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12017-04-20 14:02:17 UTCzalex_ua Considered as vandalism. Reverted!
22017-04-20 18:28:55 UTCBalarnarnanas Why did you revert this without bringing it up to the community? I aligned roads to imagery and the roads in that imagery are verified by Strava and gps tracks. There are incorrect floating nodes all over this area now after all the reverts. Again, I was trying to help.
32017-04-21 05:44:03 UTCzalex_ua I discussed with our local community how to react and such changes. Considered history of your edits and complains from other users.
And yes, I've read policy for discussions, reverting and users ban.
I didn't want to give you more days to break more things - I investigated many changesets you di...
42017-04-21 20:55:30 UTCdudka Balarnarnanas, who are all these people changing highway statuses in Ukraine? Why did you change classification? Do you use any tool to find suspicious highways?
52017-04-22 06:20:06 UTCzalex_ua yeah, I also observed editing by "keepcalmandmapon" user right after discussed "Balarnarnanas" user. That was suspicious. "keepcalmandmapon"'s edits also contained highway classification changes from residental to unclassified (one example - changeset 47946522, way 440...
62017-04-22 06:52:09 UTCdudka I found 3 users more: eemc2, master_raster and GeoCrazy. All changing highway=*. That's why I assume you are a team working on one task.
12017-04-20 07:44:10 UTCzalex_ua ЩО ВИ РОБИТЕ ???
Ви живете на цій території щоб по супутнику правити дороги і малювати там де їх вже немає ???
Я відкочую весь ваш ченжсет !
22017-04-20 07:51:37 UTCzalex_ua Do not do your vandalism if you see a well mapped area!
Especially based on outdated digital globe pictures !
32017-04-20 12:57:29 UTCzalex_ua And, before removing nodes without tags - did you ask their author (me) why I created them? recently, btw!
They were prepared to be tagged soon, together with peope who know buld numbers, to spent less time for numbering process.

So don't touch things you are not aware off !!!
42017-04-20 18:27:34 UTCBalarnarnanas Apologies for removing the blank nodes, however, a note added to the nodes would have prevented removal. What do these nodes represent?

I aligned roads to Strava and OSM GPS Traces, which show the old (now current after revert) alignment to be an inaccurate representation. I was trying to help, ...
52017-04-20 18:35:05 UTCBalarnarnanas It looks like you live in the area and have added a lot of this data, which looks really good. I won't make any more changes in this area.
62017-04-20 19:43:10 UTCzalex_ua There no requirements to add a note to each way/node which in a process of "mapping". But there is a logical rule to think twice before delete something and you must contact author before you do that. The same applies to editing.
These nodes represent separate land pieces, where houses ar...
72017-04-20 20:20:16 UTCzalex_ua One more thing - adding too much, not really required, nodes on ways - that's also bad. It, for example, increases data files size for off-line maps, makes editing more complicated etc.
Very smooth curves on big zoom level - that's not very required thing.
I knew cases where some "smart"...
12017-04-20 10:44:47 UTCzalex_ua wf.... you didn't anything valuable, but just VANDALISM !
Stop to do that !!!
12017-04-20 10:40:22 UTCzalex_ua What are you f* doing?
Are you familiar with this area?
What is the sense to break things and make OSM worse and other contributors worse ?

You will be nominated to be banned !
22017-04-20 10:41:09 UTCzalex_ua This is not the single complain and looks like you are ignoring them.
12017-04-16 20:26:24 UTCdudka reverted your changes of M-03
22017-04-20 09:44:07 UTCzalex_ua Є і інші правки цього автора, які треба відміняти, зокрема ченжсет 47911057
Дивлюсь, людина так самовпевнено мапить по всьому світу, не розумію ...
Може йому пора бан вип...
12017-04-06 07:13:53 UTCdudka please don't reclassify roads in Kyiv, classes were properly set before and now they should be reset to previous version
22017-04-06 16:38:00 UTCBalarnarnanas dudka,
I didn't notice the road names carrying through. I will change it back to secondary. Sorry about that.
12017-04-05 23:58:04 UTCD_i_m not fix snake roads, you damaged them
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