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12017-12-03 07:57:29 UTCBeKri Ich nochmal,
spendierst Du der 17
bitte noch einen Straßennamen ? (Wohl Aschheimer ?)
Gruss derBeKri
22017-12-10 10:48:35 UTCDumitru Popovici Aschheimer Str. 17
12017-12-04 17:18:13 UTCToniE Helo Dumitru,

welcome to OSM.

I have a note to the building:
Gür (92029672, v3)

I suppose, the electrician is not the only user of the house, maybe some apartments are in the 1st floor?

In that case, tagging craft=electician at the outline of the house is not really correct.

A n...
22017-12-04 21:12:06 UTCDumitru Popovici hello Toni,
thanks for the tip. How can i fix only this one then?
32017-12-05 13:56:59 UTCToniE Hi,

you have already done the 50% part by removing the craf and name from the house.
I just added a new node/point, assigning carf, name and addr:* to it.

BTW: from the aerial photos I assume that this house might have appartments only.

Does the electrician "Gür" live here o...
42017-12-10 10:48:03 UTCDumitru Popovici hi,
i think he does run a business out here, found his phone number too
12017-12-03 07:55:25 UTCBeKri Servus,
Deine Beiträge sehen recht gut aus, weiter so ! ;-))
Bei dem Gebäude
fällt mir auf das es 2 a b c hat, das Gebäude östlich aber auch 2a, das wäre doppelt und glaube ich nicht ganz ...
Gut fände ich, wenn Du st...
22017-12-04 15:02:00 UTCDumitru Popovici i had reviewed the whole thing
32017-12-04 15:11:26 UTCBeKri Yes,
but there is twotimes/ 2*
a housenumber 2a ?
42017-12-04 21:14:12 UTCDumitru Popovici i have submitted the new changes
Theodor-Binder-Str. 2a is in fact 1b of the Robert-Koch
and 1a and 1b become 1a

seems that these changes were not approved yet
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