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12018-02-23 17:57:24 UTCConstable hi there Jasper, part of this one looks to me like a soccer pitch, is this actually a park?
22018-02-23 18:17:19 UTCJeeperCraig Area was updated to a soccer field. A majority of the field is for soccer, while the remainder of the area is multi-use.
32018-02-24 08:52:49 UTCConstable Hi there, thanks for your reply.
Given that soccer pitches have a well defined shape I decided to split that area in two, one with the usual soccer pitch shape, while I tagged the other one as a park, what do you think?
In case you reckon this doesn't reflect reality we could easily revert my chan...
42018-02-24 08:52:58 UTCConstable *changeset
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