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12018-03-10 18:11:44 UTCtrigpoint Hi, I am not sure I understand why you have changed this? The wiki says stations can be mapped as areas or nodes.
22018-03-10 18:37:17 UTCjesus_army True for standard railway stations but the Wiki says that light rail (and subway) stations should be mapped as nodes only.
32018-03-10 19:29:22 UTCtrigpoint The wiki is intended to document how mappers map, it is not a set of instructions and should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Mapping evolves over time and I suspect this page has not been updated yet.

Whilst an underground station would be difficult to map as an area and a node is appropr...
42018-03-10 19:33:39 UTCjesus_army I understand your point but what led me to this was finding that vector maps from OpenAndroMaps derived from OpenStreetMap data were following the wiki and so not identifying light rail stations that were not nodes.
52018-03-10 19:36:12 UTCtrigpoint I have never heard of OpenAndroMaps, but they should update to reflect improved mapping. We should not tag for the renderer which changing these stations appears to be doing.
62018-03-10 19:37:21 UTCtrigpoint Actually I am not actually sure why a light rail would be mapped differently to any other station.
72018-03-10 19:40:37 UTCjesus_army On, for example, paper maps such as the UK Ordnance Survey, light rail stations are indicated differently. That's probably a valid reason to make a distinction that can be used by renderers if they so wish, IMHO.
82018-03-10 19:42:43 UTCtrigpoint Maybe they can be different, but that is no reason to hold back improvements in mapping technique.
92018-03-10 19:43:56 UTCjesus_army OK, but I thought the wiki was meant to reflect the consensus
12017-12-07 10:28:14 UTCjesus_army The retail area includes a large amount of residential non-retail. I'm inclined to delete the area but someone may rework it, which would be better.
12017-03-22 18:22:26 UTCtrigpoint Hi, you seem to be using a strange imagery URL. What were you copying and do wehave explicit permission to use that imformation?
22017-03-22 21:04:51 UTCjesus_army Information came from a GPX trace rather than the map tile but I will remove that way and re-edit for clarity
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