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12017-03-18 05:39:29 UTCjuuroku I meant footpaths not farmland
12017-03-18 00:52:29 UTCCarnildo You've turned I-90 into a tunnel across the entire state of Washington twice now. Whatever you're doing, stop it.
22017-03-18 00:59:17 UTCjuuroku I'm trying to properly layer the roadways in the MBRT in Seattle. Like most people, I'm learning OSM through experimentation.
32017-03-18 02:14:13 UTCCarnildo I'm not familiar with the Vespucci editor, but when you're changing the layer/tunnel information for I-90, make sure you're selecting an individual way making up the freeway, rather than the relation that groups all of the ways together into a single unit.
42017-03-18 03:45:31 UTCjuuroku In Vespucci the individual ways and the relations appear on the same pick list when selecting a way to edit. Sometimes adjacent ways and relations appear as one big pick list. To a new person like me it isn't immediately apparent which are the ways and which are the relations. Switching to a desktop...
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