, bedankt om dit recht te zetten. Groeten
12018-02-18 14:57:27 UTCwille Hi Roonie!

The website you have added to the church seems to be wrong:

Published using OSMCha:
22018-02-19 16:56:10 UTCRonnie Nys Hi Wille, thanks for your info.
I changed de website in a more concrete adres.
32018-02-19 17:57:07 UTCwille Thanks, but now you deleted the wikidata tag that was correct. Could you fix it?
42018-02-20 00:57:03 UTCRonnie Nys Ok Wille, i entered the wikidata tag again. Thanks for the info.
12017-02-14 13:32:24 UTCnaoliv Ronnie, most of the time it's not necessary to create "no_u_turn" restrictions here in Brazil when the "from" and "to" way are the same.
22017-02-19 11:09:25 UTCRonnie Nys Ok thanks, i will not make this "no u turn" restrictions for the future.
12017-02-09 07:21:33 UTCpoornibadrinath Hi Ronnie Nys,
This particular highway has both motorway tag and primary tags. Several parts of this highway is on OSM since 2011 and several others are newly drawn by you. Is there a reason of such edits and inconsistent tags? Please make it all consistent to one tag, either motorway or primary....
22017-02-09 13:34:33 UTCRonnie Nys Hi
Currently this motorway has a reform, from one to dual lanes on both sides , more like a motorway. Today i made changes as you asked.
Ronnie Nys
12016-10-13 14:48:15 UTCCloCkWeRX Is this complete? Strava GPS traces suggest it is.
There are also Strava user error reports:
Temos um circuito muito bom neste local e não podemos marcar como rota. Aguardo ajuda.
22016-10-13 21:05:38 UTCRonnie Nys The Google satellite images are very recent (2016) and show that these new roads are already in use. When zooming in on the following link you can see the details.,-38.3050097,1191m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=nl

32016-10-14 01:11:14 UTCCloCkWeRX Thanks, I've updated it based on the GPS traces
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