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12015-03-27 14:18:36 UTCIntemelio Hi, I'm #Intemelio from Italy.
I look that you have made a little modification on the street "Via Palestro".
Maybe I've done some drawing mistakes?
22015-03-27 16:45:28 UTCratrun Hello Intemelio,

For routing applications it is important that nodes at crossings are
identical and not just close to each other. Therefore I'm repairing
mapping errors detected by the Open Streetmap Inspector based on Bing or
other satellite images, see
32015-03-27 17:15:03 UTCIntemelio Hello ratrun,
thanks for your reply and for your advice.
I began to map the streets and squares of my small town, but it's not so easy. I am a newbie, I read some of the documentation of OpenStreetMap, and I hope to do better in the future.
with regard,
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