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12017-04-21 18:45:52 UTCiMarbot Thanks, hopefully it survives this time
12017-04-21 16:38:11 UTCiMarbot
22017-04-21 17:55:05 UTCwoodpeck_repair This changeset has been reverted fully or in part by changeset 48010799 where the changeset comment is: revert deletion of a park mistaken for a fictional pokemon attractor
12017-04-20 20:32:41 UTCiMarbot Good luck keeping this park here. Someone keeps deleting it
12017-04-19 15:18:15 UTCiMarbot Stop deleting real features
12017-04-14 17:36:34 UTCrgt there are multiple references to this being a park on the internet so actually it is
22017-04-18 22:43:07 UTCiMarbot @rgt they are a malicious account. Look at their change history.
32017-04-19 15:45:35 UTCwoodpeck Curt, could you explain why you believe this is not a park. I found this on the web which seems to say that at leas the city of Long Beach believes it is a park.
12017-01-26 21:51:08 UTCiMarbot Reverted Changeset: 45244443
22017-01-26 21:59:24 UTCiMarbot Some proof it exists:
12017-01-17 17:26:33 UTCuser_5359 Welcome to OSM! Why did you delete the footway. I can see the way on the aerial images of BING!
22017-01-26 21:09:50 UTCiMarbot Not again... We had someone delete these before too...
32017-01-26 21:12:45 UTCuser_5359 Can I help? Should I revert this changeset?
42017-01-26 21:52:41 UTCiMarbot Didn't expect someone to reply this fast, already reverted it. Thanks anyway!
52017-01-26 21:58:26 UTCiMarbot Some proof it exists:
12016-12-23 18:21:40 UTCiMarbot I already re-crated the path and re-did the whole park and added all its feature, so this revert was not needed. There is a now an overlapping path, so I will delete the original.
22016-12-23 18:59:17 UTCDavidKewley Oops, sorry about that. Thank you for re-doing the park and undoing my revert!
12016-12-23 01:50:38 UTCDavidKewley Hi Curt, thank you for helping improve OpenStreetMap! You write that the object you deleted is not a path. I'm curious what it is? I do not know this park, but from aerial imagery, it looks like the object you deleted is a dirt area of uniform width around the entire park, and I would have guessed i...
22016-12-23 04:01:36 UTCiMarbot This is indeed a gravel-based path that goes around the edge of the park and should not have been deleted.
32016-12-23 06:38:17 UTCDavidKewley Since two users (shinewend and iMarbot) say this path exists, and it appears to exist in aerial imagery, and one user says it's not a path (Curt Decker), I've gone ahead and reverted this deletion Curt, feel free to respond explaining your reasoning ...
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