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12017-03-16 17:08:00 UTCToniE Hi RayMan,

welcome to OSM.

Just a question to your Tanz Studio.
Is this a studio or a dancing school or what kind of business ist this? I would like to add this kind of informatio, so that a symbol/icon can be displayed on the map.
Secondly, do you have a web-address?

22017-03-16 17:19:17 UTCRay Man Hi Toni,
It's a dance school for Standard and Latin dance.
Yes I have a web address;
32017-03-16 19:32:54 UTCToniE Thanks Ray,

I added some more details.
For more dance:style values, kindly have a look at
and the Wikipedia mentioned there.

Best regards
42017-03-16 19:43:07 UTCToniE Me again ...
Seems that there is no symbol/icon yet for the map to show "leisure=dance" - only the house number is shown :-(
The old tagging scheme "amenity=dancing_school" is deprecated in favour of "leisure=dance" + "dance:teaching=yes".

Best regdards
52017-03-17 09:01:52 UTCRay Man Hey Toni, sorry I had to start working last night. All the info looks super and I like that you've marked the parking space, thanks.
Do I need to do anything or will this get updated automatically?
62017-03-17 09:43:47 UTCToniE Hi Ray,
you're welcome. I've tagged the parking space with "access=customers", that should be fine.
The map has been repainted about 5 minutes after I changed the date in the Database. If the parking space is not yet visible in your browser, then "refresh" / Ctrl-R i.e. clearin...
72017-03-17 10:02:04 UTCRay Man Whoop Whoop yay!
here's the next one;
Would it be possible to place a red dot with the name Tanzen in Glonn under it similar to Mariannes Kasladl?
82017-03-17 10:34:56 UTCToniE Well, it depends ...
I have no influence on the dots, symbols and icons. The blue one for the cheese shop is just a stub. It's up the the developers of the renderer(s), the program(s) which paint the maps.
But there's a chance for work-around: is the buildung completely occupied by you, or are the...
92017-03-17 10:53:12 UTCRay Man I like the sound of a work around ;-)
there is one appartment that occupies 1/3rd of the building(the lower 1/3rd as seen on the map) but the occupant is a good freind of mine and it would not disturb him if we marked the whole building as my business.
.btw I'm impressed that you understand what a...
102017-03-17 11:18:27 UTCToniE Although I'm from norther part of Germany, I've been living in Munich for 30 years now. I should have learned some Bavarian terms.
... done with moving POI from node to building - should be visible soon.
112017-03-17 11:32:22 UTCRay Man Oh Yes!
Thankyou very much! If you ever need some dance lessons or a DJ for a Party/Wedding just let me know.
122017-03-17 12:32:48 UTCToniE Great, and yes, we'll probably come back to you in summer. Ottobrunn is not so far away from Glonn. I need some lessons in "standard" dance for a wedding in September.
Kind regards,
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