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12018-01-02 23:43:55 UTCPaul Johnson Looks like a cycleway with visible lanes got retagged as a footway, which is not correct.
22018-01-03 02:12:38 UTCGarrett2497 I’m on mobile right now so can’t see for sure but it’s very possible I made a mistake. I visit the area semi regularly but am not confident that the changes were perfect. If you are more familiar with this area feel free to correct it.
32018-01-03 02:53:37 UTCPaul Johnson I'll defer to your knowledge of Mitch Park, but I would appreciate another look since the aerials seem to suggest it is a cycleway. Generally speaking, footways would be narrower and built to accommodate pedestrians first and might not even allow bicycles.
42018-01-03 04:26:13 UTCGarrett2497 From what I know, most of the park paths are for walking primarily and the markings were removed/faded to the point where I couldn’t see them. But I may switch it to a general path rather than specify because I am not 100% sure.
12017-04-17 06:40:25 UTCDavidKewley This changeset deleted the outline of the Kanza Education and Science Park. Was that deliberate? If so, why?
22017-04-18 14:43:53 UTCGarrett2497 That was accidental. I hadn't even realized I had removed it until you mentioned it.
32017-04-18 15:39:31 UTCDavidKewley No problem, mistakes happen; I only asked because I noticed it. If you need help reverting or just undoing the delete of Kanza, I suggest you ask the Data Working Group for help --
42017-04-18 17:25:36 UTCGarrett2497 Thanks I will do that when I get back on from my computer.
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