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12017-12-04 15:47:49 UTCKevin Kofler Uh, it is common practice to tag the address on a shop POI in addition to tagging it on the building, the idea being that tagging it on the building identifies the building and gets the address drawn on the map, but tagging it on the POI is part of the contact information of the POI. It is unfortuna...
22017-12-05 15:13:20 UTCOpenKartograph Dear Kevin,
thank's for your advice. I really try to get my head around how to tag addresses in a proper way for a long time and it seems to me like everybody is doing it in a slightly different way. However, the OSM wiki suggests otherwise:

"Usually address informations doesn't need to be...
32017-12-05 16:27:08 UTCKevin Kofler This is a case where the mapping practice, at least locally in Vienna, differs from what the wiki says. I'm not sure how to best deal with this. I have seen many POIs with repeated addresses and I usually also tag them that way. One reason to do that is that houses in Vienna often have more than one...
42017-12-06 13:43:05 UTCOpenKartograph Thank's for the quick reply and in-depth explanation. A clearer description in the Wiki would be great. From now on I will add the address to the building as well as the POI.
12017-09-11 11:12:12 UTCOpenKartograph Hi,
I changed Kamptaler Rundwanderweg from bicycle=designated to bicycle=yes, because "designated" would imply a proper cycleway (as described here:, which I would say this path is not. If it is part of a mtb route, you maybe want to add...
12017-08-16 22:06:06 UTCgpstracks Hi.
Are you sure about this edit?
There is no water_well here.
22017-09-11 08:30:33 UTCOpenKartograph Hi,
thanks, you are right. I wanted to add "Drinking Water" with the MAPS.ME app, but this tag was not available within the app.
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